2 BHK House Plan With Vastu : Tips To Remember For A 2 BHK Flat

A 2 BHK home design with Vastu can be extremely helpful if you are purchasing a 2 BHK apartment or house and want possibilities to keep knocking at your door. A 2 BHK house plan that is designed according to Vastu Shastra not only attracts pleasant energies into the home, but it also makes it easier for family members to lead active, healthy lives. All you have to do is adhere to the Vastu for housing recommendations. All of the tenants will be content thanks to these Vastu ideas. To find out the main points, scroll down.

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Vastu-compliant 2 BHK House Plan

Vastu-compliant home plans are now a common promise made by builders, however frequently these claims are not fulfilled. Keep the following things in mind if you don’t want to fall into the trap and purchase a 2 BHK house design with Vastu. You’ll be able to save time and money if you keep in mind these advice.


Main entry

Have an entrance facing east or north to maintain positive energy in your relationships and profession. Residents will live peacefully as a result of this.

2 BHK House Plan with Vastu: Tips To Remember For A 2 BHK Flat

Living Room

The living room should be located close to the front door and should face east according to a 2 BHK house design with Vastu. The icing on the cake will be an enlarged balcony facing the same way, which will benefit inhabitants more.

2 BHK House Plan with Vastu: Tips To Remember For A 2 BHK Flat



Living Room Furniture

An important factor in creating a 2 BHK house plan with Vastu is furniture. It keeps the atmosphere in the house cosy and upbeat. Western and southern walls are the ideal choice for big furnishings. Keep some space between the furniture and the walls as well.



The east is the best direction for the kitchen since it is rule by the fire element. While cabinets must be install on south-facing walls, the dining table can be position either towards the south or east. A 2 BHK house plan with Vastu would make everyone in the family happy.

2 BHK House Plan with Vastu: Tips To Remember For A 2 BHK Flat



Pooja Room

The most holy space in the house is the puja room. The northeast orientation is typically suggested for the puja room in a 2 BHK house plan with Vastu. The northeast orientation is ideal for a puja room to maximise its benefits.

2 BHK House Plan with Vastu: Tips To Remember For A 2 BHK Flat


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom in the southwest is the source of good energy and is best suited for the household’s primary wage earner. A two-bedroom home with Vastu helps the primary earner achieve financial security.


Kid’s Room

For children, a room facing south or west is ideal. A 2 BHK home plan with Vastu indicates that it should include windows on the north or east side to provide for good ventilation. In order for the children to study facing east, it is crucial to place the study table close to the east wall.



Guest Room

If you don’t have children, you may use the other room as a guest room. Serving visitors represents showing God our thanks and thankfulness. The guest room should be located towards the west direction of the home, according to a 2 BHK house design with Vastu. It is so because going in this manner makes everyone in the family happy.


House Plan With Vastu- Balcony

A 2 BHK house plan with Vastu is lucky if the balconies face north or east. Early morning sunshine gives you with a nice day’s start by bringing positivity into your home.


House Plan With Vastu- athroom

For toilets and baths, a 2 BHK home plan with Vastu proposes facing west or south. The placement of bathrooms needs to be carefully considere since it might bring negativity into the home. It’s crucial to maintain some distance between the puja room and the restroom.


Summing Up: 2 BHK House Plan with Vastu

When employing a 2 BHK house plan with Vastu, one may take pleasure in the atmosphere of comfort. A strategy that has been Vastu-verified produces happiness, optimism, and prosperity. Simply follow the instructions or speak with a professional to get started. Before making a purchase of a flat or apartment that the developer claims to be Vastu-compliant, keep in mind not to believe unfounded statements and conduct research.






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