5 Most Opulent Celebrity Residences Are Located In Juhu & Bandra

Celebrity Residences : Some of Bollywood’s most well-known celebrities live in Mumbai and own some of the city’s most eye-catching and flamboyant homes. navimumbaihouses.com takes a look at some of the most famous celebrity homes in Juhu and Bandra, Mumbai’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

Bollywood is known for its excess and opulence. Bollywood celebrities frequently invest heavily in luxury acquisitions, ranging from a fleet of flashy cars to lavish mansions and villas. As a result, most B-town celebrities prefer to live in Bandra and Juhu in South Mumbai. These neighbourhoods are popular real estate locations, with many high-profile personalities flocking to acquire properties here because they offer great views and coastline.

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As a result, real estate demand and property valuations in these areas are always high. Property values in Bandra and Juhu have increased by about 10% and 12%, respectively, 


The Top Five Celebrity Residences

Mannat Residences

38,000 square feet in size

Hrithik Roshan, Krissh’s actor, is the sole owner of Mannat Apartments on Juhu-Versova Link Road. He completed this transaction in October 2020 for nearly Rs 100 crore. The property covers more than 38,000 square feet on the 14th, 15th, and 16th floors.

The actor has a duplex on the 15th and 16th floors that costs Rs 67.5 crore and measures over 27,500 sq ft, and an apartment on the 14th floor that costs Rs 30 crore and measures over 11,100 sq ft. The Roshans also have access to a 6,500-square-foot terrace and approximately ten parking spaces. The unrestricted view of the Arabian Sea is another reason for the high price of this property. Given its massive size and location on the apartment building’s highest floor, it is undeniably a mansion.

Hrithik has not moved in since purchasing these flats in October 2020. There is still a lot of work to be done because the flats will be combined to form one massive mansion. The architects and designers hope to turn the property into Hrithik Roshan’s dream home.



Villa in the Sky

4,000 square feet in size

‘Villa in the Sky’ is John Abraham’s magnificent home in Bandra West, Mumbai. The 4,000-square-foot villa includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a large dining-living kitchen area, a balcony, a terrace, and a media room. It is estimated to be worth Rs 60 crore.

The penthouse apartment is located on the seventh and eighth floors and offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and Mount Mary Hill. The Bollywood superstar envisioned the duplex home as a way to merge his personality, hobbies, and passions into one flowing space as a passion project. In 2016, the Indian Institute of Architectural Design gave ‘Villa in the Sky’ the ‘Best Home Award.’ It is, indeed, a meeting place for class and sophistication.


Celebrity Residences: Shivshakti

5,300 square feet

Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s new home, ‘Shivshakti,’ is in Mumbai’s Juhu neighbourhood. In comparison to other celebrity homes in Juhu, the house has a more elaborate façade. The property features soothing cream and brown colours, majestic staircases, and elaborate light fixtures. The bungalow’s first floor features a lobby with white marble flooring, an elevator, and floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled glass windows with blinders. Shivshakti has a white living room with a six-seater dining table and many other luxury items that add to the interior’s aura.

Ajay Devgn paid around Rs 60 crore for this sprawling bungalow in Juhu, which spans 5,300 square feet. This transaction was completed in November 2020, and the property was transferred on May 7, 2021.


Celebrity Residences: Bella Vista Buildings

Size- 5,000 sq ft

Amir Khan lives in the Virgo Co-operative Housing Society’s Bella Vista Building. The Rs 60 crore property is in Pali Hills, Bandra West, and combines modern European and Indian architecture. It took the superstar six months to finish and make it a perfect abode to his liking and preference. The apartment complex was designed by celebrity home stylist Anuradha Parikh. Despite its simple decorations and minimalistic settings, the arrangement in Aamir Khan’s house is brilliant.


AK Residency or Shrinagar Residency Society

10,000 square feet in size

Anil Kapoor, the Bollywood heartthrob, continues to inspire millions across the country and around the world. Anil Kapoor’s home is stubbornly vintage, yet not out of style, spanning nearly 10,000 square feet. This Rs 30 crore house’s location is advantageous because it is close to Ville Parle Station, Nanavati and Copper hospitals, Fame Adlabs, and hospitality behemoths such as JW Marriott and Palm Groove.

Anil Kapoor’s Mumbai home is the pinnacle of luxury living, providing a fantastic urban living experience. It has a magnificent staircase that runs the entire length of the multi-story building. The structure features a large French-style wood-paneled window overlooking a green lawn, white marble steps, and black railings shaped like vines that run the length of it.

These are some of Mumbai’s most expansive celebrity homes in Juhu and Bandra. However, some notable celebrity homes in India include Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat, Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa, and Akshay Kumar’s Prime Beach house.


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