How Do You Know If Your Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant?’

Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant: Vastu-compliant homes are all the rage in today’s real estate market. Even when people are consciously looking for such homes, they rarely understand the significance of each vastu feature.

Vastu-compliant homes are all the rage in today’s real estate market. Even when people are consciously looking for such homes, they rarely understand the significance of each vastu feature.

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However, because most of these buyers do not understand the finer points of the science, they are force to rely on the developer’s word about the property’s vastu compliance. “Though there is a lot of buzz in the market about vastu-compliant properties, only about 5% of home buyers are aware of the science.” 

“Preference for vastu-compliant homes varies according to demographics and occupation,” he adds. For example, businessmen and ladies in the house are more likely to prefer these homes.”

So, if you are planning to invest in a vastu-compliant property, here are a few factors that may assist you in determining the property’s compliance.


How can I tell if a property is vastu-compliant?

Toilet/bathroom placement

  • Check that the toilet/bathroom is not in the house’s north-east corner.
  • It should ideally be east of south-east, south of south-west, or west of the house’s north-west corner.
  • It is advise to avoid such homes/apartments because there is no remedy available to mitigate the negative impact.


Positioning of the main door

The entrance to your house/apartment should ideally be in the north-east corner. You may, however, select the entrance based on your profession:

  • Business – Entrance from the north
  • Politics – East facing entrance
  • Artist/Creative – Entrance on the south side
  • Management – Entrance on the west side



Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant: Bedroom placement

No bedroom should be located south of south-west, and the master bedroom should not be located in the north-east corner. This is thought to result in financial loss, poor health, sleep deprivation, and no career advancement.


Location of the guest room

The guest room should be built in the northwest corner. This is the best location for a guest room. The southeast zone is regarded as the second best for building the guest room. When building guest rooms, avoid the northeast direction.


Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant: Location of the children’s room

“The children’s bedroom should not be in the west of the north-west corner.” It should ideally be in the south-west, so that a child’s head is facing east or south.”


Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant : Kitchen placement

The kitchen should ideally be in the south of the south-east corner, but it can also be in the west. Avoid apartments with kitchens in the north corner.


Home Is ‘Vastu-Compliant : Garage placement

The garage should be place in either the north or east direction. The garage can also be built in the southeast, but the gate must open to the north. Make sure the garage gate is lower in height than the house’s main entrance gate.

These are the four major factors that influence a house’s vastu compliance. However, these factors only make a home 30-40% compliant. Aside from the structural factors mentioned above, you must make certain internal changes to make your home completely vastu friendly. Hanging a wind chime at the entrance or centre of the living room, for example.


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