Mumbai’s Linking Road Market: How to Go & What to Buy

Mumbai’s only significant thoroughfare is Linking Road. The Linking Road joined Juhu and Bandra in the early 1940s. The road’s original name was Dadabhai Naoroji Road.

What makes this market so renowned?

Linking Road was not initially intended to be a haven for shoppers. After completion, other stores began to spring up along the route during the following 10 years. Following the establishment of RD National College close to the street, fashion boutiques started to thrive and give rise to numerous new stores.


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Since then, the street has gained popularity for its inexpensive shopping and nightlife.

How can I get to the market on Linking Road?

Once in Mumbai, getting to the Linking Road is not too difficult. Although there are several markets in Mumbai, Linking Road is a significant one, and Bandra is the city’s main residential district. Thus it will be simple for you to get to the market.

By train

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to go to the market, choose the local rail. Bandra West Railway Station is the closest metro station. The distance between the train station and the market is only 15 minutes.

Right after leaving the station, turn. The street market starts after passing through the crossroads. Even if the market area is packed, walking there from the subway station will take much less time than taking a vehicle.

By car

For journeys to the market, rickshaws and vehicles are available in front of the station. Drivers will want at least Rs. 50, but if you go when there aren’t many tourists, you can bargain for Rs. 25 or Rs. Price hikes of up to Rs 50 are possible during the tourism season.

During the rainy season, it is difficult to get cars and rickshaws, and even when you do, the cost of the service is high.

By car

Choose NH8, which goes over the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, whether you’re leaving from Central Mumbai or North Mumbai. On the right side of SV Road, there is a shopping area. Renting a car is preferable because parking spots are frequently taken.

By bus

If you use the bus, the closest bus stop is on Linking Road. At places like the Mumbai Central Bus Terminal, SV Road, Elphinstone Road, Sahar Road, etc., buses are available.

While taking a bus to the linking road may be easy, it will be difficult to board a crowded bus when you are ready to return after your shopping. The rainy season causes bus crowds to increase.

Linking Road market hours

Between 10 am and 9 pm, the market is open. Each vendor has different hours for each shop’s opening and closing. During holidays and weekends, stores may open a little earlier and stay open until after 9 o’clock.

When is best to attend Linking Road market?

Mumbais Linking Road Market How to Go & What to Buy

All year long, the market is flooded with fresh goods. Yet the crowds here are bizarre, and you have to navigate through the alleyways of businesses that weave in and out of lanes. If you visit in the heat, you could become uncomfortable and perspire a lot (late February to mid-June). Weekends and festivals cause chaos in the area.

The rainy season, which lasts from late June to early October, is also difficult because of the dirty roads and the difficulty of surfing in the rain. Monsoons can be quite intense in Mumbai because it is a coastal region. During the rainy season, finding a mode of transportation is difficult.

The greatest season to travel is in the winter. With bright skies and low humidity, winter starts at the end of November and lasts until the beginning of February. This creates a relaxing environment so you can shop for as long as you like.

The Linking Road market has a number of stores.

Mumbais Linking Road Market How to Go & What to Buy

There are a tonne of street vendors where you can buy things. In this market, you can find anything you require. The market is also home to a large number of reputable brands and long-standing businesses. So, regardless of cost, you can acquire everything you want.

Market Square at Link

If you want affordable brand-name clothing, you can go here. You can get first-run products from well-known companies and companies like Chanel.

Amerson Collection

This store, which is close to the Linking Road market, is a fantastic spot to buy traditional apparel, salwars, sarees, and other items. This vintage-style one is essential for many types of folk costumes.


The Citywalk is a woman’s shoe heaven. They feature a large selection of shoes in various styles and pricing ranges.


Esbeda has a huge selection of purses and handbags at the most competitive costs. Many types of stylish bags are available.

Cherry Fig

Cherry Fig is a must-have for bargain hunters because it offers unique items including casual-chic dresses, formal pants suits, adorable jumpsuits and skirts, and flowing maxi dresses that are sure to spice up the fashion scene.

Shop at Amardeep

Amardeep Emporium is a storefront selling a variety of goods, including games, linens, bags, dinnerware, and presents. This trading centre is one of the best whether it comes to carpets or silverware, garbage cans or vanity boxes. It is a great location to find high-quality goods at reasonable pricing.


Excellent restaurants nearby Linking Road market

Food is the only thing that can follow shopping. People have been served by numerous food vendors in the market area as well as well-known cafes and restaurants for a long time. On your subsequent trip to Connecting Road Market, try one of these eateries.

  • McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC are becoming increasingly prevalent in this sector.
  • Drink your preferred Starbucks or Coffee by Di Bella beverages as well.
  • The best restaurant is Bastian in Bandra, where you may savour your favourite dishes and treats.


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