7 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Even if you can’t join the throng at your neighborhood café, you may have a taste of going out while keeping  Great Outdoors


7 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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In this time of year when many of us are sticking at home, getting some fresh air — preferably at least six feet away from your neighbor — is one of the best ways to help relieve some of the tension. If you’re fortunate enough to have an outside space, whether it’s a large backyard or a little patio, make the most of it with these seven outdoor improvement ideas.


Design and build an alfresco lounge area.

Have you had to postpone a beach vacation for spring break or summer? To give your outdoor space a tropical flavor, set up an outdoor lounge area on your patio or in the yard, New construction  Homes in Navi Mumbai You may either look for lounge chairs, chaise lounges, hammocks, and outdoor sectionals on the internet or make your own, such as an original outdoor lounge bed. To finish this project, all you’ll need is a platform bed frame, a futon mattress, and outdoor fabric to cover it. (If you’re not good with a sewing machine, a local upholsterer might take care of this for you.) For extra comfort and elegance, place some outside cushions on top.

To create an all-inclusive vibe, add some side tables, a few candles, and even a bottle of wine to your lounge.


Built-from-scratch outdoor movie theatre

Movie theatres are now off limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t duplicate the experience in your own home. It doesn’t have to be like that, despite the fact that you’ve undoubtedly seen spectacular backyard movie theatre setups: All you need is a white sheet that can be tautly placed on a flat surface (a shed or siding on your apartment patio will work), a projector, and your phone to play movies, TV episodes, or anything else you’re bingeing these days.


Organize an outside bar.

You might not be able to visit your favorite dive bar or swanky cocktail lounge for a while, so why not design your own for your outdoor space? Of course, you can purchase a bar online, or you can reuse an old table or desk — or you can even make your own using cinder blocks, concrete adhesive, and a couple 1 x 6 boards. To recreate the vibe of your favorite bar at home, gather your Bluetooth speaker, favorite cocktail components, and a few glasses. Here are a few alternatives for you to consider, including bars that can fit into even the tiniest of outdoor settings.

7 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Make a place where you may eat brunch.

We’re all sick of dining in our kitchens (or, in some cases, in front of our screens) night after night. Make an al fresco dining destination in your backyard or patio to spice things up a touch. To alter your nighttime meals, in addition to an outside dining table and chairs, put down an outdoor rug and string up a strand of lights or make your own outdoor chandelier.


Build a meditation area.

Do you miss your yoga studio? You may still practice restorative yoga and shavasana at home, and you can make it even better by setting up a meditation zone in your garden. Plant a lavender or jasmine garden, make a stepping stone walk to your meditation location, or even construct a standing tent or cabana with curtains that waft in the warm, peaceful air


Creating a Wood Fire

Even though many state parks or campgrounds are closed, you don’t have to forego everyone’s favorite camping activity: the campfire. In just seven easy steps, you can make a DIY fire pit for your backyard with only a few components you can pick up curbside at your local home improvement store. Not much of a do-it-yourselfer? You may always buy a prefabricated fire bowl that will give you the same warm, comforting campfire light.


Enhance the appearance of a farm or shed.

Although a barn or shed is a practical construction, it does not have to be unsightly. To shush up that abandoned spot in the backyard, paint it a strong color, attach some shutters, add some flower boxes, create a stone walkway, or even hang up some lights.



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