A Guide to Estimating Land Values in India

Land ownership diversifies your investment portfolio while also providing financial stability. Due to its limit availability, a plot or piece of land is always view as a value asset. The value of a piece of land or a plot of land has raised as a result of ongoing infrastructure and IT development. There are several ways in India for calculating the value of land. Here are several ways for determining property value.


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The following methods are use to determine property value:

There are a few ways use in India to calculate the value of a property —

  • Method of Guidance Value
  • Methods of Land and Construction
  • Methodology of creation
  • Method of comparison
  • Method of belting

In addition to these procedures, a variety of characteristics such as shape, level, size, frontage, legal concerns, and location are taken into account when determining the property value. Let’s take a closer look at each approach and see how it contributes to estimating the value of land in India.

Method of Guidance Value:

Every state’s government establishes a minimum value at which a property must be register, known as a guideline value. The registration value should be higher than the recommend value. Any property that is register for less than the guideline value is regard to be illegally register. This fee changes depending on where you are. The state government establishes the guidance value in order to levy stamp duty and registration fees on property transfers. These rates are adjust on a regular basis to meet market rates. When selling a home, it’s crucial to understand the neighborhood’s guidance value.

A Guide to Estimating Land Values in India

Methods of Land and Construction:

The land value and the building value are determine independently in this technique of assessment. The total cost of the property is the sum of the land and building values.

Property value = Reconstruction costs minus depreciation + land value


The current worth of a building is derive by evaluating the cost of reconstruction and calculating the current value after depreciation. Reconstruction cost is the cost of duplicating a structure using identical materials and construction procedures. Depreciation is the phrase use to describe the decrease in the worth of a structure or its renovation. When estimating depreciation, the age of the structure, its present condition, the technique of construction, and other factors are taken into account.

The cost at which a similar property in the region recently sold determines the land’s current worth.

Methodology of creation:

The value of develop land or plots is calculate using the residual technique of land valuation. This technique assists in the identification of properties with potential for development. It’s calculate with the formula below —

Land = (Construction + Profit + Other Fees) – (Gross Development Value)

Where Land is the expense of purchasing or obtaining land.

Gross Development Value (GDV) is a predict final capital value calculate when selling land at a given period.

Construction costs are the costs of creating a structure.

Profit = This is a cost that the developer calculates early on to predict the profits he will receive from investing in that land.

Other fees include marketing expenses, transaction costs, and so forth.

This approach for determining land value is widely recognize. The development of infrastructure in that area has a significant impact on whether land value rises or falls.

Method for Comparison:

The comparative approach is also known as the selling comparison tactic. It is the most straightforward and straightforward technique of determining the price of land. The value of land is determine using this method by comparing it to a recently sold property that is comparable to the one being appraise. The following are some of the considerations made while using the comparative technique to determine property value:

  • Property that has recently sold: This provides you a good indication of how much a home costs in that area.
  • The facilities in the neighborhood, such as schools, hospitals, parks, and infrastructure development, are taken into account when determining the pricing in that area. Prices are greater in a well-develop neighborhood with full facilities.
  • Age and condition: Look for a home that is similar in age and quality.
  • The amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces should be comparable to the one being rate.

Method of Belting:

The belting technique is depending on the length of the road. The entire plot is split into three belts to determine the true worth of the property. Each belt has a distinct price tag. The first belt has the most value, the second belt is worth two-thirds of the first belt’s value, and the third belt is worth half of the first belt’s value.

These are some of the commonly use methods in India for calculating land value. You may pick an appropriate approach to analyze the property price based on the kind of property.




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