Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Because of its beautiful green hills and consistently brilliant blue skies, Coorg is known as the “Scotland of India.” Coorg offers much more than merely sipping the premium coffee for which the beautiful region is known.

Coorg offers interesting activities for all types of tourists, including those who enjoy the outdoors, good food, photography, adventure, and culture. Coorg’s tourism attractions in Karnataka are frequently free to visit as well!

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15 Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Numerous elephants reside at the Dubare Elephant Camp, where guests can observe, bathe, feed, and generally enjoy the company of these majestic creatures. It is located near the Kaveri River’s banks.

For those who want to spend the night, there are cabins inside the camp. You can also participate in campfires, jeep trips, wildlife film screenings, and nature hikes while you’re there. Another choice for individuals with limited time is a day trip.

Rafting on Kaveri River

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

If you enjoy exploring new places, this is for you. Enjoy the peaceful Kaveri River rafting that will give you an exciting boost. It is one of the few locations in Coorg where you may go river rafting.

Kaveri River Fishing

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Coorg is home to numerous lakes and rivers. In truth, the river Kaveri, which is ideal for fishing and has a rich aquatic habitat, has its source in Talakaveri, close to Madikeri. Since the rivers in Coorg are loaded with food for fish during the monsoon season, fishing is among the best things to do in June. It is moreover one of the Coorg locations to see in May.

Bylakuppe and Namdroling Monastery

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Although there are numerous temples in Coorg, this one is particularly beautiful. Coorg is home to the only Tibetan population in Southern India. Locally, the Namdroling Monastery, a stunning Tibetan temple, is also known as the Golden Temple.

It’s a great way to introduce youngsters to different cultures. In the area, you may also find sellers selling momos and thukpa, two dishes from Tibet! Unquestionably, visiting Bylakuppe is among the most pleasant things to do in Coorg.

Abbey Falls

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Taking pictures of the abundance of nature that the area is endowed with is one of the best things to do in Coorg. This waterfall is one of Coorg’s most well-known ones. The milky waterfall in the middle of a stunning coffee and spice field is the perfect setting for an Instagram photo. So don’t stress about finding things to do in Coorg; just visit Abbey Falls!

Raja’s Seat

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Raja’s Seat is a beautiful park with blossoms, lush greenery, and artificial fountains that used to be the Rajas of the region’s favorite recreation spot. The region provides an amazing perspective of the valleys and mountains that surround it. Visit the area in the evenings, as the ancient Rajas did, to witness the sunset. There is a toy railway here to keep your kids occupied.

Virajpet Trip

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

When you’ve seen all the Coorg tourist attractions, think about planning a half-day trip to Virajpet. The distance between it and Coorg is around 22 kilometers. The town’s surrounding gorgeous vegetation makes it a pleasant place to drive to. By renting a car or cab, one can go on a half-day sightseeing tour to this wonderful town.

Rafting in Barapole River’s Whitewater

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun in Coorg, especially in the monsoon season. With fast grades ranging from I to V, the Barapole River provides visitors with the finest exciting experience. On your list of things to do in Coorg in August, you should put river rafting.

Homestays in Coorg

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Homestays are a well-liked form of housing in Coorg. On coffee and spice farms, colonial bungalows are widespread, and their owners have turned the majority of them into home stays. You may enjoy local cuisine and Coorgi culture here.

Madikeri Fort

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Madikeri Fort, a fascinating historical building in Coorg, was built in the 18th century. A palace is located inside the fort’s perimeter. Mudduraja built the fort initially, but Tipu Sultan and the British renovated and rebuilt it. Today, the fort’s grounds include a park, a museum, and a clock tower. If you’re travelling with your parents, exploring this fort is one of the best family activities in Coorg.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

No matter if you prefer hiking, bird watching, or the outdoors in general; a trip to Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary deserves to be on any list of things to do in Coorg. The Kukke Subramanya Forest Range and Bisle Forest Range surround the sanctuary, which is home to numerous rare and endangered bird species. Due to the Kote Betta and Pushpagiri Peak trails, hikers choose it.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: Bird Watching

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

The Pushpagiri Sanctuary got its name from this mountain, which also happens to be the tallest peak in the vicinity. One of India’s 21 officially recognized sanctuaries is the sanctuary. The Kadamakal Forest Reserve is also a part of the sanctuary. The region’s forested and verdant hills are home to many bird species that are threatened with extinction. Take a birding expedition across this region to find some unique flying creatures.

Holy Bath- Talakaveri

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

The Kaveri or Cauvery, one of India’s most famous rivers, flows through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Talakaveri is regarded as the origin or source of this holy river. Hindu pilgrims go there because they see it as holy. To use the public restrooms, they come here. The beauty of this place also draws a lot of tourists from all around the world.

Waterfall Rappelling

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

Waterfall rappelling is one of the most dangerous activities in Coorg. Enjoy this thrilling activity at one of the most stunning locations, the Chelavara Waterfalls. During this activity, you can down the waterfall’s stony surface with the help of a harness. Despite the fact that safety precautions will be taken, this is not for the week of heart.

Best Kodava Cuisine

Activities and Tourist Destinations in Coorg

You should have Kodava cuisine while in Coorg. You can savor a wide range of mouthwatering treats, including their well-known Pandi Curry (pork), Kadamuttu (rice ball), and Akki Roti (rice roti), as well as Bamboo Shoot Curry, Noolputtu (string hoppers), and Kommu Curry (mushroom curry). Don’t forget to sip some tasty, homegrown coffee to round it all off.






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