Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress’s luxurious Mumbai residence

Alia Bhatt is one of the most talented and successful actresses in Bollywood today. The Raazi actress and her sister Shaheen reside in Mumbai’s Juhu neighborhood. While Shaheen lives with her sister and parents, Alia bought her own home with her own money.

Alia Bhatt and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor married on April 14, 2022, in a small wedding ceremony attended by family and friends. The wedding was held on April 13, 2022, in Alia Bhatt’s magnificent mansion, which had been adorned for the occasion. The wedding took held at Vastu, Ranbir Kapoor’s home in Pali Hill, Mumbai.


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Now, let’s go into the details of Alia Bhatt’s residence.

Inside Alia Bhatt’s residence

Richa Bahl, an interior designer, assisted Alia Bhatt in transforming her Juhu pad into a New York-style loft flat. They met while Alia was filming Shandaar. Richa’s efforts at the Phantom office impressed the actor. Richa didn’t have a clear brief from Alia, but the only requirement she had was that her apartment not be too fancy or modern. Richa initially went to Alia Bhatt’s new house, which had termites and damaged plumbing. It has now undergone a thorough transformation.

Alia Bhatt’s living rooms

The property of Alia Bhatt features four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The majority of the décor was purchased online and installed over the course of a year and a half. At Alia Bhatt’s house, the teal blue double doors are the first thing that one notices. At the entrance, there is also a custom-made bench. The entire house has a white motif, starting with the living room, which has white walls and a white couch. The weird pillows-adorned couch is positioned against a shelf that stores books, plants, and a variety of other objects. The concrete-tiled floors provide charm to the living room. The room also has a large chandelier that glows brightly.

Alia’s home is separated into three sections. The closet area is likewise isolated from the rest of the house, providing seclusion. A big foyer separates the living room, which features a lovely blend of modern décor evocative of a New York loft and a Swiss chalet. Bhatt’s house features white walls, cozy sofas, and tiled flooring, as well as large wall-size windows overlooking Mumbai’s tropical vegetation.

Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress's luxurious Mumbai residence

Dressing room of Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt’s in-house dressing area, where she has her hair and make-up done, is in another room. While the white concept continues in the dressing room, mirrored frames take center stage. The area has a lot of personality thanks to the multicolored flooring.

Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress's luxurious Mumbai residence

Alia Bhatt’s residence: Bedroom

This room’s focal point is a huge bed with white and gold frames that keeps to the all-white motif. The room also has changeable lighting, allowing the Gully Boy actress to read scripts on her bed comfortably. This space is even a favorite of Alia Bhatt’s three cats, thanks to a brilliant blue side table and whimsical cushions.

Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress's luxurious Mumbai residence

Alia Bhatt’s kitchen and dining room

Alia Bhatt has a kitchen cabinet in her home. The white walls of the kitchen contrast with the lime green cabinets and the colorful tiled floor. On the other side, the dining room is large and cheerful. The table is built of carved wood, with six-person seating chairs. It seems like it belongs in a Swiss chalet. Shaheen and Alia are both tea enthusiasts; therefore her dining room has a separate tea bar.

Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress's luxurious Mumbai residence

The bookcase in one of the hall’s corners, which has a strange light and numerous large books, including JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and some historical books, is another interesting feature.

With subdued lighting, the home has gentler tones and relaxing lights. There is a one-of-a-kind tea bar. This is their favorite spot in the house because both sisters are tea enthusiasts.

Alia Bhatt lives in which city?

The home of Alia Bhatt is located in Juhu, an upscale Mumbai neighborhood. Juhu Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Alia Bhatt and her sister moved into their new house in Juhu, a wealthy Mumbai neighborhood where celebrities such as Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan already dwell. According to Bhatt, the interiors took nearly two years to complete since her designer Richa Bahl entirely redesigned the space.

Alia’s Juhu house is a 4,300-square-foot four-bedroom property. She paid Rs 13.11 crores for the property. Bhatt met her designer, Richa Bahl. While filming for a movie, claims that although the actress didn’t give her a home brief, she knew exactly what she didn’t want.

Alia Bhatt House: A look inside the actress's luxurious Mumbai residence

Alia Bhatt’s ventures in real estate

Recently, the actress made another real estate investment in Bandra, in the same apartment building where her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, lives. According to sources in the media, Kapoor lives on the seventh story of the Vaastu Pali Hill complex, while Alia purchased a unit on the fifth floor for Rs 32 crores. The property is close to the Krishna Raj Bungalow, which is being renovated by the Kapoor family. Meanwhile, the actress has left the interior design to Gauri Khan. The Griha Pravesh puja was performed in front of  friends and family, the actress’s residence will need another year to prepare before she moves in.



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