Brahma Kamal Plant : Vastu Benefits & Plant Care Tips

In this article, we will discuss the Brahma kamal plant and Vastu Shastra guidelines for keeping this plant at home. Also, learn how to care for your saussurea obvallata or Brahma Kamalam at home.

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Brahma kamal, scientifically known as saussurea obvallata, is a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family. It is a rare plant with large, attractive flowers that is mostly found in the Himalayan region. In India, the Brahma kamal plant has great spiritual significance, and Vastu Shastra prescribes specific rules for keeping this plant in your home garden.


Brahma kamal plant: Quick facts

Plant name

Brahma Kamal plant

Scientific name

Saussurea obvallata

Found in

Himalayas (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and south-west China)


Purple flower heads are hidden in layers of yellowish-green bracts


Used in traditional medicine and in some dishes such as soups and juices


An auspicious flower used to worship Lord Shiva in Hindu tradition. It is the official state flower of Uttarakhand.

Brahma Kamal Plant : Vastu Benefits & Plant Care Tips


Continue reading to learn more about the Brahma kamal plant and its benefits.


  • Brahma kamal flowers bloom during the mid-monsoon season at elevations ranging from 3,700 to 4,600 metres. The flower heads are purple, hidden beneath layers of yellowish-green papery bracts that protect the plant from the elements.
  • The flowers of Brahma kamal, also known as Brahma kamalam, are shaped like a star and have a pleasant fragrance.
  • It is a hermaphrodite flower, meaning it has both male and female reproductive organs and is pollinated by insects.
  • The plant, also known as the orchid cactus, is primarily a night-flowering cactus. The flowers only bloom at night and remain open until sunrise. As a result, seeing the flower in full bloom is unusual.
  • A single flower only lasts one night. It takes about two to three weeks for the buds to bloom.
  • Flowers bloom from early spring to early summer.
  • Other names for the saussurea obvallata include the king of Himalayan flowers, the night blooming queen, the night blooming cereus, saussurea, dulhambul, hangal, burgundautoges, kadufful, dudhaful, geeks vision, and jungle cactus.
  • The Brahma kamal flower is white, similar to a lotus, with pink tips. The plant can reach a height of four to five feet.
  • White, pink, and red flowers are produce by the plant. Purple flowers can be found on some varieties.


Vastu and spiritual significance of the Brahma kamal plant


Religious significance

The Brahma kamal plant is considered sacred in Hindu culture. The flower is widely used in Lord Shiva worship, particularly in the holy temples of Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Tunganath. Brahma kamalam is the same flower that Lord Brahma holds in his hand and is name after him.

Some believe that offering this flower to Lord Shiva will grant all wishes. Some people believe that wishing when the flower is blooming brings wishes true.


Vastu importance

Furthermore, the plant is thought to purify the environment and keep it greener. The Brahma kamal plant, according to Vastu Shastra, attracts happiness, good luck, and prosperity while also maintaining psychological balance in a person’s life. Furthermore, the flower has the ability to protect its owner from evil forces. According to Vastu, one should not buy, sell, or give Brahma kamal as a gift.


According to Vastu, where should the Brahma kamal plant be kept?

Vastu Shastra, the Brahma kamal plant is a sacred plant that should be kept in the centre of a house or the Brahmasthan. According to legend, Lord Brahma and Vishnu live within the flower. This placement will assist in removing negative energies from the home and attracting positive energies.

Brahma Kamal Plant : Vastu Benefits & Plant Care Tips

Plant care for Brahma kamal


Sunlight and location

The Brahma kamalam plant requires continuous and indirect sunlight exposure. Direct sunlight will cause sunburn on the plant leaves, which can also store water. They will become pale.

Avoid frequently moving the plant’s location. Once the sign of budding is visible, do not move the plant until it has finished flowering. The bud will not bloom otherwise.



In arid conditions, Brahma kamal is a succulent plant that can retain water in its leaves. This property makes the plant’s leaves soft and fluffy. As a result, watering is require when the top layer of soil dries up. By touching the top surface of the soil, you can determine if it has dried.

Overwatering should be avoided. The leaves will turn yellowish and brownish, indicating root rot. Also, to avoid fungal growth, water directly over the soil rather than the plant’s leaves.


Repotting and potting soil

Saussurea obvallata grows best in a fast-draining medium. As a result, choosing the proper potting soil for the plant is critical. Standing water does not allow the succulent to grow. As a result, the potting soil required should be primarily compose of sand and perlite. Remember to select a container with at least three to four drainage holes to allow excess water to drain.

If the plant has outgrown the flowerpot, repotting is require, especially every two years. Remove the plant from its current pot without damaging the root balls in preparation for repotting. Choose a large container and fill it with new potting soil. Watering should be avoided for at least two days to allow the plant to recover from the change.



The plant requires high-phosphorus fertilisers of high quality. This encourages the plant to produce flowers. The fertiliser should be apply 25 to 30 days before and during the plant’s blooming season. Once the flowering has stopped, stop using the fertiliser.






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