Buying An Apartment, Look For The Following Approvals

Buying An Apartment: As a home buyer, you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s critical to have all of your documentation, papers, and permissions in order before registering your new property. Even if you pay close attention to the newspaper, there is always a potential that you may miss anything. To ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork, you must first educate yourself on what they are and why they are so crucial, particularly construction permissions. The implications of not having the right building permissions are grave, which is why it is critical to put your confidence in reputable builders who will look out for their clients’ best interests.

Even though the builder is responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits for their building project, the penalties or repercussions of not having the proper approvals may effect you as a homeowner.

Because an informed house buyer is the best client, we have compiled a list of construction permissions that are require if you are seeking to buy an apartment or home in the state of maharashtra.


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CRZ approval

The Coastal Regulation Zones, or CRZs, are zones dispersed over the Indian Peninsula’s 7500 km long coastal strip. According to the Environmental Protection Act of 1986, a Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) is defined as coastal land up to 500 metres from the High Tide Line and a stage of 100 metres from the banks of water bodies such as bays, creeks, estuaries, lagoons, rivers, and backwaters, and it is classified into four types in India. The Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance is based on the union government’s CRZ laws, but its execution is the responsibility of the state government.

According to the Act, no industrial or residential development, tourism development. Or other activities are permitted in the CRZ unless a clearance certificate issued by the corresponding state government authority is obtain. The Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority (LCZMA) grants this authorisation for development in the state’s CRZs. The CRZ restrictions are in place to protect the environment. The welfare of fishermen, and the ocean’s delicate flora and wildlife.


Clearance of Land

A certificate of land clearance is given by the local government or the State Ministry of Urban Development. The Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland Act, 2008 seeks to regulate the conversion and eventual development of paddy fields. As well as to conserve wetland regions, in order to encourage agriculture, assure food supply. Urbanization has many benefits, but it may also have an influence on the environment. It may result in the conversion of non-agricultural (NA) areas, affecting food security and disrupting the environment. To avert such a catastrophe, the government authorities of several states, rigorously prohibit the conversion of agricultural land.


Airport Security

The Airport Authority of India and the Directorate of Air Traffic Control provide an Airport Clearance Certificate. The local municipality board establishes a minimum height criterion for all structures in each municipality. Buildings that surpass a height of 150m and are located within 20 kilometres of the Airport Reference Point and Airport Clearance.


Clearance from the Navy and Army

Any redevelopment or construction work within a 100m radius of defence facilities or institutions requires a no objection certificate from the Local Military Authority. Many defence properties may have unmarked portions of land. So double-check with your builder for a Naval and Army Clearance if a defence station is nearby.


Buying an Apartment, Look for the Following Approvals




The Pollution Control Board’s approval

If the development is in the state of maharashtra. A Consent to Establish from the State Pollution Control Board is require.


A letter of authorization from Indian Railways

If the building plot is within 30m of a railway line, a NOC from Indian Railways is require.


Buying An Apartment: Environmental Approval

The Environment Protection Act of 1986 requires an Environmental Clearance (EC) from the Ministry of Environment and Forests for construction projects spanning 5000 to 1,50,000 square metres. The Act requires development agencies, municipal authorities. And local panchayats to specify the requirements and ground rules for granting building permits.


clearance from the fire department

The Fire Department must approve all high-rise structures both before and after they are completed. Following a comprehensive research and review of the plan. Fire Department personnel first visit the construction site for a preliminary inspection. Following a comprehensive inspection of the built building, another inspection is perform and permissions are obtaine. 


Buying An Apartment: Clearance of Zoning

The Revenue Department’s zoning clearance serves as the ownership document for the building permit.



Buying An Apartment: GAIL Approval

If the building is within 30 metres of gas pipes, GAIL and IOC must approve it.


Buying An Apartment: NHAI certification

If the development is near to a National Highway, the National Highway Department must approve it.

Though it is the builder’s obligation to secure all essential permits.  It is also the house buyer’s responsibility to verify all approvals are in place for a tranquil homeownership. Associating with reputable builders will ensure a hassle-free ownership.



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