Carpet Buying and Maintenance Tips

Carpets are a great way to add a touch of style to your home. Not only do they offer comfort to feet but they also give your room a warm and welcoming look. While carpets are often considered a contemporary addition to homes, they have been around for centuries and are still popular among homeowners. In fact, a well-chosen carpet can enhance the décor of a room, making it elegant. So, here’s all you need too know about purchasing and caring for a carpet in your home.


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Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Carpet types

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Carpets are available in various shapes and sizes, in beautiful color’s and designs, made up of different materials. Its material decides how and where it should be used. The following are among the materials that are used to make carpets. Choose the most appropriate option for your home.

Cotton carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips


Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Cotton carpet are flat, woven in the same way as dhurries or kilims, and can be braided. In comparison to wool and silk carpets, they are more durable. They can be altered to match the seasons or the décor of your home. Cotton carpet color’s, on the other hand, fade fast, so keep them away from windows. They’re also not stain-resistant. Cotton carpets give a home a laid-back vibe and are ideal for rooms with a laid-back vibe. They are appropriate for modern & contemporary environments.

Silk carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips


Carpet buying and maintenance tips

At home, a silk carpet creates a sumptuous and regal atmosphere. They are normally hand-woven and are incredibly sophisticated due to their soft and delicate character. Silk carpets are typically thin and soft. They are one of the most expensive carpets in the world. Because of the fine fibre, they are soothing and suitable for elegant drawing rooms. They require high maintenance and should be dry-cleaned by professionals, although occasionally.

Jute and bamboo carpets

Carpet buying and maintenance tips


Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Carpet is a popular flooring option for homes. It makes the home look beautiful and warm. Jute and bamboo are natural fibres. Usually hand-woven by traditional weavers, these carpets are durable. Bamboo carpets are easy to maintain and clean. As bamboo fibres are smooth, they hold much fewer allergens and are water-resistant. They come in a wide variety of patterns, color’s, sizes and styles. Jute is porous and easily attracts dirt and stains. These carpets need to be vacuumed regularly. Jute is a natural and environment-friendly

Synthetic carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Synthetic carpets are made from synthetic fibres like nylon, polypropylene, viscose and polyester. While these are not natural fibres, the latest technology allows these carpets to be made almost identical to wool or silk carpets. Nylon & polyester resist stains, mould and mildew due to excess of moisture. They can be used in high traffic areas. Moreover, they are affordable due to low cost of production. These carpets may contain chemicals that are not environment friendly.

Wool carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Wool is indeed a natural fiber with a texture that is both elegant and comfy. Natural wool is a luxurious carpet material that is both soft and sophisticated. Wool carpets are costly, delicate, stain-prone, & prone to fuzzing. From hand-made carpets with intricate designs to tufted wool carpets in contemporary patterns, several options are available these days.

Carpet styles

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

A carpet is a large piece of fabric used to cover the floor in a room or area. A carpet can be made up of different fibres. Some are made up of wool, some are synthetic and others made of rice or bamboo.

A carpet’s style is all about its pile, density and thickness of the fibres. This determines how the carpet feels when touched. Some carpet styles are rough and thick while others are light and soft.


Hand-tufted & hand-knotted carpets with a cut pile

Shearing a cut pile carpet exposes the carpet’s fibre ends. They are softer & shed more than loop pile carpets because to the loose ends.

Hand-tufted carpets are made by punching threads of fibres into the canvas, which is then tufted onto a frame using a tufting machine.

A single knot is use to create hand-knot rugs. As the rug’s border, vertical threads are tied onto the loom. Horizontal strands weave together to form a foundation. To secure each knot, knots are tied to vertical threads, snip, and tied again. Hand-knotted carpets are costly due to the time it takes to weave them, which can take four to five months for a single carpet.


Carpet flooring: How to choose carpet color’s and patterns at home

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

A carpet is the heart and soul of any home. It is a direct reflection of you and your personality. However, when selecting a carpet, it’s not just about being a fashionista or choosing the most expensive one. The most important thing to keep in mind is the ambience that you want to create in your home and the floor and walls are the two largest visual areas in any room. Choosing a carpet in matching shades ensures a sense of unity and organization. Dark colored carpets like navy blue, deep maroon, bright berry and earthy brown make your home appear cos.

Choose a plain carpet if your room has a lot of designs on the curtains and sofas. A basic base carpet will create a sense of peace in the space. Make a patterned carpet the focal point of a room by leaving the walls unadorned.

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

There are numerous geometric prints to choose from. You can use squares, triangles, circles, and chevrons to give your room a more modern feel. For a unify effect, geometric patterns in a carpet might be match to drapes, chairs, or upholstery designs. For a big impact, use bright color’s in geometric shapes.

Floral motifs on carpets come in a variety of styles and patterns, both historical and modern. Flowers could be found on Persian and Oriental rugs, which are beautifully detail. Small flower designs on floral carpets offer dimension to a room and complement large-scale patterns in home décor. Carpets featuring large flowers & leaves, or trees woven in a variety of patterns, create a bold statement. A basic carpet with such a floral-patterned border is ideal for those who prefer simple designs.

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Animal patterns have become increasingly popular in home décor, especially carpets. For those looking to make a bold statement with their carpets, leopard, tiger, zebra, or cheetah prints are popular. They are an excellent option for bedrooms. Keep the rest of the room’s décor simple and understated.

You may create your carpet whatever you like thanks to innovative digital printing technology, whether it’s abstract, duplicate, or artwork.


Advice on Purchasing a Carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

The carpet should be a perfect match for the interior of the house. Consider the appropriate carpet size for the space. To match existing furniture, make sure the colors and patterns match the cushions or sofa/chairs.

Your carpet carpeting should preferably match the color of your walls & furniture. While contrast is still popular, you can play around with various combinations to achieve the desired effect.

The wall-to-wall carpeting craze has passed us by. Small rugs are popular beneath the tea table and near the bed.

It is no longer fashionable to cover the entire flooring in a single material & tone. For a modern design, get creative and use custom-shaped rugs wherever possible. A tip for defining zones within an open-plan area is to mix plain and patterned carpets.

Carpets have a variety of upkeep requirements. If you have children or pets, shag and light-colored carpets should be avoide since they showcase filth and stains.


Area carpets: Carpet placement in the home

Carpet arrangement in your home can help to increase the length of your room as well as its aesthetic appeal. The carpet should be large enough to define boundaries, ground the furniture, and open up the space.


Carpets for living room

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

To achieve a unified look, place your furniture along the carpet’s border. Ideally, all legs of furniture must be within the carpet area; however, if you can’t afford to do so, make sure the two front legs are.

Before making a final decision, consider the shape of the carpet and the shape of the furniture. Rugs that are rectangular or square in shape are more traditional, yet they are effective at defining rooms. The appearance of a circular dining table is enhanced with round carpeting. Look for a rug which is both functional and fashionable. In the dining area, a nice rug may provide color, texture, and style.

If you’re going to utilize a carpets in the dining room, make sure it’s at least two feet bigger than the table on all sides. Even with the chairs pushed back, there will be enough carpeting around the dining area.

Use many, smaller rugs to divide a huge space with multiple seating zones.


Bedroom carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

A bedroom carpet is much more likely to be use infrequently. As a result, select a carpet that will give you with a smooth touch underneath your feet every time you walk it over. A carpet under a bed adds the most visual attractiveness. On each side, make sure there is an equal amount of visible flooring space. In addition, positioning a carpet in the front of the bed in a bedroom gives warmth and style. Because a bedroom is a place to unwind, avoid using bright color’s.

Prayer carpets for puja room

Prayer carpets are used in puja room. The Islamic prayer carpets are design with famous mosques, prayer niches, and floral or geometric designs A prayer carpet is about one metre (three feet) long, just long enough as an adult to sit comfortably. Tibetan meditation rugs feature mandala dragons, rainbows, and clouds as motifs. Bright color’s, such as crimson, maroon, and orange, are consider auspicious in Hindu puja carpets. Choose a soft prayer carpet in colors that complement the prayer space.

Kids’ room carpet

Carpet buying and maintenance tips

A carpet can add a splash of color to a child’s room. Choose dark colors so that your children can eat & play without worrying about stains. Patterns should be chosen base on the room’s overall size and décor. Carpet in a child’s room should be easy to clean and robust enough to resist spills and vigorous play.

Cleaning and care advice for carpets

Carpet buying and maintenance tips


Carpet buying and maintenance tips

Carpet padding is a cushioned layer that extends the life of a carpet by providing a basis for it to rest on, preventing wear and tear. Foam, fibre, nylon, and other materials can be used as carpet padding. Padding makes it much more comfortable to sit on, especially when people are playing games or watching TV.

Carpets should be clean once a week, or more frequently in high-traffic areas. Vacuuming a carpet on a regular basis will help it last longer. Dry clean your clothes once a year.

On a carpet, stains can leave a permanent trace. If a stain occurs, wet it with a clean towel and then clean it with a baking vinegar and baking soda solution.

Once furniture is place on the carpet, the location of the carpet is rotate. So that no pressure is apply to a certain location. This way, it will stay longer.

Wipe clean the carpet with a moist towel to refresh it. This will aid in the removal of dust and the restoration of carpet fibers for a fresh appearance.





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