Common Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid During Site Visits

Common Home Selling Mistakes : When a home buyer site visits your property, whether new or old, occupied or unoccupied, it should be presentable. When opening your property for site visits, there are several factors to consider. These range from ensuring that the home is not littered to repairing seepages and leaks. Check out some of the most common mistakes home sellers make during site visits!

You have successfully marketed your property, have received a few inquiries, and have scheduled a visit from the buyer who wants to see the property. To conduct a productive property visit, there are several actions that you should and should not take. During the visit, your goal should be to make the experience as pleasant and smooth as possible.

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A tenant is currently occupying the space.

Assume the property you wish to sell is currently occupied by a tenant. In this case, scheduling a visit can be difficult because tenants are usually at work or elsewhere during the week and may have other plans on the weekends. After all, the tenant is not required by law to show the property to potential buyers. Nonetheless, after obtaining the tenant’s permission, schedule a visit.

It is recommended that you, the seller, accompany the prospective buyers during the visit because they may have a number of questions that the tenant may or may not answer in an informative or accurate manner. Many buyers are also hesitant to view a property while it is occupied and may rush through the process. However, try to lead the tour by showing all of the rooms and mentioning all of the property’s features. Furthermore, it may be impossible to sit down for further discussion within the property afterwards. If that is the case, move the discussion outside.



Common Home Selling Mistakes : You are currently occupied

If you are currently residing in the property, try to have it thoroughly cleaned and organised prior to the visit. Remove any personal items that are lying around the property, such as private photos and other similar items. In such cases, scheduling should not be an issue. And you can choose a date that is convenient for the prospective buyers.

When they come to the property, greet them and speak to them politely. Sit them down and explain everything about the property, including its size, configuration, amenities, location, and connectivity. You can then begin the tour of your property, pointing out the locations of the rooms. It is best not to follow them around during their visit and to let them explore on their own.

Although you may be emotionally attached to the property. It is best to keep your emotions at bay and approach this situation as if it were a regular business transaction. After the tour, sit down with the buyers again and clear any doubts they may have.


Common Home Selling Mistakes : Previously occupied by you and now vacant

If you have lived in the property for a while and it is now vacant. It is recommended that a thorough cleaning be performed prior to the visit. There are also several actions you can take to improve the attractiveness and value of your property, such as having it repainted and ensuring that all plumbing and electrical fixtures are in working order.


Property that was recently purchased and is currently vacant

Make certain that the property has been thoroughly cleaned prior to the visit and that no construction or paint materials are lying around in any of the rooms. If the property has been closed for a while, air it out by opening all windows and turning on fans to improve ventilation.

Finally, you will benefit from explaining everything about the property. Not repeating a feature over and over, not telling any lies about the property, and not rushing the buyer into making a decision. Be courteous, friendly, and civil.



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