Delhi Master Plan 2041

By December 2021, the DDA expects to have received final approval of the Delhi Master Plan 2041.

At a meeting presided over by Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on February 28, 2023, accepted the draught of the Delhi Master Plan 2041. The L-G stated that the MPD-2041’s main objectives are inclusive development, environmental sustainability, a green economy, the development of infrastructure that includes enough housing for all societal segments, and creative interventions like transit-oriented development hubs, land pooling, the development of green areas, and the renewal and regeneration of Delhi.


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Delhi Master Plan 2041: Key facts

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) announced in March 2021 that the Delhi Master Plan for 2041 (MPD 2041) was complete and that the Authority intended to execute it as soon as the MPD 2021’s mandate came to an end. According to a statement made by the development organisation on March 26, 2021, the draught plan will be presented to the Authority in April and will be open to public comments and ideas before being given to the Housing Ministry for approval by September 30, 2021.

The two-volume MPD 2041 includes strategies for spatial development to direct the type and intensity of development in different parts of the national capital through land pooling and transit-oriented development (TOD) policies. It focuses on the economy, environment, public spaces, heritage, mobility, and infrastructure, sector by sector.

The MPD 2041 “builds upon the experiences learned from the execution of the previous plans of 1962, 2001, and 2021. It is a’strategic’ and ‘enabling’ framework, to guide future expansion of the city. Delhi’s future growth and development will be facilitate by the policies that have been created, including the TOD and land policy. “A ‘Green Development Area Policy’ has also been develope and made public in order to facilitate green development in the LDRA area and green belt,” the DDA stated. in a declaration.


Delhi Master Plan

Along with input from Delhi people, the MPD 2041 was prepare by over 70 organisations and more than 150 ministries. The GIS-based master plan’s “proactive and forward-looking nature” takes into consideration the present, developing. And predicted urban development drivers and focuses on three main areas: sustainability, inclusiveness, and equality. To assist in improving the city’s physical and social infrastructure, The draught plan mentions a blue-green infrastructure, bike infrastructure, pedestrian-friendly strolling paths, areas for yoga and active sports, outdoor art exhibits and museums, among other things. It also intends to deal with the problems brought on by unlawful colonies.






After the first meeting of the MPD 2041 advisory council on March 26, 2021, Delhi Lieutenant Governor (L-G) Anil Baijal tweeted, “The master plan seeks to make Delhi an environmentally sustainable city that offers quality, affordable, and safe living, while providing opportunities for economic, creative, and cultural development.”

Baijal stated that the Delhi Master Plan 2041 proposed to provide a suitable regime of incentives and disincentives to promote non-polluting and clean industries, including information technology and financial services, during his speech to the industry group CII’s Delhi State Annual Session and Business Conference earlier in March 2021. The L-G further stated that “building a sustainable, green, inclusive, and resilient economy was the way forward to be able to capitalise on the untapped economic potential of Delhi” in a tweet sent out after the event.


Delhi master plan sent to Centre

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has received the draught Delhi Master Plan from the DDA. It anticipates being inform by mid-May. “We incorporated the lieutenant governor’s key recommendations into the proposal before sending it to the government last week. We anticipate that the procedure would be finish by the middle of May, a DDA official told the media. The ministry will now need to announce the plan.







By April 2023, Delhi Master Plan 2041 will be announced.

The draught Delhi Master Plan-2041 (MPD-2041). According to information provided to the Supreme Court by the Delhi Development Authority, is anticipated to be made public by April 2023.

“Although the dates provided are approximate. We want them to be closely follow because the case cannot be postponed indefinitely. According to a September 13, 2022 order from the bench of justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Abhay S. Oka, “We are confident that the final Master Plan would be publish on or before April 30, 2023.”


DDA creates group to examine ideas 

In a meeting held on September 14, 2021. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) established a panel to consider the criticisms and recommendations made on the draught Master Plan for Delhi-2041. By December 2021, the Authority hopes to receive final approval for the MPD-2041. Earlier. The DDA had extended the deadline for receiving public comments on the Delhi Master Plan 2041 till August 23, 2021, after several human rights organisations began to draw attention to the draught MPD 2041’s absence of child- and woman-friendly policies.

The Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has previously suggested several modifications to the Delhi master plan 2041. Pointing out that gender-inclusivity and child-friendly elements, for example. Were badly lacking in the MPD 2041.

According to the panel, the Delhi master plan needs to take children into account because they make up 30% of the national capital’s current population (roughly 30% of Delhi’s population is made up of children in the age group of 0-18). And it should also set aside 30% of the planned area in 18 zones of the city to build infrastructure facilities that cater to this segment. To encourage a larger involvement of women in Delhi’s employment. The Delhi Master Plan 2041 must also instruct workplaces to provide themselves with amenities like feeding rooms and crèches, it was further urged.

Delhi Master Plan

Anurag Kundu, the chair of the DCPCR. Stated that it was important to make plans for the future since “the government’s existing efforts to ensure the implementation of child rights were hampered by the non-availability of land.” The chairwoman continue that the Delhi master plan must work to make parenting simpler via improve planning.

The DDA also intends to announce modifications to its land pooling programme, which was announce in 2018. Based on comments from the public. The DDA said it will immediately formalise the proposals and present them to the Authority’s meeting in September 2021. According to a DDA official, after approval. It would be forwarded to the union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry for formal notification. The land pooling scheme intends to provide roughly 17 lakh units in 95 urbanised villages to address the rising housing demand in the national capital.






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DDA makes the Delhi Master Plan 2041 available to the public.

June 10, 2021: The master plan for India’s capital city is edging closer to approval thanks to the development agency in Delhi. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has released the Master Plan for Delhi (MPD) 2041 draught for public comment after sending it to the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for approval. The MPD 2041, which will serve as the development plan for the capital city for the next 20 years. Received preliminary approval from the DDA in April 2021.

Recall here that the DDA, the main agency responsible for providing housing in Delhi. Aims to notify the MPD-2041, by December 2021.

The MPD’s draught plan places a strong emphasis on creating a greener environment. Cleaning the Yamuna River, focusing economic efforts on industries like IT, services, and hospitality, enhancing mobility by promoting cleaner fuels. Addressing the housing needs of the underprivileged, and revitalising the city’s historic fabric.

Additionally, according to the plan. “The government has increased the focus on urban development by launching a comprehensive programme for planned urban development in 2041. Designed to bring about a transformative change in people’s lives with an inclusive. Participatory, and sustainable approach.”



Delhi Master Plan

The MPD 2041 incorporates sustainability. Inclusiveness, and equity as its fundamental key values in order to function as a strategic enabling plan. The master plan’s ultimate objective is to build India’s capital in a way that not only offers its residents a high standard of life. But also elevates Delhi’s economic and social standing to that of major cities of the world.

By 204I, the goal is to create a sustainable, livable, and dynamic Delhi. To do this, several rules and regulations have been put in place. In reality, we have incorporated some of them, including walkability, transit-oriented development. Standards for unauthorised colonies, and green development zones (strategy for development in green belt regions). Recently, DDA vice-chairman Anurag Jain stated, “under the existing master plan.

Please take note : That Section 7 of the DDA Act, 1957. Mandates that the DDA create the master plans for Delhi. A master plan often has to be updated in accordance with Section 11-A of the statute every 20 years. The centre must first approve the proposal before it can be put into action. Three master plans have been created thus far by the DDA: MPD 1962, MPD 2001, and MPD 2021. The MPD 2041 will become the fourth master plan if it is approve.






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Delhi Master Plan 2041 is approve by DDA

By September 2021, the Housing Ministry is schedule to receive the draught of the Delhi Master Plan 2041 for approval.

April 15, 2021: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) approved the draught Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) 2041 on April 13, 2021. The draught master plan will emphasise rental and small-format housing and will support new forms. Including serviced apartments, condos, hostels, student housing, worker housing, etc. according to a statement released by the development organisation. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U) programme of the government, under which a rental housing portal is already operated. Is in accordance with the goal of the initiative. The rental housing programme will go into force when the government notified the MPD-2041.








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