Why do landlords demand higher rent from their tenants?

Demand higher rent from tenants: Based on the unique features, benefits of the location, size of the property, and state of the rental market, a premium rent is charge. It is the additional sum that is billed for a rental property over and beyond its market value. Tenant and landlord concur on the conditions of the lease, taking appreciation and market fluctuations into account. It gathers important data about what affects the premium rent and what it means.


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Rentals are a dynamic real estate alternative since they provide income for owners and flexible living for tenants. Tenants are lease space by landlords, who charge a fair fee for the accommodations they provide. Property rents are influence by a number of variables, such as amenities, market conditions, and location. The rent occasionally rises over the going rate and falls into the premium rent category. A number of variables, including improved facilities, desirable locations, and potential for future valuation, contribute to the rent increase.

This article will discuss premium rent’s effects on landlords and tenants, its computation, and how it differs from the premium assessed on a property. But first, let’s clarify exactly what premium rent means.


What does premium rent entail?

A rental sum that is higher than the property’s market rate is refer to as premium rent. Both the landlord and the tenant justify it by weighing the benefits both now and in the future. Due to the additional value of the rented space and potentially advantageous lease terms, tenants typically consent to pay premium rent.


Let’s use an example to better understand it: Consider renting a studio apartment in a desirable area for Rs 15,000 per month, which is comparable to other market rentals. The landlord offers a lease at a fixed monthly rent of Rs 20,000, taking into account rising market trends. The lease is valid for five years. The starting rent is higher in this case. Though future rent may surpass the additional Rs 5,000, the tenant will also consent to the amount provided.


If the market rate increases, this arrangement will help the tenant save money and give the landlord a bigger rent payment. Premium rent is therefore a calculated decision that strikes a balance between larger payments and long-term financial security.


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How is the premium rent determine?

A home in a certain region will have a higher rent premium depending on a number of criteria. The property’s size and condition are taken into account first. Additional attributes of the property, such as parking, services, availability of parking, and costs of comparable properties, are also consider. Landlords charge more if the property is better than other rents in multiple areas. After that, the tenant accepts the landlord’s last offer and signs the lease.


Factors affecting a property’s premium rent

Let’s look at the variables that could affect a property’s rent and cause it to rent more than the going rate.

Location: Due to their higher customer traffic and superior convenience, properties in desirable locations, such as city centers or well-known retail districts, sometimes fetch premium rates.

Lease conditions: Higher rent may be justified by favorable lease conditions, such as longer fixed rent periods without increases. Renters may pay more for this kind of consistency and dependability.

Features of the property: Modern facilities, security systems, or plenty of parking are examples of high-quality features and amenities that can increase the appeal of a property and raise rates.

Market conditions: In periods of high demand or inflation, rents typically rise. In order to obtain a home they require, tenants may be willing to pay above-market rates, particularly if they anticipate future rent increases.

Business potential: Rented commercial buildings may command higher rates in areas or spaces with significant foot traffic or visibility. Companies may have to pay extra for a location that guarantees higher client satisfaction or sales.

Tenant perks: Renters may be able to afford a higher rent if they obtain extra benefits, such as exclusive rights to the property or flexibility in customizing their space.


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The distinction between premium and rent

The typical differentiation between rent and premium is as follows:


A tenant’s regular payment to a landlord for occupying their property is known as rent. It is determine by the open market value of the property and takes into account the cost of comparable homes in the neighborhood. Typically, monthly rental payments are paid to cover the cost of using the property as per the lease agreement. The sum may vary over time as a result of the lease terms, inflation, or market conditions.



A premium is an extra sum of money paid above and beyond the going rate for the product. It is paid to insure against or mitigate the danger of future harm. The insurer levies a certain amount in order to guard against any damage. It is possible to charge renters in the rental market for things that make their lives better overall.

In conclusion, premium rent is agree upon by landlords and tenants to protect their interests in the erratic real estate market. Increased features, facilities, and better living circumstances for tenants make up for premium rent. Numerous variables affect the computation and total amount due. However, in order to stay solvent and prevent problems, both the landlord and the tenant should evaluate the market and possibilities.



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