Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass

To build and design a house according to Vastu, one must first determine the exact directions with the help of a Vastu compass. Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing and using a Vastu compass.

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What exactly is the Vastu compass, and how does it aid in Vastu?

Previously, Vastu experts used the sun’s shadow to determine the correct direction. The Vastu compass is now a simple device for learning about directions, thanks to advances in technology. The Earth is a massive magnet with two centres of force – the North and South poles. As the planet spins, its core, which is mostly molten iron, generates a magnetic field. This is what makes the north and south poles magnetic and allows compasses to function. A compass is a device that uses a magnetic needle to help determine the direction of the Earth’s magnetic poles. It is a self-pointing tool that aids in the verification of directions.

The Vastu compass is a tool with the Vastu directions marked on it: north, south, east, west, northeast, southwest, northwest, and southeast. Some vastu compasses may also include pointers for in-between directions. Vastu is a science of direction that considers the five natural and spatial elements that balance everything.

The Vastu Shastra places great emphasis on the correct directions for house construction, room placement, and furniture arrangement. According to Vastu, every room should be oriented in a specific direction for the best flow of energies. A Vastu compass can assist you in building or remodelling your home to attract positive energies. Know About The Vastu Compass



various types

The pivotal vastu compass and the floating vastu compass are the two types of Vastu compass.


Vastu compass pivot

One of the most common Vastu devices is the pivotal vastu compass. Because the magnetic needle is balance on a pivot point, the pivotal vastu compass must be place on the ground or a level surface in the centre of the house. When placed on a level surface, the compass automatically aligns itself. The red arrow or a needle with a black or white end will point north, and all other directions will be correctly aligned. Know About The Vastu Compass

Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass

Vastu compass that floats

It is not necessary to place the floating vastu compass on the ground. Simply stand in the centre of the house or plot and hold the vastu compass. Wait until the needle with the red tip stops moving, then check to see if it is align with the N mark. Make sure there are no magnetic or electromagnetic objects nearby when using a floating vastu compass.

Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass

How do vastu compass directions look?

  • A magnetic needle (pointed by red, black, green, or the letter N) is use in a vastu compass to determine the north direction, which is considere the 0-degree or the 360-degree. East is 90 degrees, west is 270 degrees, and south is 180 degrees, according to this pattern.
  • At 90-degree angles on the compass, the four cardinal directions are north (N), east (E), south (S), and west (W).
  • Northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW) are the four intercardinal (or ordinal) directions (NW).

Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass

The significance of directions in Vastu

To apply all of the Vastu principles, you must first determine the exact directions of your home. Based on its elements and deity, each direction is appropriate for certain activities and inappropriate for others. If a specific direction does not adhere to a specific activity according to Vastu, the negative effects of the imbalance energies can be felt. As a result, it is critical to comprehend each direction and its significance in order to foster an environment of happiness, peace, prosperity, and overall well-being.



How can your smartphone be use as a vastu compass?

Compasses are now available on smartphones. Vastu compass functionality in phones and tablets is enable by a magnetometer, which measures the direction of magnetic fields. The sensor enables a phone to accurately determine its orientation. If your phone lacks a compass app, you can get Digital Field Compass for Android or Gaia GPS for iPhone and Android. When using a compass on your phone, however, make sure it is properly calibrated. The vastu compass will rotate before aligning with the direction you are facing. Make sure the dial and needle are in sync.

Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass

How to Use 

  • Stand in the centre of the plot while checking the directions with the vastu compass.
  • Hold the vastu compass base flat in front of your chest.
  • The needle of the vastu compass will float freely and point to magnetic north.
  • Make sure you’re not near any structures that could interfere with the magnetic needle and thus the reading of the vastu compass.
  • When using a vastu compass, avoid being in close proximity to a mobile phone, laptop, or any iron object.
  • Keep your vastu compass away from metal objects and high-voltage power lines.



Where can I get a Vastu compass and how much does it cost?

Vastu compass can be found online, in stationery stores, and in stores that sell Vastu accessories. Vastu compass prices range between Rs 150 and Rs 1,000 (approximately), depending on size and material.


How to Keep a Vastu Compass at Home

Keep your vastu compass away from direct heat sources at all times. Keep a vastu compass away from magnets and electronic fields. Exposure can demagnetize the needle over time. Do not keep your vastu compass in the same pocket as your cell phone.

Everything You Need To Know About The Vastu Compass






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