An Overview of Vastu Compass

How to use a compass to establish a house’s face is one of the most commonly asked questions in Vastu Shastra. It’s an important question since Vastu shastra, an ancient architectural discipline, bases everything on directions and views them as energy centers. The computation of the 16 Vastu zones will be thrown off by even a variance of 3–4 Vastu compass degrees, making it impossible for you to make your home Vastu compliant if your compass reading is incorrect. Additionally, it will be more challenging for you to identify the root of the issues.

As a result, you must first identify the precise directions of your property in order to implement all of the Vastu principles correctly. At first, figuring out the directions might be a very challenging and perplexing endeavor. But if you properly adhere to the Vastu rules, you’ll see that it’s not that complicated. Without further ado, let’s discover how to quickly and simply use a Vastu compass for your house or business to find your way about.

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What exactly is Vastu Shastra Compass?

Vastu Compass: An Overview

In the past, vaastu specialists utilized the sun’s shadow to identify the right path. The Vastu compass is now a straightforward tool for figuring out directions because to improvements in technology. The North and South poles are the two force centers of the Earth, which is a powerful magnet. A magnetic field is produced by the planet’s rotating core, which is primarily made of molten iron. As a result, the north and south poles are magnetic, which enables compasses to work. The magnetic poles of the Earth may be located with a compass, a tool with a magnetic needle.

It is an assist to direction-checking that is self-pointing. The principal Vastu directions—north, south, east, west, northeast, southwest, northwest, and southeast—are printed on the Vastu compass, which is a tool. There are markers indicating alternate directions on certain compasses. Everything in the cosmos, according to Vastu, is balanced by taking into account the five components of nature and space. The Vastu Shastra places great significance on how to design a house properly, where to put each room, and how to organise the furnishings. For the optimal energy flow, every room, according to Vastu, must face a certain direction. Your home may be built or renovated to attract positive energies with the help of a vastu compass.

Various forms of Vastu compass

The two different varieties of Vastu compass are pivotal and floating.

Pivotal Compass

The crucial compass is one of the Vastu tools that are most often employed. The pivotal compass must be positioned in the middle of the building on level ground since the magnetic needle is balanced on a pivot point. Once it is set on a level surface, the compass automatically centers itself. All other directions will be correctly aligned, and the north will be represented by a red arrow or a needle with a black or white end.

Floating Compass

The floating compass doesn’t need to be set down on the ground. All that is necessary is for the individual to hold the compass while standing in the middle of the home or plot. Verify that the red-tipped needle is level with the N mark and has stopped moving. When using a floating compass, be sure there are no magnetic or electromagnetic items around.

Vastu Compass Reading

The 0-degree or 360-degree magnetic needle, which is pointed by red, black, green, or the word N, is used in a compass to locate north using the Earth’s magnetic field. If you follow this pattern, east is 90 Vastu compass degrees, west is 270 degrees, and south is 180 degrees.

The four cardinal directions of a compass are north (N), east (E), south (S), and west (W). The four intercardinal (or ordinal) directions are northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW) (NW).

 Vastu directions

You must first ascertain the precise directions of your home in order to implement all of Vastu’s concepts. Depending on its constituents and divinity, each direction is effective for some actions while being ineffective for others. If a certain direction does not follow a particular activity per Vastu, the adverse impacts of unbalanced energies might be sensed. To create an environment of pleasure, tranquilly, wealth, and general well-being, it is crucial to understand each direction and its significance.

Use Compass with Your Smartphone

Vastu Compass: An Overview

Today’s cellphones include a very precise compass that may assist owners in choosing the optimum direction for the house’s entry, mandir, bed, etc.

Compasses are increasingly included on smartphones. Compass feature in phones and tablets is made possible by a magnetic compass for Vastu, which gauges the direction of magnetic fields. A phone can precisely discern its orientation thanks to the sensor. If your phone doesn’t already have a compass app, download Digital Field Compass for Android or Gaia GPS for iPhone and Android. Make sure your phone’s compass is correctly calibrated before using it. The compass will revolve before lining up with the direction you are facing. Ensure that the dial and needle are in sync.

How Can A Magnetic Compass Be Used In Vastu?

Check the directions while standing in the middle of the plot.

  • Maintain the flat base of the compass in front of your chest.
  • The compass’s needle will float freely and face magnetic north.
  • Make sure you’re far enough away from anything that can interfere with the magnetic needle’s reading of the compass.
  • Please keep your phone, laptop, and any other ferrous objects out of the way when using a magnetic compass for Vastu.
  • Use your compass to steer clear of your automobile, metal objects, and high-voltage power lines.
  • The reading might be impeded by wearing jewelry or using a metal pen.

Storage Choices & Vastu Compass Price

At all times, keep direct heat sources away from your Vastu direction compass. A compass should not be used near magnets or electric fields. Over time, exposure may de-magnetize the needle. Do not keep your phone and compass in the same pocket. While the physical compass may be bought in stationery stores and other places that offer Vastu-related things, the Vastu compass online can be found on the internet. It costs between Rs 150 and Rs 1,000, (approximately) depending on the size and substance of the compass.

Things to Keep In Mind When Using a Compass

The following crucial ideas should be kept in mind when using a compass:

  • You must make sure that nothing stands in your way from the magnetic needle (and thus the compass reading).
  • No laptop, iron item, or cell phone should be carried.
  • Make sure there aren’t any high-voltage electrical lines nearby before using the compass.
  • There should be no magnetic objects close to the compass.
  • Take off all jewellery from your hands and wrists so that you may read without interference.

Identifying the house’s centre

As illustrated in the image below, label the four corners of your home as points A, B, C, and D. Draw a line from points A and B to points D and C, respectively. These two lines intersect at the precise centre of your home. Draw an illegitimate line to make your house square or rectangular if it has any cuts or extensions in the corners. Then, write the letters A, B, C, and D on each corner. Draw lines from A to C and B to D after that. Your home’s main point will be where these two lines connect.

Your Floor Plan’s Main Entrance

There are a total of 32 potential entrances, according to Vastu shastra. A 360° circle is divided into 32 entries, each of which covers 11.25°. Each cardinal direction has eight potential entries (North, East, South, and West). For instance, the north has eight doors (N1 to N8), the east has eight entrances (E1 to E8), the south has eight entrances (S1 to S8), and the west has eight entrances (W1 to W8) (W1 to W8). Even while every entry has an impact, only a select number are good for the people living there.

The majority of Vastu advice centre on directions, which are significant Vastu Shastra concepts. Additionally, it explains why Vastu specialists often travel with these compasses. By utilising the Vastu compass to establish the proper direction, you may make your house Vastu-compliant. This will assist in determining if the kitchen is positioned in a good area of the house or if the entry to the home is suitable according to Vastu principles. Making the finest choice of your life may be to consult a Vastu Shastra professional!





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