Factors for Fast Property Registration

After paying stamp duty and registration fees, you must register a property under the terms of the Registration Act of 1905 in order to have it legally transferred into your name. You can use this advice to help you get ready for the day you go to the sub-office registrar’s to register your property.

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Carry the Necessary Documentation

Make a list of the documents you’ll need when registering a piece of property before the appointment. It is advisable to carry original paperwork, copies of IDs, and proof of address, payment information, and documentation pertaining to real estate.

Along with others, the following documents are need:

  • Original sale agreement and a single copy.
  • Copy of the relevant documents, as well as two passport-size photos of the buyer and seller.
  • E-Stamp paper with the correct amount of stamp duty.
  • Receipt for the e-Registration cost with an affidavit or commitment.
  • a copy of the PAN card or Form 60 that has been self-attest if the transaction is for more than Rs 5,00,000.
  • Original IDs for the witnesses, the buyer, and the seller (voter card, PAN card, passport, driving license or Aadhaar card).
  • When referring to agricultural land, NOC
  • Aadhaar card.

Application Being Turned Down

The sub-registrar may deny your request for property registration on the following grounds:

  • Every document is not exact or complete.
  • If the draught has errors.
  • Any real irregularities exist.
  • If the deed contains any overwriting at all.
  • The property is outside the sub-area registrar’s of responsibility.
  • If the vendor lacks legal authority to sell, isn’t of sound mind, or is a minor.
  • It is impossible to confirm the seller’s identity.
  • If the supporting papers and the source documents contain contradictory information.
  • Deed is subject to a legal stay order.
  • If the deed’s stated amount is less than the circular rate.
  • There is doubt about the witnesses’ identities.

As you prepare for the appointment, ensure there is no chance for rejection.

Appointment Scheduling Online

For property registration in the majority of Indian states, you must make an online appointment with the sub-office registrar’s due to the nation’s transition to digitalization. You are require to be in the office within the designated time period.

Online Payment

Only after paying stamp duty, registration fees, and, if applicable, TDS deduction online can an appointment with the sub-office registrar’s be made. When making the appointment, copies of each of these receipts must be provided.

Office Hours for the Sub registrar

Sub-registrar offices in India are open from 9 AM to 6 PM on all working days, with a lunch break from 1 PM to 2 PM, though hours may change due to festivals or federal holidays.

Avoid Scheduling Anything Else On the Registration Day

Despite the fact that a specified time window has been set aside, this process may, unfortunately, take longer than expect. As a result, it is advise that you cancel all other commitments on this day.

Your Witnesses Are Very Important

Two witnesses must attend the appointment with the buyers and sellers, and they must bring identification and proof of address. They must spend the same amount of time as you in the sub-office, registrars where their biometric information will be taken in the process of registering the property.

Distribution of Property Documents

The registered paperwork won’t be deliver to you right away. The processing of these documents takes 15 days. You will need to come to the office to pick up your registered deed after this time period. If you used housing financing to purchase the property, a bank or financial institute representative will go with you to obtain this document on the bank’s behalf. The original documents can be copy and retain.

Everyone Is Handled Equally

All people are treat equally in the sub-office, registrars in contrast to most sites where ladies and elderly people must wait in a separate line.






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