Feng Shui & Vastu Crystal Lotus : Benefits, Placement & More

Hinduism, Chinese, and Buddhism are just a few of the civilizations and faiths that accord the lotus blossom significant significance. The flower is a well-known symbol of the perfection of God. It also represents spiritual enlightenment. The spiritual force of the lovely, fragrant flower is contained in a crystal lotus. It symbolises riches, prosperity, clarity, success, and tranquillity and is a common Feng Shui and Vastu item. The proper placement of crystal lotuses may energise your space and improve attention. Let’s examine the proper location of this Feng Shui and Vastu item as well as its many advantages.



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Benefits of Crystal Lotus in Feng Shui and Vastu

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that advocates arranging objects to generate positive energy. Similar principles are used by the ancient Indian architectural discipline known as Vastu Shastra. Raising the vibration of your home may be accomplish by the construction of homes, careful furniture arrangement, and Vastu classification of various areas. Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui recommend the placement of specific particular things to balance a space’s energy and encourage abundance. One such object with great importance in both of these traditions is the crystal lotus. Let’s examine the advantages of crystal lotuses in feng shui and vastu:




Positive Attitude

It is well known that crystal lotus purifies the environment. With this item in situ, negative energy’s impact can be lessened. According to Feng Shui, the crystal absorbs sunlight and emits a good energy field.


Success and Wealth:

The lotus represents success over hardship. Consequently, it is believe that a crystal lotus would promote professional progress and deliver prosperity against all odds.



Peaceful Setting:

It fosters tranquilly and a serene environment. The energy of this Vastu item might be helpful in homes and businesses where there are frequently heated conflicts. It has been noted that putting it in certain locations has a relaxing impact and causes an uptick in good energy.


Blissful Connections: 

A crystal lotus fosters an environment that is caring and peaceful. It strengthens the link between family members, bringing them closer together. It is also believe to boost romantic attraction and support a good marriage.


Focus and Discipline: 

This lovely Feng Shui object is also believe to improve attention and encourage a discipline lifestyle. Nowadays, most people lack discipline. They find it difficult to focus on their work since there are so many outside distractions. A crystal lotus fosters discipline and concentration.


Where to Place a Crystal Lotus for Feng Shui or Vastu?

Only if you set the crystal lotus in the proper position can you enjoy the advantages mentioned above. Let’s examine more precisely where you ought to put it to draw the energy you desire:

  • If you wish to have a love and peaceful connection with your mate, place a pink or red crystal lotus in your bedroom. The optimal location for this Feng Shui object is in the southwest corner of your room. Your marriage may have a romantic resurgence thanks to this crystal lotus placement.
  • By putting this object in their bedroom’s southwest corner, those seeking for the perfect companion can also gain from the energy it emits.
  • It is advise to instal a crystal lotus in the middle of your home or business to beckon wealth and success. This Vastu object promotes prosperity and financial gain when placed in the reception area. It spurs workers to put in more effort and draw in customers.
  • The greatest spot for this object to attract good energy and keep bad energy out of your home is on the window sill.
  • A crystal lotus may calm the atmosphere by being place in the living room. It creates peaceful connections between family members. By putting this object in the living room, you can get rid of problems like rage, irritation, and resentment.
  • By putting this lovely object on your desk or study table, you can concentrate better. It encourages mental clarity and aids in overcoming obstacles.



Vastu & Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Colors

The colour options for this Feng Shui object are pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, and red. Additionally, a colourless or translucent version is offere. Even a stunning multicoloured crystal lotus is an option. Every colour radiates its own special energy and offers advantages in a different way. For instance, blue exudes a calm and tranquil spirit, while pink stands for love, harmony, and romance. Red represents passion, love, strength, and power. Green represents harmony, youth, success, and freshness.

Yellow infuses an environment with a happy or upbeat mood. Purple is a representation of passion, richness, and youth. A crystal lotus that is translucent encourages calm, clarity, and balance. Contrarily, multicoloured crystal lotuses represent harmony and partnership.


Feng shui / Vastu Crystal Lotus Conclusion

We are certain that you now have a sufficient understanding of the advantages of crystal lotus and where it should be place. In addition to adding positive energy to your room, the lovely Feng Shui item also improves its ambiance. Your home’s modest expansion might pave the way for success, prosperity, and wealth. It encourages the creation of a loving, calm environment. For the appropriate sort of energy to be create, it must be pointed in the right direction. If you need any further information in this respect, please let us know.







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