View The Updated List Of Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings

Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings: Here is a list of Mumbai’s tallest structures. Two projects have entere the race to the sky, and one of them is expected to be the highest tower thus far, despite the fact that seven skyscrapers have already established spectacular landmarks in the city’s skyline.

The Lokhandwala Minerva, which is expected to reach a height of 299.9 metres, will eventually become Mumbai’s tallest structure. It is anticipated to be finished shortly and is poised to surpass the majority of Mumbai’s current skyscrapers. At 280.2 metres, The World One in Mumbai is now the tallest building. According to accounts, it is also the highest building in India. Here is a comprehensive list of Mumbai’s tallest buildings, along with information on how much each one costs to own:

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Mumbai’s highest building list



Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings: World One Tower

Starting price: Rs 8 crore for a 3BHK apartment

The highest structure in the nation, the World One Tower, is located in Lower Parel and stands at 280.2 metres. The apartment building has 78 levels total, with 76 stories above ground and two below. It was constructed by the Lodha Group with a 442 metre height goal that was subsequently trimmed back.


World View

Starting price: Rs 10.6 crore for a 4BHK apartment

World View, the middle tower of the World Towers trio, is situated in Lower Parel. The Lodha Group was responsible for creating the opulent residential high-rise. It has 73 floors and a height of 277.6 metres.


Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings: The Park

Starting price: Rs 4.93 crore

The Park at Worli, built by the Lodha Group, features five 268-meter-tall buildings with an average height of 78 floors each. Because a 4BHK sky villa in this structure may cost up to Rs 38 crore, it is regarded as one of the most opulent places to reside.



Nathani Heights

Starting price: Rs 7.5 crore

Near downtown Mumbai, at 262 metres and 73 stories, lies Nathani Heights. One of the most exclusive places to acquire a home, there are just 118 housing units accessible here. A portion of this project is currently being built, and it won’t be available for occupancy until 2025. It is also one of the few green homes in the residential category, aside from this.


Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings: Imperial 1 and 2

Starting price: Rs 12.5 crore

This building is situate in Tardeo. It has 61 stories and is 254 metres tall. Hafeez Contractor, a well-known architect, created the towers.


Ahuja Towers

Starting price: Rs 20 crore

It is situated in Prabhadevi and stands 249 metres high. The Ahuja Group is the company that created it.


Mumbai’s Tallest Buildings: One Avighna Park

Starting price: Rs 12 crore for a 3BHK apartment

This is located at Lower Parel with a height of 247 metres and 61 floors.

The planne Worli’s Palais Royale will be added to the list of Mumbai’s highest structures. It might reach a height of 320 metres, making it the highest structure not just in the city but also the whole nation. There might be 88 levels in the building. Another tower, the Lokhandwala Minerva, may be on the horizon.





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