Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

Positive energies, luck, and a lot of serenity and harmony are brought into the home by feng shui. Every place has a unique set of energies, and occasionally those energies might become stagnant. Feng shui promotes a positive energy flow in your environment by removing these stale and stagnant energies.

To do this, this method employs a variety of instruments, including objects used in home design and more.

One such feng shui item is the water fountain. It is reputed to bring good fortune and energy home. The feng shui water fountain symbolises the water element, and the steady flow of water alters energy.

We discuss the feng shui water fountain and all there is to know about it in the blog post below.




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Water Fountain Position and Importance in Feng Shui

Therefore, you have come to the right spot if you want to learn how a feng shui water fountain functions and where you should instal it for best results.


The entrance’s water feature is feng shui.

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

You promote peace and optimism in the area when you instal a feng shui water fountain at your home’s entryway. The fountain can be placed both inside and outside the house, but keep in mind that the direction of the water flow should always be inside. This aids in bringing good chi into the home.

A water fountain placed in the entrance of your home will also draw prosperity to the family since according to feng shui, the entrance of any house is regarded the mouth of qi, which is the entrance for possibilities and energy in the home and our life.

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

The professional area of the home or a feng shui water feature for plenty

If you wish to instal a feng shui water fountain inside your home, you should do so in the wealth sector of the house or in an area where you work, such as your study or home office.

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

You can utilise feng shui to improve your luck and riches in the prosperous southeast corner of your house.


Exterior of your home

You don’t have to employ feng shui exclusively within your home; you can use items like the fountain outside, in your patio or garden, and still get the benefits. The garden’s feng shui water fountain aids in preserving the area’s tranquilly and cheerfulness. However, you must remember that the fountain’s water must be flowing in a way that it appears to be entering the house (sans obstacles, of course ).

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

The feng shui water fountain: some things to consider

For wealth, good fortune, and job success, the fountain must always be running (unless you are cleaning it). Its water also shouldn’t have any obstructions in its route, such as pebbles. Placing plants surrounding your fountain will bring you luck because the energies of water (the fountain) and wood (the plants) work well together. Place the fountain in the North area of your home.


Use of the feng shui water fountain: Things to avoid

– Avoid selecting a fountain with sharp edges or corners as they may deflect luck and good vibes.

– avoid placing the feng shui water fountain in the bedroom as it could have negative effects on your health. The sound of the fountain shouldn’t also be audible in your bedroom.

– Avoid placing two feng shui water fountains at the door since it could have a negative influence. – Directly below the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathrooms are all poor choices as well.

– Never leave a water fountain that is broken or inoperable at home.


Varieties of water fountains in feng shui

Tiered Fountain of Water

The tiered fountains, which are probably the most conventional type of feng shui water features, are common throughout the Mediterranean and may be found in courtyards there. They come in levels, usually three or more, as you can see from the image above. Additionally, water is poured into the top layer, where it flows down the other tiers and into the bottom reservoir.

According to the figure above, a tier can be created by simply stacking three flat plates in ascending sequence. A more elaborate design is not necessary. They enhance the flow of energy in your area and appear exquisite in landscapes.

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

Feng shui waterfall fountain

The waterfall feng shui fountain is designed to resemble a real waterfall, as its name suggests. An excellent example of a waterfall-style fountain that adds a lot of visual value to your space is shown in the image above. This can be built both inside and outside on your land, and minimalist garden décor goes well with it.

Feng Shui Water Fountain: Images, Types, and Placement

Wall-mounted fountain with water

These fountains are fixed on the wall, as the name would imply. These fountains, which are rectangular or cylindrical in design, offer wonderful presentations both inside and outside. They can be utilised as feng shui tools in your surroundings and are made of a range of materials, including metal, stone, glass, and clay.


Fountain with Free Standing Water

The free-standing fountains are sturdy and create excellent garden focal points because of their large water holding capacities. These feng shui water fountains can be fashioned of stone, as seen in the image above, and some people even prefer marble. With their steady stream of water, these fountains maintain a positive energy in your landscape.


Tabletop Fountain with Water

These feng shui water fountains are best used in the study because they are designed to sit on tables or desks. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the other decor and, when used at your home’s workspace, can improve your professional performance.


Maintenance Advice for a Feng Shui Water Fountain

Small indoor fountains around the house are simple to maintain, but outdoor fountains require more attention. Here, we’ll go over a few tips for maintaining your outdoor feng shui water fountain.

  1. Regular Cleaning: This one isn’t particularly complicated. Your feng shui water fountain needs to be cleaned both inside and out on a regular basis. Depending on the material of your main bowl, keep a soft cloth on hand at all times. You should also keep something on hand to remove dirt and dust from the outer layer.
  2. Maintain the Pump: Your outdoor feng shui water feature’s pump needs to be kept in good working order. Make sure to regularly drain, clean, and refill it, and have a pipe cleaner on hand to do so. A pump that is not properly cleaned will cause a clog in water flow and, if overworked, may easily break or degrade.
  3. Empty all bowls at least once every six months: If not every couple of months, at least make it a twice-yearly occurrence. Outdoor water fountains quickly start to grow bacteria and algae. This has to be cleaned with any detergent and a soft brush.Be careful not to use any harsh chemicals that could destroy the fountain, such as bleach, or to clean the area.


Final Thoughts on Feng Shui Water Fountain

Be prepared to welcome luck, happiness, and a lot of pleasant energies when you have a feng shui water fountain in your property. However, you should consider where you’re placing the fountain and whether that location is consistent with the type of guests you want to bring into your home.

We discussed the importance of a feng shui water fountain, several types of fountains, and maintenance tips in the blog post above. We sincerely hope you found this information useful. Which one of these water features did you prefer? Or which of these water fountains according to feng shui do you have in your house? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.



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