Floral Print Trends In Interior Design

“There is no such thing as too floral.”

Floral Print Trends: The quotation is perfect for the current flower home design trend. Floral patterns exist in many forms throughout the seasons, encompassing fashion and interior design. Design ideas unquestionably add a romantic feel to your home, as well as an amazing touch of drama and elegance when combined with dark wallpaper ideas, fabrics, and accessories.


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Decorating with flowers is an excellent way to make a one-of-a-kind statement in interior design, which is becoming increasingly popular.

There are several floral home décor types to choose from. Florals might be overwhelming to decorate with because there are so many different types and designs, but we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips on incorporating these motifs into your home, from wallpaper to furniture.


1) Floral Print Trends in Interior Design: A Guide

Nothing surpasses wallpaper for giving a room personality. While little flower prints provide a vintage touch, a feature wall with massive blossoms will definitely add attraction to your space décor. Choosing flowery wallpaper may make a room truly stand out, but keeping to one wall will ensure that any motifs do not overrun the space or seem too cluttered. If you want to incorporate florals in your home, keep the rest of the décor basic, with soft or neutral colours, so that the flowers compliment and become the focal point of the area.


Floral Print Trends in Interior Design



2) Complement the design

If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, using furniture and accessories to bring flowers into your home is a great option. It may also be a subtle decoration method if you pick a more minimalist house design. Matching one pattern for soft furnishings such as curtains and pillows may provide a unified look, especially when used against a more neutral colour scheme. Pillows, blankets, tablecloths, vases, lamps, and other decorations with similar designs may also be used.


3) Incorporate Other Patterns-Floral Print Trends

If you utilise flowers in your furniture, incorporating additional patterns such as animal print or geometric pattern patterns may give your home a unique and modern feel, and if done well, can make it look especially well put together. When employed effectively in a space, strong and masculine geometric motifs may contrast well with a more feminine floral print, and they can compliment them other well. Include gold or silver patterns and ornaments to truly provide a regal feel to the space, and make sure the remainder of your decorations compliment your focal object correctly.


Floral Print Trends in Interior Design


4) Abstract Patterns- Floral Print Trends

When you think about florals, you might imagine older homes with a variety of styles and small flowers that seem and feel ancient. Your rooms will appear more current straight away if you select a more abstract style. If you don’t want extremely feminine or over-the-top décor, use designs that stress the leaves and other conceptual characteristics of a flower rather than dazzling or intricate blossoms. You may also use hand-painted floral designs to add a refined touch and make objects like headboards and furniture feel rich and expensive.


5) Floral Accents and Art

If you aren’t as confident in your styling, can’t choose the right patterns, or prefer to keep your décor basic. A flower artwork may look wonderful and serve as a beautiful centrepiece in any space. For a delicate yet eye-catching floral pattern, you might be able to discover a framed mirror made of bronze or gold blossoms. Whether you choose with a framed painting or canvas, or something more dramatic like a mammoth ornament. Make sure the flower pattern compliments the rest of your décor and colour palette. Bold flowers on a simple white or black backdrop may protect your space from looking too feminine or childlike.



6) Floral Furnishings -Floral Print Trends

Of course, furniture represents a larger long-term investment in your home than a pillow or a blind. Choose flowery pattern furniture only if it speaks to your heart. For those who adore flowery patterns, nothing beats a statement chair. To be on-trend with your décor these days, choose large, bright flower designs and themes. Floral couches have made a significant resurgence as well. A striking piece of furniture can make a room sparkle, and selecting an elaborate or flowery pattern for your sofa. Armchairs, or headboard may give your home a regal feel.


7) Floral Carpets

A rug is an excellent way to add a splash of colour to any room. Carpets are a great way to brighten up a room and provide a nice decorative touch to your flooring. Why not go all out with a striking rug? They’re great for adding drama, colour, and pattern, and some are almost works of art in their own right. You may select between a digitally printed rug and a handcrafted rug with bright flower motifs. Whatever room you choose to place a flowery carpet in. Remember that the accompanying furniture and décor should be necessary so that the patterns don’t clash.


Floral Print Trends in Interior Design



Floral Print Trends: Finishing

If you enjoy floral home décor but want something a bit more controllable than wall-to-wall patterns. Consider adding vivid flower print textiles on upholstery. Consider adding accessories in dark flowers. Such as lampshades and cushions, for a quick and easy way to incorporate the floral trend.

Decorating your house with flowers is simpler than you think. Celebrate colourful floral patterns in opulent colour palettes. Florals, in particular, take on a moodier tone in fabric design. With a concentration on historical flowers that give the impression of fading grandeur. Bold, dramatic blossoms are great for those who want to make a statement with a floral motif in a darker shade. Comment and tell us how you plan to incorporate the floral motif into your home’s interior design.


Floral Print Trends in Interior Design


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