GDA : Conditions For Purchasing Multi-Story/Group Housing Apartments

The best investment opportunity nowadays is purchasing real estate. For the benefit of GDA flat purchasers, we have provided the following check list.

Purchasing a home may be a drawn-out process everywhere in the globe. However, purchasing a home in India is exceptionally challenging and fraught with danger. Untrained brokers, title issues, onerous tenancy rules, the state of the real estate, finances, etc. As a consequence, you should manage the entire process to minimise any issues that may arise.

The demand for homes that are ready to move into has increased due to the extraordinary delays in existing development projects. Despite being more expensive, they do not come with the dangers of ownership. However, purchasers must be aware of the important inspections before buying a ready-to-move-in house.




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GDA Flats

  • The GDA, or The Ghaziabad Development Authority, monitors the following:
  • Building of housing projects,
  • Planned urban development,
  • Provision of social infrastructure services in the city and its surrounding areas.

The GDA is in charge of Ghaziabad, Loni, Murad Nagar, and Modi Nagar. The GDA development region has received nine villages from the Gautam Budh Nagar district that had previously been in the Greater Noida development area. These villages are governed by the Greater Noida Authority.

The GDA offers a variety of housing initiatives that make affordable housing available to those with low, moderate, and high incomes. The Authority provides housing created under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana under the Ghaziabad Housing Scheme 2021. (PMAY). 13,500 brand-new GDA Flats are accessible under the initiative.

GDA Flats

A checklist for house purchasers has been made available by the GDA to assist them in making informed decisions regarding real estate:

  • Make sure you have a copy of the GDA-approved building plan that is the developer’s or builder’s original.
  • Check to see if the GDA flat is being constructed in accordance with the authorised plan or if it has already begun.
  • For the names, contact information, and addresses of the architect, engineer, and builder/developer, look on the site’s board.
  • Make sure the details in the GDA flat’s register document are accurate and in accordance with the authorised plans.
  • Make sure to have the developer’s Completion Certificate before moving into a GDA apartment (CC). The primary concerns about the legality of building ownership, construction and development carried out in accordance with approved plans, building safety measures, etc. are addressed.
  • Get all your questions addressed by getting in touch with the GDA Zone Office before finalising any agreements on a GDA apartment.
  • You can also study the Citizen Charter to double-check the veracity of the information supplied by the developer on authorised development plans for GDA units. The GDA reception has a copy of this charter available.
  • Verify the government departments’ permissions, such as those from the fire department, the environmental department, the land ownership records, etc.



Verify Legal Documents Before Purchasing a GDA Apartment

To sell flats, a developer or promoter has to obtain a few approvals and documents. However, the precise rules regulating real estate sales may vary significantly between states. Verify the necessary legal papers before buying a GDA apartment:


Title Act

As a legal declaration of ownership, a title deed is use. When it comes to real estate, the title signifies ownership and your right to utilise the property. A complete or partial stake in the property may be included. Because you have a title, you may still access the land and perhaps make any changes. The title also implies that you may transfer the interest or portion of your ownership to third parties.

A buyer should study the original deed and confirm that the land is in the developer’s name to make sure no one else has the authority to sell it. Before purchasing a GDA unit, you must have the title deed evaluated by legal counsel.


Mother Deed

The mother deed is a property’s original legal record and evidence of ownership. It also acts as the main record for any subsequent sales by the buyer because it establishes the buyer’s ownership. The mother deed is a crucial document in a real estate transaction. This document records the history of the property together with any other relevant conveyance documents.

It serves as the main legal basis for proving property ownership. When tracing ownership, it is preferable to start by looking at the very first record that was ever kept. If the documentation are not made accessible for a GDA Flat, you must get in touch with the registration authorities. This process should not be ignore. Documents referred to as “mother” or “parent” records are older records.


Signaling disapproval (IOD)

This collection of authorizations must be obtained by a developer at various stages of development. The Chief Fire Officer, Airport Authority, Sewage Departments, Storm Water, Drain Department, Environment Department, Forest Department, Pollution Board, and Traffic and Coordination Department are just a few of the organisations that would need to give their approval and issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to accomplish this.


Graduation Certificate (For projects under construction)

The municipal authorities give a Commencement Certificate following the site examination. This permits the builder to begin work on any site and verifies that the project satisfies the standards. The construction will be unlawful without a Commencement Certificate. This will incur fines and can possibly result in a notice to vacate.



GDA- Obligation Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is require when someone wants to sell or purchase a property, apply for a house loan, obtain a loan backed by real estate, or do any of these activities. Encumbrances are obligations place on a specific piece of property as security for an owner’s outstanding debts as of the encumbrance date. An encumbrance certificate lists all the transactions pertaining to a given property recorded for a specific period of time (as required). These records also contain any claims or encumbrances on the property.


Accepted Floor Plans

The layout plans require approval from the appropriate planning authorities. Purchasers of real estate should exercise caution since there have been cases when developers changed authorised floor plans by omitting open space or adding extra levels.


Purchase Contract

The Agreement contains detailed information about every important aspect of the construction project, including the project specifications, apartment specifications, payment terms, completion deadlines, and the kind and amount of penalties that will apply if a party defaults. In general, the Agreement should contain a clause transferring ownership of the common areas to the society. This ensures that the property will remain with its original owners and forbids the developer from launching other projects there.


GDA – Ownership Certificate

An occupancy certificate is issue by a planning authority once the work is complete. The building conforms with all applicable building rules and regulations, according to the legal documents. It demonstrates that the structure is inhabitable. The building’s completion and readiness for occupancy are determin by the developer, who is also in charge of acquiring the occupancy certificate. The urban authorities grant the builder a completion certificate after the project is finish.

Due to the hazards associated with owning property, ready-to-move apartments are currently the focus of GDA Flats Buyers. However, the dangers can be reduce by double-checking the aforemention\ papers. When making a big real estate investment, one must verify the legal paperwork procedure.




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