Choose Between Malad East & Malad West

Here are a few things to consider before buying land if you’re thinking about owning property in the financial capital and aren’t sure which Malad neighbourhood to choose: Malad West or Malad East.

One of the Northern Mumbai suburbs’ most rapidly expanding residential and business areas is Malad. It mixes oceans, fortified mediaeval towns, and growing IT businesses.

Up until a few decades ago, the area was less inhabited. The need for housing and residential centres for the top and middle classes has, however, grown quickly in recent years. Therefore, Malad real estate investment is a viable option in every manner.

Lately, the Malad district has seen the construction of several commercial buildings and vibrant shopping malls. Property values have increased by 20% as a consequence, demonstrating Malad’s suitability as an investment site. In addition to buildings, the area boasts wonderful connections, foreign schools, IT firms, and family-friendly destinations.




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Malad West and Malad East are different.

The notable contrasts between Malad West and East are listed here.

Average Capital Values: In West Malad, a square foot of real estate is worth between INR 17,000 and 20,000, whereas in the East, a square foot of real estate is worth between INR 15,000 and 18,000 on average.

Average Rental Values:

Compared to Malad East, Malad West is in a premium location, hence average rental prices are higher there. Malad East provides rental properties from INR 25,000 per month for 1 BHK to INR 1L for 3 BHK, whereas Malad West charges an average price of INR 37,000 per month for 1 BHK to INR 1.7L for 3 BHK.

Configuration and Property Size:

Smaller and mid-sized homes are in great demand due to Malad West’s high property values. Malad East has units that are 1000–1500 square feet in size, compared to the 500–1000 square feet that the typical property in the West is. Compared to Malad East, Malad West has more one-bedroom apartments. Additionally, the 2BHK squad is well-known in both regions.



Property age:

Malad West is older than Malad East; in West, 49% of homes are between 5 and 10 years old, while 15% of new homes are located there. Malad East provides 39% of properties that are under five years old and 30% of new structures.

Resale vs. Sale:

Malad West offers greater alternatives for resale houses because there are more older homes available there and less new developments. Demographics of Malad East and Malad West

There are around 946,000 people living in the area overall, with an extra 100,000 people who are daytime floating residents. In addition, the P-North ward, the city’s most populous ward, according to the 2011 census, includes the whole Malad region (East & West region).

Malad West:

This location, which is a part of the Mumbai suburban district, has an area of 22.19 square kilometres and a population of 384137. Its population density is 17311 persons per square kilometre. Additionally, there are 200107 men and 184030 women in the population.

Malad East:

Malad East has a population of 217434 and a population density of 32177 persons per km2. It is 6.76 square kilometres in size. In addition, the area has 113296 men and 104138 women living there, respectively.



The Investment Scenario for Malad West

A wide variety of townships and infrastructure projects are ongoing in the area, attracting the interest of investors and those searching for a place to call home in the nation’s financial centre.

Along with being attractive, Malad is adjacent to commercial hubs, non-IT and IT business parks, and it has good access to the city centre. Because of its closeness to the Commercial Zone (Andheri) and Bandra Kurla Complex, Malad appears to be in high demand for homes (BKC). The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport is 13 km away, the next railroad station is 1 km away, and the Western Express Highway is 2 km away.

Malad provides a wide selection of useful projects for middle-class to affluent people. Potential buyers have a wide range of options, including both finished and unfinished residences. Additionally, with the development of the Dahisar-Mandale Metro Line and other routes bypassing the region, it is anticipated that the number of housing complexes would increase even more.

Malad East & Malad West

The Western Express Highway now connects Malad West with Bandra and Andheri, spanning distances of around 20 km and 12 km, respectively. The 13 km long Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road connects it to Powai as well. In addition, the BMC is building a high road that will run from Lokhandwala in Andheri to Lagoon Road in Malad as an alternative to New Link Road and WEH. Those travelling towards Malad’s western side will benefit from its six lanes and design.

A comprehensive public transportation network serves practically all regions of Malad. Malad also has a number of the most modern and well-equipped medical facilities, including Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Hospital. Additionally, it boasts a number of schools, colleges, and recreational facilities including theatres, amusement parks, and retail complexes.

Many real estate developers and builders are further developing a variety of housing developments in this neighbourhood, citing the area’s general development. As a consequence, it is anticipated to be one of Mumbai’s upscale neighbourhoods where individuals may settle down and have a family.


Final thoughts on Malad East and West

Malad West is one of Mumbai’s neighbourhoods that is expanding the quickest, thus investing here might be rewarding. Additionally, it is close to important job centres and IT hubs in Mumbai. Making renting or purchasing residential properties a wise choice for you.

Finally, because most white-collar workers are eager to live here, a number of real estate projects are building flats and apartments in this region.





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