Griha Pravesh Puja & Celebrations: Top DIY Decoration Ideas

Have you finally found your ideal home? Best wishes! We provide you with the greatest griha pravesh puja decoration ideas so that your first day in your new home with your loved ones is filled with warmth, positivism, and smiling smiles.


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Before moving to a new residence in India, people are quite meticulous about completing puja with all the necessary rites. The name ‘Griha Pravesh’ is a combination of two words: ‘griha,’ which means house, and ‘pravesh,’ which means to enter. After considering these aspects, the family pandit or astrologer determines the shubh muhurat of griha pravesh puja. The griha pravesh puja, on the other hand, is conducted to remove negativity from the body.

Griha Pravesh

Here are a few griha pravesh DIY decoration ideas that you should explore to decorate your home:-

Griha Pravesh:-


Prepare the Griha Pravesh Puja entrance:-

Make sure to decorate your front gate or entry with fresh flowers, a marigold toran, and fresh mango tree leaves on the day you’re going to perform the griha pravesh puja. You may also add a Swastika sign or the feet of Goddess Lakshmi to your home to offer optimism and a more traditional touch.


Create a beautiful Rangoli for Griha Pravesh:-

Rangoli is the first thing that springs to mind while thinking of griha pravesh decorating ideas. Rangolis are produced not only to add beauty to any décor, but they are also said to bring success and fortune to your new house. Using flour, rice, and other rangoli colours purchased from the market, create a rangoli pattern of your choice near the entrance. Also, make sure the rangoli does not block visitors from entering the house.

Rangoli is visually pleasing and is guaranteed to amaze your visitors with its vibrant colours and expertly created form. There are thousands of rangoli designs to choose from.


Decorate Your Entire House using Fresh Flowers:-

Decorating the entire house with fresh flowers is another DIY decoration option for griha pravesh puja to make it appear lovely, welcome, and pleasant. Flowers may be used to embellish arches, ceiling hangings, centrepieces, corners, god and goddess idols, and so on, in addition to the main entry and the temple.

If you want your house to have a traditional atmosphere, adorn your living room or the place where you want to perform the puja with marigold, shevanti, lotus, and tube roses, as well as strings. Also, if you want your home to have a modern atmosphere, you may use a western combination of orchids to accent a few areas.


Turn on the lights for Griha Pravesh Puja:-

Do you know what goes perfectly with a flower-filled home? Yes, you’ve guessed it: lights! On the day of griha pravesh, as much as fresh flowers are vital to beautify your home, lighting the whole house is equally significant. Make certain that not a single nook or cranny of your home is in the dark. flats for sale in mumbai, To illuminate your house, use a combination of fairy lights, LED lights, lamps, candles, or even diyas. You may also light an earthen lamp and bring good fortune if you wish to get rid of all the negativity.


Make the Mandir look beautiful:-

According to Vastu experts, every house’s mandir or temple should face North-East and should only be installed on the day of griha pravesh. Additionally, deity statues and pictures should be maintained in the house’s East facing orientation. For the pooja room, Vastu is important.

You must decorate your home’s temple with flowers and lights, no matter how big or tiny it is. Mango leaves and marigold flowers may be used to decorate the puja room walls and temple since they are not only beautiful but also auspicious. Gods and goddesses’ idols might be dressed up in new garments, ornaments, and garlands. You may also create little rangolis along the temple’s perimeter and use oil lamps to provide natural lighting.


mixture of Scented Candles and Flowers:-

Flowers and scented candles are a classic combo that never goes out of style. It also gives your home a pleasant odour and an appealing appearance. Add vitality to the griha-pravesh décor by placing aromatic candles and dried flowers on the side table, in a glass jar, in water-filled basins, or even wooden trays.


Decor lamps that hang from the ceiling:-

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness of your home, hanging lights are essential. There are many different types of hanging lights available on the market that you may use in your house. To give your home a festive look, choose bright colours. You may acquire a set of these hanging lamps or just a couple and arrange them strategically at the entryway. Additionally, these lights provide excellent illumination for your home and allow you to take dazzling photographs while you are dressed up for griha pravesh day.


Griha Pravesh Puja indoor plants:-

Indoor plants might be the greatest décor for griha pravesh if you prefer nature and greenery. Indoor plants such as aloe vera, ferns, peace lilies, fortunate bamboo plants, flamingo flowers, and others can be used to add greenery to your home’s decor. These may also be used to offer a fresh look and elegance to window sills or room corners.

Griha Pravesh


For griha pravesh, have fun with bright accessories:-

We all enjoy being around colours since they bring a sense of happiness to any space. As a result, you may add some vivid accessories to your griha pravesh décor to add some colour. Place coloured pillows for seats as an example. On the day of the girha pravesh puja, you can also put gorgeous drapes to the room where the pooja will take place, or a lovely rug to the floor. All of this will give the room a glitzy feel.


Candles with fruit scents for griha pravesh:-

Fruit scented candles are at the top of the list when it comes to distinctive décor ideas for griha pravesh puja. This unique décor concept not only adds interest to your house, but it also makes it difficult for your visitors to decide whether they should eat or smell the candles! As seen in the image below, fruits may be used as a candle holder. rent house in Mumbai,  Alternatively, match candles to fruits to create a vibrant display, such as orange-colored scented candles alternated with oranges.


Traditional griha pravesh coasters:-

Following the griha pravesh puja, you will very certainly offer tea or coffee. To all of your visitors, necessitating the use of coasters. Why not utilise classic coasters as house décor first, then serve coffee or tea to your visitors on them later? This lovely addition would compliment the candles or flowers well.


Make griha pravesh puja lanterns:-

During Diwali, thread lanterns may be seen hanging from practically every home in India. Even when it comes to griha pravesh, you may include these lanterns into your house design. To give a splash of colour, hang these lanterns both outdoors and inside the house. Also, make sure they’re lit, as lighting lanterns are considered auspicious during griha pravesh puja.


Other Griha Pravesh Puja preparations:-

Because the griha pravesh puja is done with intimate friends and family. Make sure that the visitors are seated on the floor during the puja. Cover the floor with carpet so that your visitors may sit on it. And set aside a few chairs for those who can’t sit on the floor.

On the day of griha pravesh, it is also customary to treat the guests. As a result, make a reasonable menu for the food that will be provided to your visitors following the puja. Make good seating arrangements and clean and decorate. The area so that all of the participants can enjoy the cuisine comfortably. The priest should receive the food first, followed by the visitors. On the day of the griha pravesh, prasad (kheer, halwa, or ladoo) should also be prepared.


Griha Pravesh Puja comes to a close:-

Make sure you visit a local priest and make all of your arrangements according to Vastu principles. Moreover, the above-mentioned griha pravesh decoration ideas will not only assist to bring happiness and prosperity to your home. But will also make it appear lovely on a particular occasion. Keep the decorations basic and modest so that the true beauty of your home shines. Through, and you feel pleased after hearing all the compliments.


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