Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions : Learn how to get to Hogenakkal and where to go in Hogenakkal.

The town of Hogenakkal is located 46 kilometres from Dharmapuri, right on the Karnataka state border. The Cauvery River, a large river with spectacular waterfalls, flows into Tamil Nadu near Hogenakkal. Hogenakal derives from the Kannada language and literally translates as “Smoky Rocks.” The river’s pouring power of water mimics smoke coming from the rocks as it descends.

Because of its lovely atmosphere, it is a wonderful destination for those who enjoy nature, those seeking peace and quiet, and those on vacation. With its beguiling beauty, this magnificent village is sure to win your heart. As a result, make sure to include it on your list of places to visit!

If the thought of relaxing in the midst of a gushing waterfall while listening to its soothing roar piques your interest, then Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu is a must-see.

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The following are some alternative routes to this location:

  • By air: The nearest airport to Hogenakkal is in Bangalore, which is about 130 kilometres away.
  • Train: The nearest train station to this location is in Salem, 114 kilometres away.
  • Car: You can rent taxis and buses designed specifically for tourists to get to Hogenakkal and the surrounding areas.

Hogenakkal has seven fascinating places to visit.


Falls of Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal Falls is a breathtaking waterfall located in the Dharmapuri region of Tamil Nadu, India. The region is known as Hogenakkal, which translates to “smoking rocks” because of the extraordinary rock formations that can be seen in the area surrounding the location. This waterfall’s flowing magnificence is truly unparalleled.

The Kaveri River is visually stunning because it divides into many branches and drops in stages. The carbonatite rocks near these waterfalls are among the oldest on the planet, as well as the oldest in South Asia. The falls provide a source of potable water, and locals believe the water has healing properties due to the abundance of flora that lines the river’s course. Vacationers can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Hogenakkal Falls by taking a relaxing boat ride down the river in a Coracle or sitting on a bench anywhere along the riverbank. You won’t have any trouble finding transportation to Hogenakkal because the nearest bus station is less than one kilometre away in the town of Hogenakkal. In addition, visitors can use cab services, which are available.

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

The Mettur Dam

Mettur Dam is one of India’s largest dams, and it is located in the small village of Mettur, about 30 miles from Salem. The Mettur Dam, which was complete in 1943, is a truly magnificent structure to behold. The dam is located in a popular tourist area due to its spectacular natural features and the green hills that surround it. The architecture of the dam, which represents the country’s engineering prowess, is one of the most remarkable aspects of the structure. Mettur Dam is a popular destination for people from all over the world looking to relax and find peace.

In addition to being a popular tourist attraction. The dam serves as an important irrigation infrastructure for the surrounding 2,71,000 acres of farmland. A water reservoir surrounded on all sides by steep hills is another major attraction in this area. To gain access to this facility, one must first obtain permission from the appropriate authorities.

Taking a bus or a cab is the most convenient way to get to the Mettur Dam. The location can be reach in about one hour and fifteen minutes from Salem, which is about 40 kilometres away.

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

Melagiri Mountains

After seeing the breathtaking waterfalls, the Melagiri Hills are the second most beautiful place to visit in Hogenakkal. The hills are only a few kilometres away, and the excitement of finally seeing the ranges is heightened by the fact that there are numerous hiking trails leading up the hill.

At this point, the Eastern and Western Ghats meet. The view is breathtaking because two mountain ranges meet from opposite directions. And there are dense trees all around the area. When exploring these areas, you may also come across one-horned antelopes.

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions : Boating

At this location, you can go boating in a variety of different ways. This area provides a watercraft that is unlike any other type that exists. Basket boats are another name for coracles, which are round boats. They are made of bamboo spherical frames and covered in a black plastic covering. People frequently compare them to dark mushrooms.

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions : Pennagaram Town

It is about 20 kilometres from Hogenakkal. And the community is well-known for hosting a weekly carnival once a month to attract visitors. Aiyanars are the village’s enormous clay figures, which are painted in vibrant colours and are notable for their size.


Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions : Temple of Theerthamalai

The famous pilgrimage site of Theerthamalai is located close to Hogenakkal. Theerthamalai Temple is a popular tourist destination. Lord Theerthagireeswar, a manifestation of Shiva, is the god revered here.

It is said that after defeating Ravana. Lord Rama went to this temple to worship Lord Shiva in order to be absolve of the guilt of slaying so many demons. As a result, many people believe that bathing in these sacred waters can help an individual atone for wrongs done to others.

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions

Hogenakkal Tourist Attractions : Temple of Hanuman Theertham

The Hanuman Theertham temple is approximately one kilometre from the main temple. Lord Ram, according to legend, led Lord Hanuman to the Ganges River to obtain water for a ritual offering to Lord Shiva. When Lord Hanuman did not return, Ram shot a bow into the stony side of the hill. Causing water to flow down.


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