How to check if your property is legally verified or not.

How do you know if a property is legally verified or not? This question might have crossed your mind, and the answer is that it isn’t always easy to figure out. There are many legal property matters that could come up when purchasing property in the India, but what should you look for to make sure your property is not an illegal one?

check if your property is legally verified or not

Steps to see if your property has been officially verified or not.

Achieving the goal of finding a property that is free of any legal issues is referred to be a victory. The number of land conflicts has increased as a result of the emergence of the real estate sector. Land ownership disputes have been a superior factor for many delays. Though the real estate legislation, which is in various stages of implementation across the county, is working to make the situation even more advantageous for property purchasers.


Here’s a checklist you may use to see if the property you’re considering is deserving of funding:

Papers with Titles

A property should have a distinct title that is easy to understand. When purchasing a one-of-a-kind property, the land title should be held by the firm that built it. If you’re buying a resale, examine the paperwork carefully or contact a property lawyer to double-check the papers’ validity.


Certificate of Encumbrance

This is a document that certifies that a property is free of any contract, mortgage, or pending debt. It also includes the title of the property’s previous owner. If you’re buying a resale home, this is a must-have document to see if the previous owner had a mortgage on the property and if any outstanding debts have been paid.


Examine Property Tax Receipts

You should get property tax papers from the previous owner if you have purchased a resale property. This will provide your insight into two factors: if the region you’ve acquired in is regularised, and whether the property is properly registered and free of local government dues.


The project should have Registered Society

A recorded society and a resident welfare group should be present in every residential complex. This is itself a legal method will give an idea about the validity and legality of the project and the property you are buying.


Calculate the difference between the approved plan and the actual site.

If you’re buying a house in an apartment complex, make sure you receive a copy of the adopted map from the builder, which has been released by the local government. If it is unlawfully intruding, this might give you a realistic impression of the region and the organization.


Inquire about bank approvals.

If you are getting your house financed through a bank, you have already completed half of the job. Banks inspect the property before approving your loan. Several banks accept on-site offers for apartment projects, indicating that the real property has been constitutionally and legally checked and has all necessary permits and approvals. However, before signing the loan agreement with the bank, double-check the criteria.

There are many more things to consider when purchasing a home; it is critical to consider these factors carefully and make an informed decision.


How to Check If Your Property Is Legally Verified?

The process of verifying a property (real property) is very simple. You can check if the property you are interested in buying or selling has been legally verified by visiting our website and clicking on “Verify” button, which will take you to the verification page where all details about the legal owner (property owner) including his/her name, current address, email address, phone number etc., along with other relevant information such as whether he/she owns more than one house, how many properties does he own, what type of properties do they have.


Encumbrance certificate

A property should have a, without any dispute. The encumbrances like water bodies, roads etc., can affect the value of the property. So, it’s better if they are cleared off by checking the encumbrance certificates. The encumbrance certificates will tell about the existing issues related to the property.


Check out property tax slips

A property should have a, without any dispute. The government has started issuing property tax slips online. These documents list details like the total value of the house/land, its current market price, etc., along with the amount of taxes payable per year. The slip will help you understand how much money you need to pay as annual property tax. You may even find some other useful information such as the last date for paying the same.



FAQs – property is legally verified or not

Q. What documents should property buyers check?

A. Valuation of the property

The value of the property depends on many factors including location, size, condition, amenities, infrastructure, proximity to other developments, availability of utilities like water supply, electricity, roads, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. In addition, it is important to note that the price paid for the property does not necessarily reflect the true worth of the property.


Q. What is technical evaluation of property in home loan?

A. These include the commencement certificate, NOCs from various authorities, encumbrance certificates, occupancy certificate etc. How does legal verification differ from technical validation?

While both these processes involve examination of the property documents, the difference lies in how each of them is conducted. Legal verification involves checking whether the property document is genuine and valid, whereas technical evaluation deals with the actual physical state of the property.

Legal verification can take up to three months, depending upon the number of documents involved. Technical verification takes about 10 days.


Q. What will the cost of a legal-technical property appraisal be?

A. As a legal-technical evaluation charge, banks impose a fixed cost that varies per bank.


Q. How Can You Protect Yourself From Property Owner Scams?
A. Look up your renter’s name and email address to check whether they’ve been reported as a scammer by others.
Consider getting a consumer report or a renter background check. The Federal Trade Commission has further information about legal background checks. Meet the potential renter or the individual who will pay the rent before renting your house.
Perform a visual search of your property. As part of a fraud, an impostor may take photos of your home to construct their own listings.
Request personal recommendations from each tenant and follow up with them.
Verify your renter’s income carefully.


Q. Is it essential to hire a lawyer for property verification?
A. While purchasers can carefully check property paperwork on their own, it is best to get legal advice to ensure that the transaction is error-free.



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