How to Convert Agricultural Land for Residential Land?

We analyze how to change the land-use of Agricultural land, 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar to use it for residential purposes

As agriculture is one of the biggest Economic activities in India, 3 bhk flat for sale in kharghar legislation have been formulated to defend the country’s fertile lands. This is precisely why even those who possess such agricultural land in India, are not free to use it for any other purpose — residential, industrial or commercial.

How to convert agricultural land for residential purposes

In case the owner wishes to utilize his farm land for an activity that doesn’t fall in the class of agricultural activity, 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar a due legal procedure needs to be followed, to convert the property for that specific use. This process is officially called land-use conversion.

Unless one has received the consent to Utilize his agricultural property for residential use, doing so is illegal and punishable under the provisions of laws. 3 bhk flats in kharghar for instance, under the Delhi Land Reforms Act, 1954, the usage of agricultural land for non-agricultural functions in Delhi without consent, can result in imprisonment of up to 3 years, or a fine up to Rs 10 lakhs, or even both. In accordance with an amendment made in the law, properties used for non-agricultural functions without permission, could also be auctioned by an official having jurisdiction over the area.

Non-agricultural land

The authority to permit land-use change is Vested from the district sales department or the body. 3 bhk flat in kharghar but note that as land is a state subject in India, laws regulating the land-use change are formulated from the country and are enforced in letter and spirit throughout that nation. In case vast tracts of agricultural land need to be transformed for purposes aside from farming, the proprietor may need to approach an authority higher than the revenue department or the planning body.

Conversion of agricultural land for residential purposes is vested in the sales department. 3 bhk flats in kharghar back in Jharkhand and Bihar, the capacity to permit land-use change is vested in the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) of the region.

Even though the commissioner of the property earnings In Odisha, the tehsildar/sub-collector is your authority concerned, for permitting land-use conversion.

In Rajasthan, 3 bhk flat on sale in khargar near station the owner has to approach the Tehsildar, to get his agricultural property converted for residential use, if the area doesn’t exceed 2,000 sq metres. Exactly the identical owner will need to approach the sub-divisional officer, even if the area does not exceed 4,000 sq metres. For places exceeding 4,000 sq metres, the proprietor must approach the district collector.

In Punjab and Haryana, 3 bhk sale in kharghar town planning Under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code rules, owners need to use to the collector, to get the consent to convert the use of agricultural land into non-agricultural functions. In Delhi, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) allows land conversion.

What documents are needed for land-use conversion?

Aside from an application, 3 bhk sale in kharghar a host of Documents need to be introduced before the authority concerned, to find agricultural property converted for residential purpose. These documents include:

  • Evidence of identity of the owner.
  • Duplicate of the sale deed.
  • RTC (listing of faith, tenancy and crops).
  • Duplicate of partition deed (if the land was inherited).
  • Mutation documents.
  • Nil-encumbrance certificate.
  • 7/12 extract.
  • Survey map.
  • Land utilisation plan.
  • Portability of water certification from a recognised water-testing laboratory (in case of farmhouse).
  • Project report, in case of home projects.

Owners can procure a few of the land-related Documents from the revenue department that retains a record of such papers, in case these aren’t already available to them.

How to convert agricultural land for residential purposes

What are the charges for land-use conversion?

The conversion charge for land-use change Is adjusted across Indian nations, buy 3 bhk flat in kharghar sector 36 based on the land region and the collector speed — the larger the area, the greater the conversion fee. A specific proportion of the collector rate is charged, to permit the conversion of agricultural land into residential.

For a place around 2,000 sq metres needs to be compensated, 3 bhk on sale in kharghar if the property is situated in a village with a population of less than 5,000 individuals. On the flip side, a fee of Rs 2 per sq metre for an area not exceeding 2,000 sq metres needs to be paid, if the land is located in a village with a population of more than 5,000 people. In the same village, a charge of Rs 4 per sq metre needs to be compensated, if the region exceeds 2,000 sq metres.

In Haryana, You Need to pay Rs 10 per sq Metre, 3 bhk flat in valley shilp to acquire your farmland converted into residential use. While 10% of the property value needs to be paid as conversion fee in Bihar, 50 percent of the total cost of property, as determined throughout the ready reckoner (RR) prices, needs to be paid as the conversion commission in Maharashtra. In Delhi, the conversion costs differ from Rs 14,328 to Rs 24,777 per sq metre and extra floor area ratio (FAR) charges have been adjusted from Rs 3,039 per cent 7,597 per sq metre in several industrial locations.

Can I use for land-use transformation online?

Several Indian states currently let online land-use conversion. 3 bhk flat in kharghar employing the official portals in these states, the operator may apply for conversion on the internet and submit the copies of their documents online.

Just how long does it take to convert Agricultural land to non-agricultural land?

Depending on the state where you are Applying for property conversion, 3 bhk flat in kharghar kesar garden it may take between three and six months, to get a conversion certificate issued. Considering that a plethora of files need to be verified and authenticated, the approval might sometimes take longer than expected. In states where the internet conversion facility can be obtained, the process could take much less time.

“Once the authority receives an application The next step, is to check the veracity of each document. 3 bhk sale in kharghar sector 12 since agricultural property is frequently owned collectively by many folks, all attempts are made to ensure the applicant has the approval of the other parties concerned, for the conversion. All this is a time-consuming process,” says Amresh Shukla, who functions as lekhpal in the UP land sales division.

Dos and performn’ts for attaching agricultural Property to NA property

Your program for conversion of All dues and mortgages from the land must be paid, 3 bhk flat in kharghar sector 10 for this to be eligible for conversion.

People, each operator will have to submit their ID proofs, along with proof of their possession of their property.

There is a time limit within which the Conversion must take place. 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar sector 35 if that deadline is broken, the owner will lose his right to change the land use.

Penalties are levied on the proprietor, 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar sector 34 if He uses the property for a purpose aside from the one mentioned in his conversion program. In Bihar, 50% of the conversion fee must be paid as a penalty, in the event the owner is guilty of misusing the land. In other nations, the penalties wouldn’t only involve fiscal action but legal action, as well.

The fee payment receipt has to be kept Safely since it functions as evidence of the conversion, too. Although this receipt must be kept safe until the period a conversion certificate was issued to the property, it should also be kept secure for future reference.

Unlike human owners, programmers are Required to submit a much bigger number of files while applying for land-use alter, 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar to develop large housing projects.

Even though NRIs Aren’t Permitted to buy Agricultural property in India, they’ll be in their rights to make the buy, if this type of land has been converted for residential purposes after the due procedure.

There’s no Particular timeline within which Keep in touch With the authority involved, 3 bhk flats in kharghar to get updates on exactly the same.


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