How To Fix The North-West Corner Vastu : Advice & Remedy

The North-West direction is influenced by the element of Wind and is thus unstable. However, if aligned with the Vastu principles of the north-west corner, this direction may open up new opportunities in your life. As a result, keep the Vastu tips for the direction in mind at all times. Continue reading to learn more about the significance of this particular house direction.

Lord Vayu (God of Wind) owns the northwestern direction, and the Moon commands it. Both of them, according to Vedic descriptions, are unstable. To sway them in your favour, you must follow certain Vastu principles at home. Here are some Vastu remedies and tips for the north-west corner to help you eliminate dosh (deficiency or flaws in the direction) and live peacefully.

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The importance of the north-west corner Vastu

The North-West Corner’s Importance Vastu can be understood by considering the following:


  • This direction is ruled by the Moon and Lord Vayu. Because Lord Vayu is restless, there is instability here. He can bring immense prosperity or cause hindrance to happiness.
  • To attract abundance, the Vastu principles of this direction must be followed.
  • To avoid clutter, proper use of space in this area of the house is required.



Remedies for the northwest quadrant

Improper Vastu practises can lead to illness, insecurity, and indecision. Some treatments can help with such problems. These remedies outline what should be done to maintain the flow of positive energy and bring prosperity with Lord Vayu and the Moon’s blessings.

A Moon Yantra placed in the north-west direction of your home will be ideal. This step will satisfy the Moon God, bringing mental well-being to all. You will also be able to attract intellectual abilities from everyone.


Vastu for a plot with a north-west orientation


  • The bedroom should face south-west.
  • Make sure that any roads near the plot are facing west. It improves financial stability.
  • Allow for space on the plot’s east and north sides.
  • Reduce the north-east boundary in order to attract positive energy and wealth.
  • Create an aroma garden in the plot’s northwest corner to attract positive energy.


Vastu for the North-West Kitchen

The kitchen should be built in the house’s southeast corner. It can also be done in the plot’s north-west corner. The kitchen stove or gas oven should be positioned to the southeast. It should be used with one’s back to the east. Place the kitchen away from the main entrance and away from a toilet. To bring abundance and prosperity, keep a small brass Annapurna idol in a rice jar.


Keep these items away from the north-west corner.

  • Water tanks should not be placed in the north-west direction.
  • To attract positive energy, plant trees and shrubs in the north-west direction.
  • Avoid using dark colours on the walls facing the house’s north and west corners.
  • There will be no kitchen in this corner.


Vastu remedy for the north-west corner using colour

Use light colours on your house’s north-west walls at all times. Milk white and creamy colours are ideal. Light grey shades can also be used for the walls in the north-west corner. Using such light colours will make the house’s interior more vibrant.


Vastu advice for attracting positivity in the north-west corner

  • according to the north-west corner The direction, Vastu, is a source of positivity, but it must be stabilised.
  • This can be achieved by painting the walls in light colours.
  • Ensure that the lighting in the north-west corner is optimal in order to attract positive energy.
  • To avoid legal and administrative issues, there should be no clutter in this area.
  • Metal turtles should be placed in the north-west and north-east directions of your home. They attract good luck.
  • To avoid Vastu dosh, repair dripping taps, leaking pipes, and faucets in this area.
  • You can attract good luck by installing a bird feeder.




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