Vastu Guidelines For Keep Elephant Figurines At Home

Elephant Figurines: Elephants are revered in India and other eastern cultures because they represent positivity, prosperity, and happiness. They are also admired for their intelligence and strength. As a result, according to Vastu Shastra, having an elephant statue in your home or office is very auspicious. However, it is critical to understand which direction to keep their statues and which postures to choose in order to bring positive energy into your living or working space.

Elephants hold enormous significance in Hindu mythology and Vastu Shastra. Elephant statues are frequently kept in homes. Nonetheless, they must use the proper method of placing the divine animal figurine to attract wealth, fortune, and wisdom. Here’s everything you need to know about elephant statues, including their benefits, positions, posture, and more:

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The Advantages of Keeping Elephant Figurines at Home


  • Elephants are the largest land animals and are associated with memory, knowledge, and protection.
  • Elephant figurines are commonly kept in homes to represent good fortune, health, prosperity, and the removal of obstacles.
  • They also symbolise majesty, power, and dignity.
  • Elephants are frequently associated with good harvest and rain clouds.
  • They are also a great representation of loyalty and prosperity.
  • Before giving birth to Lord Buddha, his mother is said to have dreamed of a white elephant. It demonstrates calm, wisdom, and enlightenment.


Where should elephant figurines be kept at home?


  • An elephant statue, according to Vastu, can be kept in various locations around the house. It should be placed in front of a home’s main entrance. A pair of such statues, with their trunks raised and facing the main door, will bring good fortune.
  • At the entrance, a Gajalakshmi or Goddess Lakshmi on a white elephant can also be place. This statue or picture can be kept in a house’s northeast corner.
  • Elephant paintings can be hung in bedrooms to help strengthen relationships.
  • Placing a painting in your study or office will bring you wisdom, intelligence, and prosperity.
  • In the kids’ room, a picture of a mother elephant and her calf will strengthen the bond between parents and children.
  • A pair of elephants as a cushion design also adheres to Vastu principles.


Colours and types of elephant statues Importance as per Vastu
Red elephant Recognition and fame
White elephant Wealth, richness and luxury
Black elephant Success and prosperity
Green elephant Power and luck
Elephant with front legs raised Protection and power
One elephant with tusk and the other with no tusk Healthy relationship between males and females
Two elephants holding each others trunks Friendship and bonding
Elephants supporting a crystal ball Harmony and balance in life
Three elephants Peaceful life with family
An elephant on coins Wisdom, power, wealth and protection


How do you select elephant trunk poses for your home?

After considering the table above, here is what you should look for in your home’s trunk position and posture:


The ascending or raised trunk

It bestows vitality, prosperity, and good fortune. A happy elephant statue with a raised trunk greets visitors and friends. It also demonstrates compassion and happiness. The raised trunk posture also brings success and fortune.


Trunk bending down or resting posture

This posture demonstrates problem-solving strength and adds longevity or persistence. It does not indicate bad luck.


What kinds of elephant figurines can you keep at home?

Aside from statues, you can keep the following elephant décor items at home:

  • Painting
  • Photos
  • Items made of textiles

The statues can be made of a variety of materials, including jade, wood, silver, marble, glass, porcelain, and polyresin.




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