How To Maintain Electrical Safety In Your Home

The elements of a genuinely magnificent house include flooring, fixtures, the quality of materials used, an excellent finish, and so on – the most crucial of which are the home’s safety features. And, when it comes to safety, electrical safety is of the highest significance and criticality since our lives rely on it.


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Did you know that at least 40% of fires recorded in India are caused by electrical problems? According to data given by the Indian Copper Association India (ICA-India), there were 11,444 electrical incidents in 2016-17. However, electricity-related mishaps at home can be prevented by following the key safety guidelines listed below.


In all fixtures and appliances, use the proper wattage.

Following simple safety advice such as utilising the correct wattage can sometimes help prevent electrical mishaps. Check and double-check the wattage of all fixtures and appliances. Always use no more than 25-watt bulbs or appliances in unlabeled fixtures.


How to Maintain Electrical Safety in Your Home


Electrical Safety: Never overburden yourself.

Extension cables and multi-outlet adapters might help make your morning rush appear less stressful. However, keep in mind that power strips just add outlets and do not modify the quantity of electricity. As a result, it is critical not to overload household outlets. It is critical, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), not to operate more than one heat-producing device in an outlet at the same time.


Electrical Safety : Make routine checkups

Spend a few minutes every now and then inspecting extension cables and wiring for fraying or cracking. Simple safety precautions can assist to avoid big mishaps in the future. To keep your family safe, replace or repair broken electrical wires or equipment as quickly as feasible.

Look for unusual heating in all of your electrical equipment, switchboards, and devices. Hot switchboards may signal internal damage and necessitate replacement.


Allow ample room for air movement around appliances.

Always keep appliances out of cupboards and tight areas. Without enough air circulation, your equipment may overheat, short out, and catch fire. It is generally a good idea to keep appliances a few feet away from walls.

How to Maintain Electrical Safety in Your Home

Electrical Safety: Let’s discuss about water heaters.

Every year, India reports a large number of water heater incidents. Water heaters/geysers are among the most hazardous household equipment and require routine maintenance. For safe operation, have a skilled electrician service these water heaters at least twice a year.


Electrical Safety : Keep electrical gadgets out of water.

Make sure your hands are dry while working with electrical items. To avoid electrocution, keep all of your equipment dry and away from water. Also, keep your electrical equipment away from aquariums, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and swimming pools.


Make use of high-quality electrical wires and equipment.

While it is simple to keep a check on electrical equipment and cables in your house, it is equally critical to consult with your builder to ensure that only the best possible electrical supplies are used. Quality cables and sockets that comply with electrical safety regulations can aid in the prevention of fires caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment.




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