How to pick a home loan from the right bank?

We mention some of the factors that borrowers need to remember, 1 bhk flat for rent in kharghar when choosing a home loan bank

With loans currently priced below the point of 7 percent, 1 bhk flat on rent in kharghar purchasing real estate may be an perfect time for home buyers and developers. As compared to the levels five years ago, property prices have also seen a correction. In addition, India’s prime residential markets have large numbers of ready-made homes across categories, offering ample choice for buyers. Many who, with the aid of a mortgage loan, ponder a property purchase must carefully pick the lender to ensure you get a good deal during the lending period.

How to pick a home loan from the right bank

Check interest and other house loan charges

The first instinct of borrowers is to choose the bank which offers the lowest interest rate, as even a small change in interest reflects prominently on the monthly repayment. 1 bhk flats for rent in kharghar however, comparing the rates to find the best lender would equate to looking just partially at your home loan. Banks tend to add various other home loan charges, such as transaction fees, technical assessment and paperwork fees. The borrower will be asked to pay 25 basis points to 200 basis points of the value of the loan against these costs, which raise the total cost of the loan considerably. Often seek to find out if the bank provides any waiver on those fees when you search interest rates. Go for a mix that seems the most cost-effective.

(100 basis points represents 1 percentage point.)

Is the bank giving lenders with strong credit scores incentives?

Although the credit score of the borrower has always been a key determinant of how much loan they are eligible for, 1 bhk on rent in kharghar the credit score always guarantees the interest rate that the bank will charge you to. Lenders like Bank of Baroda charge interest on the credit, depending on the risk profile of the borrower. Bank of Baroda, for example , currently provides 6.85 per cent of its home loans. But this rate is only applicable to applicants with a credit score of 760 and above. A borrower with an outstanding credit score may also take advantage of cheaper home loans by choosing a bank offering these facilities

Is your bank fast in transmission of the rates?

That was a big borrowers and the RBI complaint. 1 bhk flat in kharghar for rent even though banks are quick to raise interest rates on home loans as soon as there is some upward movement in the repo pace (the pace at which the RBI lends them credit), they fail to display the same urgency when it comes to passing on the rate reductions. For this reason, in 2016, the banking regulator first implemented the marginal cost of fund-based lending rates, and then replaced that index with the repo-rate-based system.  Although rate transmission is now much faster, particularly as the central bank has raised the repo rate to 4 percent, taking into account the difficulties posed by the Coronavirus crisis, some banks still shy away from passing the benefits on to users.

Find out how easily they were in the past when choosing your lender by aligning their interest rates with the RBI ‘s rates. This will be one way of ensuring you will enjoy the benefits of policy shifts during your lending period.

Is your creditworthy lender?

You will need to pick a lender with a strong reputation on the market to pick a trustworthy builder when you buy your home. When a developer fails, 1 bhk flat rent in kharghar near station as seen in the Amrapali, Jaypee and Unitech cases , the buyer is always suffering. One could say the same about his lender. If your bank goes down due to some fraud, the case will most definitely have an effect on you, too. That is obvious from the recent Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank fiasco.

Also, having an understanding of the lender’s financial status is important. Usually such numbers are available in the public domain.

How to pick a home loan from the right bank

What type of after-sales service is the Bank offering?

Buyers will have to assess and rate a bank based on its after-sales programmes, given the acceptance of your application for home loan is just the beginning of a long-term partnership with the bank.

For example, 1 bhk flat in kharghar rent you’ll need to get a certificate of interest from your bank each year to claim tax deductions. To demand the deductions this form must be submitted with your employer. Although it’s sent to your email ID by some banks, others will want you to visit a branch to get a printed copy. Even banks might not be diligent in conveying policy changes that could reduce one’s loan obligation. Find out how your bank will be on that front, before you pick a lender.

Study the terms and conditions of house loan carefully

These days, 1 bhk rent on kharghar most banks promise to approve your application for a home loan quickly. In most cases, you should apply online, along with all the documentation and within a week, the lender will disburse the home loan. While this allows buyers to quickly close the deal, particularly if they have already selected a house, this proposition is not without demerits. You may not be reading the terms and conditions carefully in your over-eagerness to get the loan as soon as possible.  Rushing into a home loan also limits the chances of looking at other lenders.

While the RBI has prohibited banks from charging a pre-payment penalty for home loans, if it is based on a floating interest rate, financial institutions are free to charge a penalty if you want to move home loans to another lender. This is one thing you need to negotiate with the bank before you borrow their credit. In the event that the loan is taken at a fixed interest rate, the bank usually retains the right to adjust the rates later, as the loan agreement is subject to re-establishment and the money market clause.

How to negotiate when loaning a property

You will be surprised to know what advantages you might get from the bank by negotiating for your home loan, 1 bhk flat on rent in kharghar under 10,000 particularly when demand is very small and financial institutions are willing to be more forthcoming in these testing times. You may force the banks to give you a waiver of the free processing or other fringe charges they usually impose. You can also use a good credit score to relax in the interest of home loans.

Documents that you must apply for a home loan with the bank

Practically all banks require similar documents to process your request for home loan. Including:

  • Passport pictures
  • Identification proof: Voter identity card, passport, Aadhaar card, driving licence, ration card, utility bill.
  • Address proof: Passport, Aadhaar, driving licence, ration card, utility bills.
  • Proof of income: bank account statements, income tax returns, PAN data, certificate of employment.
  • Land documents: selling agreement, builder-buyer agreement, sale deed, certificate of non-encumbrance, receipts of land tax payment, etc.


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