How to Submit an Online EPF Nomination

There is no limit for submitting an e-nomination online via UAN, according to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). However, doing so as soon as possible expedites nominees’ online claim settlement.

Be aware that EPF nomination can only be completed online at, the official website of EPFO. This implies that you are unable to update this information by visiting a branch. Any modifications or new EPF nominations must be submitted online. Let’s examine the EPFO e-nomination procedure.

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Steps for EPFO e-nomination

Step 1: Access the single EPFO member portal. Log into your PF account using your login information.

How to Submit an Online EPF Nomination

Step 2: After entering your UAN, password, and Captcha to log into the member portal, the homepage will display the ‘Manage’ option in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: E-nomination is one of the options under the “Manage” category. You must choose this alternative.

Step 4: A new page will display after clicking “e-nomination,” asking if you have a family. Either YES or NO can be clicked. After checking the Yes box, you will have the option to include family members. Not all members of your family can serve as your PF nominees, but listing the members of your family is a good way to keep your paperwork organized. You must upload a photo of each family member and include their name, Aadhaar number, date of birth, and gender. They will be included after a successful verification.

Step 5: You must now add your family members by entering their Aadhaar numbers, names, birthdates, relationships to you, and photos.

Step 6: The nominees must be chosen from the family list, and the total amount to be split must also be entered. Next, select “Save EPF Nomination.”

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E-Signing Of EPFO E-Nomination Form

  • Once the nominee request has been submitted, a new page will open with the status of the awaiting nominee. You can review the nominee’s information on this page before e-signing the nomination form. Be aware that only after you electronically sign this form will your PF nomination be considered valid.
  • A new page will load once you choose the e-sign option. Here, you must type in your Aadhaar number and select “Get OTP.” You must enter the OTP that you will get on your phone in the required section.
  • After entering the OTP, click “Submit.”
  • Your EPFO e-nomination is finished at this time. Click on the top green dot to view your PF nomination in PDF format. Your computer will download a PDF file.

Advantages of EPF Nomination 

  • Online claim submission for EPF member deaths
  • Paying your nominees’ PF funds online
  • Quick claim resolution
  • Paperless operation

Requirements for EPF E-Nomination

Make sure you have the following before proceeding with EPFO e-nomination:

  • Ensure that the gateway has a current image of your profile. You won’t be able to start your online EPF nominee update if you don’t. The same applies to marital status, permanent and current addresses, and date of birth.
  • Your Aadhaar number and your cell phone number must be connect.
  • Your name, birth date, and gender should all be exactly the same on your EPF records and match your Aadhaar information.
  • Under the terms of PF law, your brothers and sisters are not regard as family members. This means that if you choose “Yes” for the “Having Family” option, you cannot name them as your PF beneficiary. You must choose “No” when asked whether you have family if you plan to nominate your brother or sister because you are single.
  • To complete the EPF e-nomination, you must have the nominee’s essential information, including their legal name, birth date, Aadhaar number, and photo.

Facts about EPFO E-Nomination

  • A member has the choice to add more family members if he wants to nominate more than one.
  • Even if a married member does not want to nominate their spouse or children, they should be add. For the purposes of the pension fund, spouse and children are consider family members. Add their names to the family list as a result.
  • Any other person, regardless of his or her link to the PF, may only be nominate by an unmarried member who doesn’t have any of the relatives listed above.
  • The only person who may be nominate for a pension income is a member without a child or partner.
  • If neither a spouse nor children are present, only the retirement nomination link will be available, and the member may only designate one individual.

EPF Nomination 

  • According to the EPF scheme’s rules, once a member gets married, any prior nominations for his or her PF and EPS accounts are instantly void.
  • A PF member has the option to change his EPFO e-nomination whenever he wants. The earlier nomination will be replace with the new one after it is electronically sign.
  • An updated nomination may be submit and e-sign by a PF member. Changing the previously e-sign nomination is not feasible, though.
  • After getting married, a member who previously submit an EPFO e-nomination as single must do so again because the prior nomination is now invalid.
  • When a family member changes as a result of the birth or death of a nominee, PF members should attempt to amend the nomination as soon as possible. The family members will be able to receive their just compensation as a result.







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