Identifying a serious home buyer in a variety of ways

The primary responsibility of a real estate consultant or realtor is to distinguish between a non-serious and a serious home buyer. This can assist the developer in converting leads into customers and accumulating a large database of potential homebuyers.

serious home buyer

This will be beneficial to employees who deal with clients because they will not have to deal with non-serious home buyers.

Homebuyers are expected to do extensive research on the real estate market because this type of property requires a significant amount of money. Many home buyers devote a significant amount of time to this process in the hopes of getting their money’s worth. Because this is a lengthy process, a real estate marketer’s job becomes even more difficult because they have no idea whether they are dealing with a serious or non-serious home buyer.

Even if he is a first-time buyer, a serious home buyer will always be certain of what he wants. A serious buyer knows exactly what kind of property he wants, where he wants it, and why he wants it. He’ll also keep an eye on prices and market trends to figure out when the best time is to buy.


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Questions of high quality

The type and number of questions a home buyer asks reveal his intentions. A serious buyer will undoubtedly inquire about the real estate project’s possession date, documents, and other details. Because he has done his homework, the buyer will not ask questions such as what schools are available in the area.


Specified requirements

If the home buyer does not have a serious set of requirements, then he is a phony. When buying a large property, one should do their homework and be prepared with a list of questions and requirements. If a buyer only needs a two-bedroom apartment, he will not inquire about a three-bedroom apartment.


Understanding of money

A serious home buyer will be well-versed in the subject of financing. This indicates that he will have a clear understanding of where his funds will come from. The buyer is also likely to have a lot of questions about the project’s home loan facility. These buyers are aware of the loan amount they will be given.



The number of visits a home buyer makes to a real estate property demonstrates his seriousness. If a buyer isn’t interested in purchasing the property, he’ll ask a few simple questions and then disappear. A serious buyer, on the other hand, will undoubtedly return to the real estate property. According to research, a serious buyer’s TAT (turnaround time) is short, and he will return to the site within 15-30 days of his first visit. The buyer will be accompanied by a spouse or other family decision-makers on the second visit.


Meetings that last longer

The longer the meeting lasts, the more likely the home buyer is to complete his purchase. A meeting between a project representative and a prospective buyer usually lasts between 1-2 hours.

The preceding points demonstrate that this type of home buyer is not looking to waste time. The first few meetings are more than enough for a seasoned marketer to determine whether or not the buyer is serious.



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