In Navi Mumbai, CIDCO is constructing over 1 lakh houses.

“The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), under which CIDCO is developing over one lakh dwellings in and around Navi Mumbai, is the world’s largest housing project.”

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How much of the initial development plan for Navi Mumbai has been completed so far?

For Navi Mumbai, CIDCO had devised a long-term strategy. A significant portion of the city has been completed. Vashi, Nerul Airoli, Sanpada, Kopar Khairane, and Belapur have all seen development. Other nodes that have not yet been fully developed include Kharghar, Kalamboli, Ghansoli, Jui Kamothe, New Panvel, Ulwe, Pushpak, Uran, and Dronagiri.

Dronagiri and Ulwe are particularly significant because these new townships are being developed to meet the housing and urban infrastructural requirements for the development of port-based industrial, commercial, warehousing, and transportation activities in the vicinity of the proposed special economic zone and the Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

Similarly, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport has given emphasis to the Pushpak and New Panvel nodes.


What are the most essential initiatives on which you are concentrating your efforts?

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), under which CIDCO is developing over one lakh residences in and around Navi Mumbai, is the world’s largest housing project.

We are also working on the Navi Mumbai Metro and the Navi Mumbai International Airport. The Metro will not only improve the city’s transit system, but it will also help it thrive economically.

Maha Metro has been tasked with completing Metro Line 1 as quickly as possible, and it is expected to be operational by the end of the year. The work on the Navi Mumbai Airport has also accelerated. All pre-development work has been completed, as well as the rehabilitation of project-affected residents in the main airport area.


Kharghar has been labeled a “smart city in the making,” although the majority of the projects there have yet to be built. 

The future of Navi Mumbai appears to be near Kharghar, which necessitates the development of infrastructure, including water supply. We are focusing our efforts on resolving the water situation as quickly as possible. CIDCO is taking the required steps to ensure a consistent supply of water in the node. We have a golf course project in Kharghar that is yet unfinished. This has to be finished.

Our initiatives, such as the Navi Mumbai International Airport, the Navi Mumbai Metro, the Corporate Park, and housing schemes, will make Kharghar a thriving node with excellent transport infrastructure, abundant commercial opportunities, and high-quality social and cultural infrastructure.

navi mumbai cidco

Has the Covid-19 epidemic have a financial impact on CIDCO?

The lease of lands and the collection of various charges from the services it offers are CIDCO’s primary sources of revenue. We are financially strained as a result of several significant old civic infrastructure projects that we have undertaken, as well as the epidemic. However, we have been able to generate revenue through plot sales and the expediting of key clearances.


We’re also attempting to ensure that each initiative is responsible for its own costs.

This is the overall guideline we’ve adopted to ensure that projects are finished on time and without problems in the future. CIDCO’s recent sales of various plots have gotten a lot of attention. It has also provided adequate money for CIDCO during the epidemic, as well as acting as a stimulant for the city’s deteriorating real estate.


What are the most difficult problems you face at CIDCO?

One example is the implementation of PMAY, the largest housing project we have undertaken. Another significant obstacle is the future airport. It’s an issue because even a radar changes the airport’s entire architecture. We have, however, completed 100 percent of land purchase and nearly 98.9% of rehabilitation work.

I presented a new perspective of work when I assumed responsibility for CIDCO. Several long-delayed and stalled projects have been resurrected.

In any industry, lockdown and recession offer difficulty. We’ve taken a number of steps to enhance the real estate sector, with a particular focus on providing affordable housing to people from all walks of life.



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