Installation Of Mobile Towers : Requirements, Benefit & Drawbacks

Installation Of Mobile Towers : The benefits and drawbacks of residing near to mobile antennas are thoroughly discussed.

The world would have undoubtedly come to a halt in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic that began in December 2019 if it weren’t for high speed internet access. While the virus prevented unrestricted mobility, businesses implemented remote working practices in an effort to carry on as normal. We were able to rapidly adjust to the new standard because of the mobile tower infrastructure. Despite the clear advantages that this infrastructure provides, its existence in residential regions still raises questions. We will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of residing near to cell antennas in this context.


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Mobile towers: The risks to your health

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that radiation from mobile phone devices and antennas is “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and may result in the development of the brain cancer glioma. Mobile antennas may pose a larger risk than mobile phones due to their constant and higher radiation levels.

According to a technical study published by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on the findings of research done between 2008 and 2018, there is inadequate proof to link exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) and the development of tumors.

The UK Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation states that exposure levels from residing close to mobile phone base stations are incredibly low, and the weight of the data suggests that they are unlikely to pose a health danger. However, experts contend that there are not enough high-quality randomized studies to make any conclusive statements.


Installation Of Mobile Towers

While the industry has long held the belief that there is no empirical evidence to support the claim that emissions from mobile masts cause cancers, some experts contend that these emissions may also be responsible for headaches, hearing loss, brain swelling, anxious disorders, and migraines. Children and adults are much more negatively affect by them.

Health experts have a well-known stance that being around mobile antennas is similar to being around lead, DDT, chloroform, and gasoline emissions. As a result, there are increasingly more installations in Indian towns, sometimes in neighborhoods near to educational and medical facilities.

The International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) recommendations on radiation exposure were approve by India in 2009 and are still follow today. However, these recommendations only addressed defense against immediate gross thermal effects, not the biological effects of mobile antenna radiations.

According to comprehensive study on electro-magnetic field signals, mobile phone antenna radiation has no negative effects on human health, according to Harvesh Bhatia, senior deputy director in the Department of Telecommunication, who made this statement in June 2021.



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Mobile towers’ financial advantages for domestic structures

It goes without saying that due to the sharp rise in consumers, mobile service providers have had to extend their offerings and are eager to use residential areas for the installation of towers in order to provide better services.

For two reasons, they rarely encounter resistance when enlarging their presence in residential regions. First off, because they provide financial incentives, cell firms continue to receive support from locals for the installation of towers. Second, housing societies that permit mobile tower placements receive benefits like free internet and phone services from the service providers in addition to making monthly fees that could reach lakhs of rupees. It makes complete financial sense for an owner or housing society administrators to give the property to mobile businesses for mobile antenna placement. While doing so, the potential health risks that the base station transmitters may present are not given much thought.


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Is it legal to install mobile towers in residential areas?

Mobile tower installation in domestic regions is legitimate. In reality, stronger mobile infrastructure is being push by the implementation of new standards.  According to the provisions of the Right of Way regulations. Telecom firms no longer need approval from officials to place mobile towers on private land.

According to a government notice dated August 17, 2022, “where the licensee proposes the establishment of overground telegraph infrastructure over any private property, the licensee shall not require any permission from the appropriate authority.”

The Indian judicial system has taken a more cautious stance on the issue, despite the government’s drive for policies that would permit the installation of mobile towers in domestic areas as the country experiences a sharp increase in the number of mobile users.

In reality, the Punjab and Haryana High Court issued an order in March 2021 halting the construction of mobile phone towers atop domestic structures in the state. The HC stated that hastily installing mobile antennas could endanger people’s lives and property.


Rules and restrictions for installing mobile towers in 2021

Companies are free to install mobile towers in residential areas, if they have the support of the residents. As long as they have a structural safety certificate from a designated institute, the approval of the municipal authority. And sign an indemnity bond stating that they would be responsible for any losses or injuries caused by the tower. This is so that the legislation does not forbid them from entering residential regions. Just make sure the structure is not placed within a 100-meter radius of hospitals and educational facilities, according to the companies. Although the recommendations advise businesses to place cell towers in forest areas. They never expressly forbid service providers from expanding their network in densely populated areas.


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How can the construction of a mobile antenna in a neighborhood be stopped?

Residents must report any skyscraper construction or operation by the business without the proper permits in place as soon as possible. For instance, in response to a report from the Mapsko Casa Bella community in Sector 82. The department of town and country planning in Gurugram sealed four unlawful cell antennas in January 2021. Without the department’s approval, the towers were set up and were in use in a facility intended for the economically disadvantage sector (EWS) of society.

During a search in March 2021. The Faraskhana police in Pune confiscated 26 mobile network boosters in total and disabled an additional 27. During the search, the police remove unauthorize mobile signal repeaters that had been set up in residences. Businesses, and other public places.

You can approach the local authority, the sub district magistrate or the joint commissioner in your district. To stop the installation in the event that your Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) has permitted a mobile operator to set up mobile towers in order to earn rentals. Citing the negative mental and physical effects of such a move. It only works if other housing society members are on board and you file a combined protest with the appropriate authorities.


Installation Of Mobile Towers

After locals resisted it for more than a year, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation demolished a mobile antenna in Fragrance Garden. Sector 26, in 2020. Even though the estate office had not granted approval for its installation, the firm still constructed the mobile tower.

However, two months after the UT estate office wrote to the extra commissioner requesting action against the operator. The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation had granted a no-objection permit for the cell antenna.

If you want to prevent the construction of cell towers, you could also contact the green commission. After residents filed a complaint with the National Green Tribunal (NGT). About the installation of a mobile tower in an apartment building in Vasundhara Enclave. The NGT ordered the Delhi Pollution Control Committee. And the East Delhi Municipal Corporation to look into the situation and take appropriate action.

construction of a mobile antenna

The Bihar State Pollution Control Board was also given a directive by the NGT to develop rules for the construction of mobile towers. And their negative impacts by September 2020. Only business buildings or undevelope ground are permitted for the installation of communication towers. According to the Bihar Communication Tower and Related Structure Rules, 2012. These buildings cannot be built within 100 meters of any hospital, school, or institution.

It should be noted that telecom firms had previous question. The authority of the NGT to decide on such complaints in addition to keeping. The stance that there is no proof to prove that electromagnetic radiations from mobile towers. Either cause pollution or health hazards.


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