Madhavi Lata : Should You Grow This Plant At Home?

Madhavi lata is a large shrub that is also regarded as a weed in some parts of the world.

Hiptage benghalensis, also known as Madhavi lata, is a large shrub or liana with unusually shaped, strongly perfumed flowers. They are pink to white in colour, with yellow markings. The corolla has five free, elliptic to round, reflexed white petals with one yellow petal in the centre and fringed margins.

The plant produces flowers in compact axillary racemes all year. In some areas, it is also considered a weed. When young, the leaves are large and elongated, with pointed tips that sometimes turn a bright red colour.


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Madhavi lata: Key facts

Scientific Name Hiptage Benghalensis
Common Name Helicopter Flower, Adirganti, Atimukta, Chandravalli, Haldavel, Kampti, Kamuka, Madhalata, Madhavi Lata, Madhavi, Madhumalati, Madmalati, Ragotpiti,
Native Warm-temperate Asia (South China and Taiwan) and tropical Asia
Genus Hiptage
Type High- climbing liana



The Plant’s Importance in Hindu Religion

  • Madhavi lata, a Hiptage plant, is associated with Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Madhavi (Goddess Lakshmi) is Vishnu/wife, Madhava’s according to the Vishnu Purana, and the plant is name after her. Vishnu represents the tree to which Madhavi Lata clings for support, and Madhavi Lata represents the creeping vine.
  • When Rishi Kanva learned that his adopted daughter Sakuntala had met King Dushyanta, the man of her choice, he told her that he had long been looking for a handsome mango tree, obviously referring to Dushyanta, and that he would now marry his Madhavi lata, Sakuntala, to him.


Madhavi Lata: Environmental Consequences

In Queensland, hiptage (Hiptage benghalensis) is a new and potentially dangerous environmental weed.

This extremely invasive environmental weed is currently causing the most concern in northern Queensland’s wet tropics bioregion, where it is thought to pose a serious threat to tropical forests and other factors associate with the Wet Tropics World Heritage area. It grows in dense thickets over forest vegetation, and the weight of the vines can cause support trees to break, preventing light from reaching the forest understory.



Madhavi Lata: Administration/control

Education and awareness campaigns are effective cultural controls that keep the weed from being grown as an ornamental near environmentally sensitive areas. It is suggeste that bothersome species (including H. benghalensis) be barre from entering and establishing themselves in native ecosystems such as tropical rainforests in countries with tropical regions and pleasant climates.

Weed species should be prioritise for exclusion from the country and evaluated for eradication as soon as they are discovere. Plant growers must be aware of the species’ potential for invasiveness in the wild.


Madhavi lata: Medicinal properties

  • Hiptage is a medicinal plant that is well-known in Indian medicine.
  • The leaves and bark are acrid, bitter, and insecticidal, and can be use to treat coughs, burning sensations, and inflammation; it can also be use to treat skin diseases, particularly dermatitis.
  • Scabies benefit greatly from a plant-based application.
  • Its aromatic bark is use in the treatment of rheumatism and asthma.







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