Vastu For House Numbers : What Each Number Means

The best house number vastu will bring peace, balance, and positivity into your home. In this blog, we will learn about the significance of different numbers, their significance, and the relationship of house numbers according to Vastu.

As a homeowner, you will want to do everything right for your prized possession, and the good news is that your date of birth can help you find your lucky house number. People want to incorporate their lucky numbers into everything, from car licence numbers to phone numbers. Home Vastu numerology is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and if you recently purchased a home, you may want to learn more about its vastu significance.

A house number, of course, aids in determining the exact address. Aside from that, house number vastu has a specific meaning, and people who believe in lucky numbers strive to have the best house number vastu, which ensures that your house is protected from all negative energies.

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Vastu for House Numbers

Examine the significance of various numbers for your home and select the best house number based on vastu that meets your needs.


Vastu for House No. 1

This is one of the best house number vastu for first-time homeowners starting out on their own. It is a lucky number that has a strong influence on improving one’s lifestyle. Vastu shastra defines house number one as having a strong sense of independence and passion, as well as a strong sense of accomplishment. It is appropriate for self-employed individuals and bachelors who are just starting out in their personal or professional lives and want to reach new heights in everything they do. House number one is also considered a lucky number in Feng Shui.


Vastu for House No. 2

The house number 2 is beneficial to relationships, family values, and overall life harmony. Any new couple or family can choose house number 2 to encourage rebonding and peaceful relationships with family and friends. In Feng Shui, it is also a lucky and optimistic number. House number vastu 2 represents love, promotes overall well-being, and helps house members balance their emotions.


Vastu for House No. 3

If you are artistically inclined, house number vastu 3 is ideal for you to develop your skills. Artists, musicians, and others can use this house number to gain incredible benefits and enhance their talent. This number also increases happiness and positivity, allowing these professionals to grow and overcome challenges. People who live in this house must decorate it creatively with paintings, sculptures, and other items to inspire and enhance their ability to express themselves. House number 3 will also bring you pleasure and happiness, according to Feng Shui.



Vastu for House No. 4

People who live in house number vastu 4 are thought to excel in their work or business because 4 is a very lucky number. It rewards goal-oriented individuals and provides tremendous opportunities for advancement in a variety of fields of work. As architecture is likely to be extremely successful in this area, the number 4 ensures that the house itself will be durable and well built.


Vastu For House Numbers - What Each Number Means


House No. 5

If you have big dreams in life, this house number vastu 5 is perfect for you. People who live in house number 5 have a strong desire to travel to new places and experience new things in life, according to Feng Shui principles. They are dynamic, and the best house number vastu for young people and bachelors starting out in their careers is 5. Constant positivity, imaginative strength, and new opportunities to explore can be felt.


House No. 6

House number vastu 6 is the best choice if you want to live a happy and peaceful life. It is suitable for those seeking tranquillity and wishing to live in a peaceful environment. It attracts prosperity, wealth, and happiness while removing all obstacles from life. House number vastu 6 promotes healing, and a member pursuing a medical career can expect to advance in their career. People in this house will feel safe and protected; if you have grandchildren, children, or pets, house number 6 is your best bet.



Vastu for House No. 7

House number 7 encourages introspection and clarity, according to Vastu numerology. This house number will help you focus and promote inner peace and transparency if you are an introvert. This is also considered a lucky house number for introverts because it can help them recognise their true worth and place in the world. This house provides a sense of comfort; researchers, scientists, and psychologists appear to gravitate here and have enough space to think.

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House No. 8

The vastu number 8 brings you closer to wealth and prosperity. You will achieve life balance, satisfaction, and stability, and the number will perfectly complement your personal and professional growth objectives. Owners of House No. 8 will achieve financial independence and plan their next steps. It gives you power and guarantees your safety.


Vastu for House No. 9

Home is a place for rest and rejuvenation, and with the help of house number vastu, families can enjoy a comfortable stay, mutual compassion, trust, and a strong bond with one another. Families in house number 9 frequently have a keen interest in spirituality, are quite friendly, and provide a sense of “home to all.” The Feng Shui house number 9 is regarded as a powerful number, ideal for developing selflessness and spirituality as well as fostering community.


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Number 10

According to Feng Shui, 10 is a number with infinite possibilities, and house number vastu 10 is considere neutral; it is also best for people who are self-determine, social, and curious. It proves to be a good number for people from various backgrounds and opens the door to new connections.



More House Number Vastu Advice

  • First, take a close look at the house number. For example, if a house number is 6, it is also influence by the numbers 1, 2, and 3. You should read about those numbers as well, but keep 6 in mind.
  • When you get multiple numbers, add them together to get a single digit.
  • Examine your house address, apartment number, and street number. This will provide you with additional information, and you will be able to easily discern the vibration of the area in which you will live. All of these figures have an impact on the environment and energy of your home.
  • Finally, you can think about and learn more about your city, state, zip code, and country.
  • House numbers such as 13, 14, 16, and 19 are karmic debt numbers that attract negative energies and bad news.
  • Individuals born on any month’s dates 1, 10, 19, 28, should ideally not live in house numbers 6, 15, 24, 8, 17, 26.

We hope you now have a better understanding of house number vastu and will use these suggestions to find a home that is compatible with your life goals and will bring you happiness and prosperity.




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