Mizoram’s Real Estate RERA

Before the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, the real estate sector in India was unregulated, and there was no mechanism for the registration, control, and complaint of real estate-related grievances. However, following the passage of the Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act in 2016, states across India began the process of implementing RERA in their respective states, including Mizoram, India’s beautiful north-eastern state. Although Mizoram RERA has not yet begun online registration of projects & agents, offline registrations with Mizoram RERA are ongoing.

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Mizoram RERA operates as an adjunct body under Mizoram’s Directorate of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation in the absence of a dedicated website.

The Mizoram RERA was notified under the Mizoram Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Rules 2019 as authorized by Section 84 of the Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act, 2016. The Mizoram RERA Act’s rules went into effect on the date of its notification.


Mizoram RERA’s Objectives and Vision

The Mizoram RERA was enacted under the Mizoram Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Rules, 2019, in accordance with the RERA Act passed by the Indian Parliament. With a broad goal of regulating and developing the Mizoram real estate sector, the Mizoram RERA is dedicated to the promotion & management of the Mizoram real estate sector.

Mizoram RERA will make certain that the sale of plots, buildings, apartments, & other residential units is transparent and efficient. The Mizoram RERA will work to protect the interests of consumers and homebuyers by establishing a mechanism for quick dispute resolution. Mizoram RERA would also establish an appellate body to hear appeals from Mizoram RERA and adjudicating officers’ decisions.


Mizoram RERA: Real Estate Project Registration in Mizoram

Following the publication of the Mizoram RERA rules, real estate developers must register all new and ongoing projects with Mizoram RERA. Despite the lack of an online registration facility, the Mizoram RERA has defined an offline procedure for registering a real estate project in Mizoram.

The real estate promoter and developer must follow the above-mentioned procedure to register a real estate project in Mizoram.

1st: Go to the Mizoram Directorate of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation’s website, https://udpamizoram.nic.in/index.html.

Mizoram's Real Estate RERA

2nd: On the website’s homepage, click on the “RERA” tab.

3rd: Select ‘Registration’ from the drop-down menu. The page that follows will be displayed.

4th: Select the ‘Form A- Application for Project Registration’ option.

5th: Because this is an offline process, the real estate developer must download the form and fill in the required information. Along with the form, they must attach copies of several documents.

6th: Download the form and fill in the details such as whether you are an individual/company/proprietorship firm/societies/partnership firm/competent authority, your name, your father’s name, your occupation, your address, your photographs, your PAN number, the name and address of your bank account, the details of and brief details of the project, the agencies you have empanelled, and the receipt of the registration fee you have deposited.

After you have completed the form, you must submit it to the Mizoram RERA authority along with the required documents.


What documents must be submitted to Mizoram RERA in order to register a project?

The Mizoram RERA requires real estate developers to include a number of documents with their application to register a real estate project. In order to register a project with Mizoram RERA, the real estate promoter must include the following documents:

  • PAN card copy that has been verified
  • The developer’s audited balance sheet and ITR details for three fiscal years
  • Copy of legal title indicating ownership in the promoter’s name or valid documents indicating ownership by another person
  • Encumbrance information for the property where the development is propose
  • Where the land does not belong to the promoter, a signed and certified letter of consent is required.
  • A letter of approval and a copy of the commencement certificate from the appropriate authorities
  • If the project will be developed in stages, a copy of the commencement certificate for each phase will be required.
  • Details of the sanctioned plan, the layout plan, and the approved plan
  • Complete development plan for the area, including water, emergency services, and so on.
  • Complete project land details & demarcated boundaries with latitude & longitude
  • Allottee’s should sign a sample allotment letter, agreement of sale, & conveyance deed.
  • The number, location, & type of apartments for sale
  • Details on available garages and parking
  • Names and addresses of real estate agents, contractors, architects, structural engineers, and other key project participants


How do I become a registered real estate agent with Mizoram RERA?

In addition to project registration, RERA Mizoram registers individuals as real estate agents. While RERA registration gives real estate agents legitimacy, homebuyers are also assure of the agent’s sincerity. It increases transparency and trust in Mizoram’s real estate ecosystem. Follow the steps below to register as a real estate agent with Mizoram RERA.

1st: Go to the Mizoram Directorate of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation’s website.

2nd: On the homepage, click the “RERA” tab.

3rd: Select ‘Registration’ from the drop-down menu. The page that follows will be display.

4th: Select the ‘Form G- Application for Real Estate Agent Registration’ option.

5th: Because this is an offline process, the real estate agent must download the form and fill in the necessary information. Along with the form, they must attach copies of several documents.



What documents are required for Mizoram RERA agent registration?

In addition to the information requested on the form, the real estate agent must include the following information-

  • Status of the applicant, whether an individual, a corporation, a sole proprietorship, or an LLP, etc.
  • Name, Father’s Name, Occupation, Permanent Address, Photograph in the case of an individual
  • Name, address, copy of registration certificate, major activities in the case of a firm/society/company
  • Names, photographs, and addresses of partners and/or directors, among other things
  • ITR filed in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act of 1961 for the three fiscal years preceding the application
  • Particulars of registration, including bye-laws, the memorandum of association (moa), the articles of association (AoA), and so on
  • a verified copy of the address & proof of location
  • Registration information in any other state or union territory
  • DD number, bank account information, and registration fee receipt
  • Authentic copy of the real estate agent’s PAN card/Aadhaar Card
  • Verified copy of real estate agent registration in any other state or territory, if applicable


How do I make a complaint to Mizoram RERA?

Prior to the implementation of the RERA Act, the real estate sector was largely unregulated, with no specific avenue for filing a complaint about real estate projects, developers, or agents. However, following the implementation of the Mizoram RERA, aggrieved parties can file a complaint with the Mizoram RERA. To file a complaint with Mizoram RERA, follow the steps outlined above.

1st Step : Go to the Mizoram Directorate of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation’s website.

2nd Step : From the homepage, select the “RERA” tab.

3rd Step : Navigate to the complaint tab.

4th Step : Select the option to file a complaint with the appropriate authority. A form will be download to your computer.

5th Step : Fill out the form and submit it to the appropriate authority. The Mizoram RERA will investigate the matter and make every effort to provide a timely resolution.

If you are dissatisfy with the Mizoram RERA’s decision, you can appeal to the Mizoram RERA’s Appellate Tribunal. If necessary, it will review the order or provide relief to the complainant.


What are Mizoram RERA’s contact details?

Because the project registration process with Mizoram RERA is done offline, applicants such as real estate developers, agents, homebuyers, complainants, & promoters will need to contact RERA Mizoram. 

Mizoram New Capital Complex Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram – 796005, Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation Department

To summarise, the implementation of Mizoram RERA is a significant step toward the regulation & effective monitoring of this north-eastern state’s real estate market. It will increase transparency & confidence in Mizoram’s real estate sector.






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