Online Electricity Bill Payment in Thane

Are you a Thane resident who needs to pay your electricity bill? Today, we will walk you through the steps for paying your Thane energy bill both online and offline in this post. Thanks to the development of technology and the availability of numerous online methods, paying a bill is now a simple process.

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MSEDCL: Payment of Thane Electricity Bill

Thane’s energy is distributed by MSEDCL, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, often known as Mahavitaran or Mahadiscom. It is the second-biggest utility in the globe and the largest power distribution utility in the nation.

Cost for Electricity in Thane

Differing groups, including commercial, non-commercial, industrial, and agricultural, have different electricity rates in Thane. The following are the electricity rates for MSEDCL Thane: –

Customers’ Section

Charges for Energy

fewer than 30 units monthly


30-100 units


100-300 units




more than 500 units


Pay Your Thane Electricity Bill Online at

Online Electricity Bill Payment in Thane

The following actions must be taken in order to view Thane power bill payment online:-

  1. Check out the MSEDCL webpage at Home.
  2. Select View/Pay Bill from the left menu.
  3. Lastly, enter your Captcha code, type, and customer number before clicking “Submit.”
  4. Click View Bill and the details of your bill will be shown on the screen.

Instructions for paying your Thane electricity bill online at

The Mahadiscom office no longer needs to be visited in order to pay the electricity bill. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Mahavitaran WSS portal to pay your Thane power bill online. 

  1. Visit the MSEDCL official website at
  2. Next, select View/Pay Bill from the left menu.
  3. After entering the information, check it, and then click “Submit.”
  4. Once you have reviewed the information on your account, click the Make Payment button.
  5. Click “Pay” after choosing your desired payment method. Payment methods include UPI, credit and debit cards, net banking, and others. Hit “Submit.”
  6. When the payment is made successfully, a receipt will be shown; preserve it for later use.

How to Use the Mahavitaran App to Pay Your Thane Electricity Bill

To enable online payment of Thane electricity bills, MSEDCL has introduced the MAHAVITARAN Consumer App, a branded mobile application. Both iOS and Android users can get this programme. To make the payment, take these actions:-

  1. Download the Mahavitaran app from the iOS app store or Google Play store.
  2. Join the application.
  3. Select View/Pay Bill from the menu.
  4. Enter information like a customer number and Captcha in the space provided.
  5. When you complete the information, you will receive the payment information. Click “Pay now” to proceed. Choose your preferred method of payment—net banking, credit card, or debit card—and submit your payment.
  6. Payment confirmation will be requested after a successful transaction. Save or print the payment receipt for future use.

How to Use an E-Wallet to Pay Your Maharashtra Electricity Bill

Online payments for the Thane energy bill can be made using one of the several E-wallet apps available in India. Any app, including Paytm, Airtel Payment, Mobikwik,  may be used.

  • On your phone, launch Paytm. If not, download it now.
  • Select “Electricity Bill” under “Bills” in the section for bills. Go to the drop-down menu and select Maharashtra.
  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, (MSEDCL) Select Mahavitaran 
  • Pick the ERO/BU/Subdivision for Mahavitaran.
  • Account Number (found on the bill) and Nickname should be entered, then click Proceed.
  • Your electricity bill will appear; check the information before selecting Make Payment. Payments can be made using UPI, credit card, debit card, or wallet balance.

Paying your Thane electricity bill with Google Pay

GooglePay is another option for online Thane energy bill payment. Here is a detailed instruction for doing the same: –

  1. If you haven’t already, download the GooglePay app from the Playstore or iOS store and open it.
  2. Select Bills under the “Businesses and Bills” section.
  3. Now choose Mahavitaran-Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. under Electricity (MSEDCL)
  4. Enter the Consumer Number and BU code in the appropriate fields, then click Link Account.
  5. To make a payment using your UPI ID, click Pay. We suggest that you keep your receipts for your records.

What if I can’t pay my Thane Power Bill Online?

You will be required to pay a penalty if you are unable to pay your Thane power bill on time.

Payment Lag  (span of months)

Rate of interest in p. a.

3 months are allowed for late payments


after 3 months but prior to six months


6 months later


The Best Way to Pay Your Thane Electricity Bill Online

Yes, you can still pay through the conventional approach by going to an MSEDCL office. The bill can also be paid at any Consumer Facilitation Center (CFC). Can use this link to find the closest CFC. You will need to bring your bill to the facility and pay at the desk. You have several payment options, including cash, check, direct debit, debit card, and credit card.

Paid Services for Thane Electricity Bills

Other services are provided by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. These services are listed below:

  • Observe the electricity bills
  • Monitor payments using the Payment History page.
  • Registration of Complaints
  • Save bill details
  • Verify the consumer data as it appears in the MSEDCL billing system.
  • Ask for a new connection

Online prepaid meter recharge for Thane Electricity Bills

Using the Mahavitaran WSS portal, a resident of Thane can easily reload a prepaid meter online. Following are instructions for online meter recharge:-

  • Visit the MSEDCL webpage.
  • Enter your consumer number to log in. Text Captcha, then click “Login”
  • Afterward, select Token Option from the menu.
  • Click the Recharge Now button after entering the amount you wish to recharge your meter.
  • Click on Make Payment after choosing your preferred method of payment.
  • Save the payment receipt after a successful transaction.

Pay Your Electricity Bill in Thane: Request a New Connection

Follow these steps to submit the application Thane electrical connection:

  1. Visit the MSEDCL website (also known as Mahavitaran).
  2. Choose New Connection Request under Web Self Service.
  3. The next step is to carefully read the instructions before filling out the form.
  4. Complete all fields, including General Information, Billing Information, Application Information, and Billing Information. Move on after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Your phone will receive an OTP to confirm the mobile number. Enter the OTP at this time.
  5. Select Save. After reviewing the information, an officer will get in touch with you soon.

Thane electricity connection fees

A Thane resident must pay Rs 30 for a single phase connection and Rs 100 for a three phase connection in order to establish a new electrical connection.

Conclusion: Payment of the Thane Electricity Bill

There is no longer a need to wait in a big line outside the electricity office to pay your Thane electricity bill thanks to the MSEDCL WSS site. Making a payment is simple through the MSEDCL portal, the MAHAVITARAN Consumer Application, phone wallets, or UPI apps. Additionally, you can submit a complaint, view a bill, and request for a new connection all through the MSEDCL portal.






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