Most common questions to ask in real estate before you invest:

Common questions to ask in real estate before you invest:

Investing in real estate is a perfect way to add a bit of diversity to your investments, while at the same time making a decent profit. Target gains often reflect the investment’s high-risk nature. Before making these investments you need to be prepared for that.


Most common questions to ask in real estate before you invest

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You can simply choose to invest in commercial or residential properties depending on the type of budget you have for the purchase. Crowdfunding of real estate, home hacking, wholesaling, selling etc. Are some of the investment strategies that you might look for to enter the market. Most of your time and effort doesn’t need that. You may choose the land, and provide it with funds. Looking for a contract, getting into a contract, the builder or your representative selling and other important things.



When you know how to be cautious, Real Estate Investment is certainly profitable. It’s not like trading, where you get a chance to get back your money anytime. To see the returns on investment you must wait. In some cases, it could take 5-10 years, including investing through a crowdfunding platform.



Various banks are helping you find the best interest. A loan would generally require your credit score & 30 percent of the property’s down payment.

A Fix-and-Flip type of loan will provide you with a short-term loan to refurbish the property and put it back on the market as soon as possible. Another option is to hypothecate your home equity and collect up to 80% of the investment money in a loan.



You need a reality check before you even decide to invest in any type of real estate. You should think a long time about investing in capital. Once the investment has been made you can’t go back. So, take your time, make suggestions from friends and family, and especially from those who have previously invested in real estate. There is also no guarantee of any returns so predetermine your investment budget, objectives, and risks.



Having you active and passive in real estate would carry a tax benefit. But it depends on how much investment you make.


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What if you sell the property in a period of five years?

If the property is sold after five years of ownership, the tax benefit will be offset and counted as the wages, and the principal amount of the home loan interest will be added back to the paycheck. There will be no change regarding the amount of interest paid.


What if your family and friends take out a loan?

When family or friends take the home loan and monthly payments are charged, only the interest amount of the home loan payment will be eligible for the deduction, not the principal amount. To order to claim these deductions, the documents provided by the lender must be given clearly indicating the amount paid to terms of the interest and the principal.


What is the deduction available for an under-construction property in respect of which the loan was paid?

Banks offer loans under schemes where the balance of the loan is disbursed, and the lender starts charging the EMI, even as the building is under construction. For taxation purposes, there is no difference between EMI and pre-EMI. If it has not taken possession of the property during the financial year, there will be no tax benefit. The tax deduction is only valid on completion of the under-construction property during the fiscal year. Of example, loans that are disbursed under the Advance Disbursement Facility program, during the years the property is under construction there is no tax benefit.


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