Mumbai Metro Yellow Line

Mumbai’s entire metropolis is well connected by a system of metro lines. The second metro line that connects Dahisar East and Mandale with as many as 37 stations is the yellow line. Fully elevated, the 42.20 kilometre under construction metro line. The yellow line’s first 9.5 km (Phase 1) was constructed and opened in April 2022. It connected Dahisar East and D.N. Nagar via 10 stations the same day it was made operational for the general public.

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The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority owns this yellow line metro (MMRDA). Through a number of interchanges throughout its path, the line connects to all other metro lines, suburban rail services, & bus terminals. The construction of three bridges—at the BKC Entry, Mithi River Crossing, & Vakola Nalla Crossing—along the yellow line metro route is also being considered by the government.


Mumbai Yellow Line Metro

This 42-km long metro route is part of Mumbai’s metro system and is also referred to as the Yellow Line. Line 2A and Line 2B are two sub-sections of the Yellow Line. The former is an 18-km long corridor with a total of 17 metro stations that connects Dahisar to D.N. Nagar. According to sources, the MMRDA renamed 15 of these 17 metro stations because the locals requested more precise addresses.

On the other hand, the 2B segment connects DN Nagar, BKC, & Mankhurd across a distance of 23.5 kilometres. In April of this year, the 9.5 km long first phase of the 2A line went into operation. Between Eksar, Dahisar, Anand Nagar, Pahadi Eksar, Kandivali West, IC Colony, Borivali West, Kandarpada, & Dhanukarwadi, it stops at 9 stations.


Mumbai Yellow Line Metro Quick Facts

Yellow line 2A 2B
Length 18.5 km 23.6 km
Type Elevated Elevated
Number of stations 17 20
Status 9 stations are operational Under construction
Estimated cost Rs 6,410 crore Rs 10,986 crore
Estimated ridership 4.07 lakh/ day (2021)
Stretch Dahisar East to D.N. Nagar ESIC Nagar to Mankhurd & Mandale


Metro Stations along Yellow Line Metro Route (2A)

The stations connected by Mumbai’s yellow line metro are listed below (2A). This metro line has 17 stops, all of which are completely elevated.

Sr. No Station Name Type Status
1 Dahisar (East) Elevated Operational
2 Anand Nagar Elevated Operational
3 Kandarpada Elevated Operational
4 Mandapeshwar Elevated Operational
5 Eksar Elevated Operational
6 Borivali (West) Elevated Operational
7 Pahadi Eksar Elevated Operational
8 Kandivali (West) Elevated Operational
9 Dahanukarwadi Elevated Operational
10 Valnai Elevated Under Construction
11 Malad (West) Elevated Under Construction
12 Lower Malad Elevated Under Construction
13 Pahadi Goregaon Elevated Under Construction
14 Goregaon (West) Elevated Under Construction
15 Oshiwara Elevated Under Construction
16 Lower Oshiwara Elevated Under Construction
17 D.N. Nagar Elevated Under Construction


Metro Stations along Yellow Line Metro Route (2B)

The stations in Mumbai that are connected by the Yellow Line Metro (2B) are listed below. This metro line has 20 stops in all, and each one is entirely elevated.

Sr. No. Station Name Type Status
1 ESIC Nagar Elevated Under Construction
2 Prem Nagar Elevated Under Construction
3 Indira Nagar Elevated Under Construction
4 Nanavati Hospital Elevated Under Construction
5 Khira Nagar Elevated Under Construction
6 Saraswat Nagar Elevated Under Construction
7 National College Elevated Under Construction
8 Bandra Metro Elevated Under Construction
9 ITO Bandra Kurla Complex Elevated Under Construction
10 IL&FS, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) Elevated Under Construction
11 MTNL, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) Elevated Under Construction
12 SG Barve Marg Elevated Under Construction
13 Kurla East Elevated Under Construction
14 Eastern Express Highway (EEH) Elevated Under Construction
15 Chembur Elevated Under Construction
16 Diamond Garden Elevated Under Construction
17 Shivaji Chowk Elevated Under Construction
18 BSNL Elevated Under Construction
19 Mankhurd Elevated Under Construction
20 Mandala Elevated Under Construction


One of Mumbai’s longest metro lines is the yellow line. While 2A is thought to be 18.5 km long, 2B is stretched out to approximately 23 km.


Metro Yellow Line Route Map

Mumbai Metro Yellow Line

Here is the Mumbai metro’s yellow line’s official route map. At some point, it connects with all the other lines, providing easy access to the city’s numerous neighbourhoods.

Mumbai Metro Yellow Line


Metro Yellow Line Schedule

The Mumbai yellow metro line is being built to make transportation simpler for city residents. While line 2B is still being built, line 2A is currently only partially operational. Trains will operate every 10 to 11 minutes from 6 AM to 10 PM when the line is fully operating.

It’s possible that the first train won’t arrive at every station at precisely the same time. Additionally, the frequency varies from busiest business hours to regular hours.


Metro Yellow Line Route Cost

The yellow line metro fare in Mumbai is calculated based on the passenger’s distance travelled. The metro fare is typically determined as follows:

Distance Covered Metro Fare
3-12 km Rs 20
12-18 km Rs 30
18-24 km Rs 40
24-30 km Rs 50


Regular metro riders will soon be able to purchase a Trip Pass that is good for 45 trips over 30 days. A Rs. 50 security deposit is required of the cardholder and is entirely refundable.


Key Metro Stations on the Yellow Line

Here are some of the important stops along the Mumbai metro’s yellow line:

Dahisar (East): The beginning station of Mumbai’s yellow line metro is Dahisar (East). Phase One of Line 2A, or April 2022, saw the opening of the metro station. Travelers may take advantage of all the newest amenities at this tastefully constructed and spotless metro station.

Dahanukarwadi: On Mumbai’s yellow line metro, Dahanukarwadi is now the final station that is still in use. This recently constructed station is just 940 metres from the Kandivali (West) metro station and is situated on the New Link Road.

D.N. Nagar: On Mumbai’s still-under-construction yellow line 2A, this is the final metro station. This station, which is scheduled to open in 2023, will be connected to Blue Line 1.


The terminus of the Yellow Line Metro route

The Mumbai yellow metro line offers seamless access to all areas of the city by covering key locations. However, it is currently just partially functional. Once completely operational, commuters will be able to quickly and easily travel from Dahisar to D.N. Nagar as well as from ESIC Nagar to Mandala.





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