Mumbai To Belapur A Water Taxi Service Is Available

Beginning on February 7, 2023, a much-anticipated water taxi service will run between Belapur in Navi Mumbai & the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Along with offering a less expensive option to road taxis, this service will save commuters’ trip times. Let’s examine the specifics of the taxi service, including its capacity, route, and ticket prices.

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On February 7, 2023, Dadaji Bhuse, the Maharashtra Minister for Port Development, officially opened the new water taxi service at the Belapur Jetty. It will offer Belapur and the Gateway of India improved and alternative connectivity. As a result, it will link Navi Mumbai and South Mumbai’s key business areas. “Nayan XI” is the name of the taxi boat.

There is enough for 140 people on the lower deck of the water taxi, which is owned by Nayantara Shipping Pvt Ltd (NPSL), and an extra 60 passengers on the upper, or business class, deck.


How long will it take the water ferry to reach its destination?

The new ferry service should cut the distance between Mumbai and Belapur in half. The new ferry will reduce the travel time from the previous two hours on the road to just one hour.


How much will the commuters pay for the water taxi?

For commuters, the cost of the trip would also be cut in half because it currently costs more than Rs 1,000 to travel by road from Belapur to Mumbai. A two-way business class ferry ticket, meanwhile, costs just Rs 700.


What time schedule will the new ferry service operate?

At 8:30 AM, the ferry will leave Belapur and arrive at the Gateway of India at roughly 9:25 AM. Belapur will be reach by the journey from the Gateway of India at 7:30 p.m. after leaving at 6:30 p.m.

Since the project’s commencement, I have been keeping an eye on it with the Maharashtra Maritime Board. As a result, commuters between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai won’t experience gridlock or air pollution. The frequency will rise as the ferry service acquires traction.



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