Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

West-Facing House: Despite long-standing negative connotations, the Vastu precepts categorically rank west-facing houses alongside north and east-facing ones. Facing refers to the way that the front entrance opens.

We will learn why and what the teachings of Vastu have to say about a west-facing home plan in this piece. We will also discuss a few floor designs for houses with west exposures.


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  • Are West-Facing Houses Good?
  • Some Key Pointers for West Facing Houses
  • Merits of Using a West-Facing House Design
  • The Best West Facing Indian House Plans
  • Dos and Don’ts if You have a West-Facing House Design


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Are Homes Facing West Beneficial?

Homes facing north and east are preferred over those facing west and south, who are typically chosen last. People tend to believe that the first few routes are luckier than the others, but this is untrue. A home can be pure and emit good energy while facing any way, in accordance with Vastu Shastra’s teachings.


Some Important Advice for West-Facing Homes

If your primary door faces west, you should attempt to observe the following Vastu principles.

  • The master bedroom should be situated in the house’s southwest corner. However, if your house has more than one story or is a duplex, this area should be on the top level.
  • Room for Children: Children should remain in a room facing south or west. You can also select northwest as an alternative. But be careful to position the entrance to face north or east.
  • The furniture in this big room should always face west or southwest, even though the room itself can be situated in the north, east, northeast, or northwest areas.
  • cooking: The best cooking facing orientations are southwest and northeast. However, you must make sure the individual preparing is always facing east.
  • The Pooja Room should be positioned so that you face east when gazing at the gods.
  • Steps: The steps may lead to the west, south, or southwest. More significantly, the movement must always be in a circular direction.


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Benefits of Building a West-Facing House

  • Theoretical arguments in favour of north and east facing houses are widely accessible, but west facing house plans are rarely discussed. So, we’re here to assist.
  • Homes with a west orientation exude an air of vitality and freshness. They allow a tonne of energy to enter, allowing residents to remain upbeat all day. One of the major explanations for why Geisha houses always face west is this.
  • Regarding the future, those who reside in west-facing houses are more likely to thrive and have a large social network. Every connection, whether it be personal or business, will be tranquil and happy. The most prevalent professions among residents with a west-facing house are those of teachers, lawmakers, religious leaders, and businesspeople.


The Best West Facing Indian House Plans 

The following list will feature many homes ranging from 3-bedroom plans to double and single-bedroom ones as well. So let’s dive in.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed


A 3 BHK West Facing House Plan

This floor plan has a built-up space of 2480 square feet. The eating area is located on either side of the kitchen, which is in the southwest (the burner that assists the chef faces east). The main chamber is located in the southwest, while the hallway is located in the northwest. The children’s chamber is located in the northeast area, while the final bedroom is located in the west. Southwest is where the staircase is located.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

A Larger 3 BHK Home

There is a tonne of room in this 3360 square foot house. The eating room is in the south, and the kitchen is in the southwest. The puja chamber is situated towards the west, while the hall is situated in the northeast. The children’s chamber is located to the west, while the main bedroom is to the southwest. Finally, the guest chamber is located inside the eastern wall.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

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A 1 BHK West Facing House Plan

1830 square feet total make up this home. In the northwest and southeast, respectively, the entryway and kitchen are placed directly across from one another. The eating area is located in the northeast, and the puja room is located in the south. Southeast is the direction of the dormitory.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

West-Facing House: A 2 BHK house plan

This house has a built-up area of 1724 square feet and is ideally positioned in accordance with Vastu principles. The kitchen and eating space are located in the southeast of the house, while the storage rooms and puja room are located in the east. The children’s chamber is located towards the northeast, while the main bedroom is in the southwest. The auditorium is finally situated in the northwest.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

A Single Bedroom West Facing House Design

With a built-up area of only 1630 square feet, this one-bedroom apartment has a dining room to the northeast and a kitchen to the southeast. The hallway is in the northeast, with a storeroom to the south, and the bedroom is in the southwest.

Myths About a West-Facing House Plan Should Not Be Believed

A 2 BHK Floor Plan for West Facing House

The eating area is in the east of this 1720 square foot house, and the kitchen is to the southeast. The main bedroom is located in the southwest, while the second bedroom is located in the northeast. The focal point is the northwest-facing entryway.


West-Facing House: A 2 BHK Home with a Large Hall

The built-up space of this lovely two-bedroom home is 1600 square feet. The dining space is located in a distinct room from the kitchen, which is located in the southeast. The southwest portion houses the primary bedroom, and the northeast side houses the second bedroom. The extra-large corridor in the northwest connects everything.


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A Spacious 3 BHK West Facing House Plan

This 3270 square foot house has an open layout. The eating room is located in the east and is connected to the main hall in the west, while the kitchen is located in the southeast and opens to that space. The guest bedroom, storeroom, and bathroom are on either side of the main chamber, which is located in the southwest. The children’s area is situated in the northeast and is bordered by a shared, connected restroom in the north.


A Utilitarian 1 BHK West Facing house Design

This one-bedroom apartment’s 1200 square feet of living area is significantly larger than the typical one-bedroom apartment design. To maximise the use of the available area and increase the usefulness of the spaces, the interior design was meticulously prepared.

In the eastern portion of the flat, the dining room and kitchen are combined, creating a bright and airy space that is perfect for these activities. The area will be well-lit from natural sunshine thanks to this orientation, which will make it feel more welcoming and cosy.

The southeast portion of the apartment houses the puja area. The atmosphere in this sacred chamber is conducive to meditation and contemplation because it is hidden away in a peaceful corner of the home.

Both inhabitants and guests assemble in the apartment’s primary hall. The roomy floor area and bright illumination create a comfortable atmosphere ideal for relaxing or taking in some light amusement.

The apartment’s bedroom is a calm and tranquil refuge for some shut-eye because it is tucked away in the building’s southwest corner. This one-bedroom apartment is a sanctuary of peace and silence thanks to its roomy interior and thoughtful design.



West-Facing House: A Simple 1 BHK Floor Plan

Even though it only has 1069 square feet, this house is very efficient with its area. The kitchen is positioned in the southeast of the area, and the entryway is positioned in the northeast. However, there is an eating room that can be used in part of the L-shaped hall. The southwest corner of the space is where the dormitory is located.

You can experiment with a few concepts using any of the floor designs shown above as a guide. However, you must give careful attention if you want to follow the Vastu principles.


A Huge 4 BHK West Facing House Plan

With a total square footage of 4320 feet, this huge home offers a tonne of living room. The southeast corner of the home is where the dining room, kitchen, and cloakroom are all situated, along with the storage room and the restroom. The northeasternmost part of the space is occupied by the children’s dormitory and bathroom.

The guest chamber, which is also close to the corridor that is in the middle of the house, borders it on the north. Southwest of the master bedroom is where the guest bedroom is situated, and south of the master bedroom is where the visitor bedroom is situated.


Dos and Don’ts if You have a West-Facing House Design

There are many guidelines to follow if you want to construct a house using Vastu Shastra. However, there are a few important Dos and Don’ts that you should always keep in mind. These are what they are:

  • Make sure the western and southern walls are taller and sturdier than the other two as you build the walls.
  • Place your primary entryway on the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth pada, whichever is appropriate.
  • If the area is slanted, the north and south should be the directions of the slope.
  • Finally, avoid choosing houses with additions that face southwest or south.

Always choose to build, purchase, or construct homes in line with Vastu Shastra. This makes sure that there is always a good mood and spirit in the house. In terms of habits, it is also advantageous to the locals.






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