National Generic Document Registration System

The NGDRS is a state-specific portal where property purchasers and sellers may pay stamp duty and registration fees, as well as schedule a property registration appointment with the SRO.

National Generic Document Registration System

The National Generic Document Registration System: Everything You Need to Know (NGDRS)

The government of India created the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) as a pilot initiative to progress towards digitization and increase ease of doing business, under which property registration will be available online across the country. The entire procedure has been made simple with the aid of the technology, from NGDRS stamp duty payment to online appointment booking at the sub-office registrar’s (SRO).


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NGDRS’ Importance

For all sorts of transactions, including the land sale, purchase, and transfer, the NGDRS marks a significant transition from the old manual registration system to an online system. The system was initially trialed in Punjab, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, but it was later expanded to include Jammu & Kashmir, as well as the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The approach will also encourage offices in rural locations to use technology and digitization in order to decrease human labor and, as a result, eliminate land record inaccuracies.


NGDRS in states

The NGDRS has been adopted by a number of states:

– NGDRS: Punjab

– NGDRS: Rajasthan

– NGDRS: Maharashtra

– NGDRS: Goa

– NGDRS: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

– NGDRS: Bihar

– NGDRS: Jharkhand

– NGDRS: Manipur

– NGDRS: Mizoram

– NGDRS: Himachal Pradesh

– NGDRS: Andhra Pradesh

– NGDRS: Madhya Pradesh

– NGDRS: Kerala

– NGDRS: Uttarakhand

NGDRS Procedure

NGDRS is used to register properties.

Property registrations are now simple and quick thanks to the NGDRS. Here are the procedures to register your property purchase/sale on your state’s registration portal:

a) Registration of citizens

Enter your preferred username and a valid 10-digit mobile phone number.

Please enter a password (the password should contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit and one special character).

To save the records, type the characters from the captcha picture into the appropriate area and click ‘submit.’ (A success message appears if the record was successfully saved.)

The user will be sent to the homepage if they click the ‘cancel’ button.

b) Property appraisal

Property valuation is based on a mixture of factors such as property use, state government value standards, development zones, construction type, depreciation (if applicable), road connections, and so on. Here’s how to use the NGDRS to value a property:

NGDRS property valuation factors

– Rate chart developed by the agency taking into account

– Major use factors by location

– Regulations and actions of the government

– Economic activity and developments – Benefits in the future

– The property’s age and building type

– Construction area

– Land area

– Parking area

– Non-cultivated land area


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Documents necessary for NGDRS property registration

– A valid citizen user credential

– Information about the property

– Information about the valuation zone

– Information about the property usage


The procedure of property valuation, step-by-step

– Go to the NGDRS website for the state in which the property is situated.

– For NGDRS login, you must first register as a citizen. To access the system, use the citizen credentials.

– Choose a financial year. Citizens can choose the prior financial year, allowing them to do a valuation for that year.

– Choose the district, taluka, and corporation/municipal council from the drop-down menus.

– Look up the survey number for a certain location.

– Determine how the property will be used.

– Decide on the sort of construction.

– Choose your age and the location of the road.

– Select ‘Calculate & Save’ from the drop-down menu.

– On the screen, you’ll see the valuation report.



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