The NDMC Wants To Make Residential Buildings Taller

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has suggested raising residential building heights in the city by 2.5 m in order to better utilise existing land. In the event that this materializes, landowners will be permitted to develop five-story structures in accordance with the Delhi Master Plan 2041. Continue reading to learn the rationale for the plan.

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Anil Baijal, the city’s former Lieutenant Governor (LG), has been presented with a proposal by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to boost residential building heights by 2.5 m in order to permit five-story buildings as part of the Master Plan for Delhi 2041.


What are the accepted standards for building height?

The tallest residential buildings are only allowed to be 15 metres high, according to the updated Delhi 2021 Master Plan. Additionally, there are exceptions for solar panels and parking on stilts. The revised maximum allowable construction height, however, will be 17.5 m if the most recent proposal is approved.


Why has NDMC suggested raising the structure’s height?

“Delhi’s population density is rising quickly, and land scarcity is becoming into a big worry,” says Jai Prakash, a former mayor of the NDMC. In order for the interested parties to make the most use of the land at their disposal, we have suggested raising the height of residential structures. Governmental organisations also lack the land needed to begin new housing projects because of the capital’s rapid population growth. There is no other option but to allow the building height standards to be relaxed.


What more does the proposal state?

Concerned officials elaborated on the suggestion by saying that the number of housing units in any location is determined by the accessibility of public facilities. The already-collapsing civic infrastructure will be put under extra strain by the construction of new dwelling units. Only after a thorough analysis of the areas covered by the plan may such an increase be permitted. Additionally, the proposal shouldn’t include unapproved colonies that have been permitted again. Only places with the potential to improve common services. Such as sewage lines, parking spaces, and water facilities, to name a few, are eligible for application of the plan. For the required clearances, the NDMC has sent the plan to the LG and the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.



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