Nine Myths Regarding Home Loans in India

You can become a home owner rather quickly in your life with the aid of housing finance. There are, however, a number of myths surrounding home loans in India. Before entering a bank with unrealistic expectations and risking having their house loan application denied, anyone seeking to take out a home loan to purchase a property should be well-informed on a number of different issues.

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Myth 1: The bank will offer a 100% loan

According to the guidelines established for the banking industry, no bank in India is permitted to loan a customer the whole value of a property. In the best case scenario, a bank will loan you up to 90% of the value of the property. To achieve that, you must adhere to a number of terms and conditions.

Myth 2: The best bank is the one with the lowest interest rates

Given the importance of finances in home purchases, a naïve borrower might choose the bank with the lowest current home loan interest rate. Unfortunately, the interest rates on home loans are always fluctuating, along with a number of extra fees. Instead of letting the present interest rate influence your decision, you should look at the bank’s prior performance to determine how quickly it granted rate reduction benefits.

Myth 3: If I make a lot of money, I’ll undoubtedly acquire a loan.

Only if you also have some upfront cash saved to show is this true. Additionally, banks increasingly heavily consider your credit score when approving house loan requests. Regardless of your great salary package, if your credit score is low, your loan application will be denied.

Myth 4: Co-lending is usually beneficial

Co-applicants for house loans are always encouraged to do so by banks. They give the blindingly obvious justification that it enhances your borrowing ability. What they don’t tell you is that they are essentially seeking for a backup borrower in case the primary applicant suffers a misfortune that prevents them from repaying the loan. Co-borrowing could be beneficial, but you should only choose it after thoroughly understanding this arrangement.

Myth 5: I should take out all the loans I can

Even while home loans are widely available; this does not mean that borrowers should take out as much debt as possible. You must repay every rupee you borrow over an extended period of time, including with interest. The house loan sum should ideally be kept as low as feasible.

Myth 6: The bank will notify me of rate reductions or increases

Regrettably, this never happens. You will need to monitor how the RBI adjusts its repo rate as well as how your bank reacts to the increase or decrease in the rate.

Myth 7: I would immediately gain from the RBI’s rate reduction

Banks are not acting as quickly as they ought to in implementing rate reductions, despite the fact that all new floating rate house loans in India are link to the repo rate of the RBI. Your monthly mortgage payments would be immediately impacted by any increase in the repo rate, though.

Myth 8: Rates cannot be negotiate

There is always room for haggling over home loans, just like there is with any product that is available for purchase. You might be able to convince the bank to give you a decent home loan package depending on your ability to persuade and communicate.

Myth 9: Lenders are essentially all the same.

All banks are not the same as home finance companies (HFCs) or non-banking finance companies. Despite the fact that they are all in the lending industry (NBFCs). The RBI directly oversees banks in India. Only recently have HFCs and NBFCs been brought under the apex bank’s jurisdiction. Because of the fundamental differences in their architecture, banks, HFCs, and NBFCs all operate differently. Before choosing your lender, be sure you are aware of the distinction.






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