The Cost Of Painting Your Home

Painting Your Home: Painting is an important element of house upkeep. It extends the structure’s usable life and allows you to add a personal touch. However, the method has various expenditures, including paint, putty, and labour. It is advisable to calculate these costs and create a strategy in order to be financially prepared for the surgery. This page contains information on the cost of painting a house.


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When the house is finished, individuals spend the most time deciding what colour they want to paint their walls. Many people like to alter the inside of their new house before moving in. A significant part of this procedure entails painting the property’s walls and ceiling with color/s that represent their design preferences and personality. Giving their house a new lease on life with new colours is an important element of many people’s home cleaning routine every couple of years or so.

To be financially prepared in any of these circumstances, it is critical to be informed of the costs associated with painting your home.


Painting Your Home: Interior V/S outside painting

The first step is to identify the surface to be painted. If you reside in an apartment, you may only be able to paint the internal walls, however if you own a villa or a row home, you may also be able to paint the exteriors.

In general, the cost of external paint is less than that of inside paint. Exterior paint costs between Rs 10 per sq ft and Rs 40 per sq ft, while interior paint costs between Rs 20 per sq ft and Rs 200 per sq ft.

Furthermore, while exterior paint is less expensive, applying it is more difficult and time-consuming due to the need for scaffolding and substantial levelling and sanding of the walls.

“It is not suggested to utilise outside paints for inside usage,” This is due to the addition of chemicals and additional resins to exterior paints, which allow them to survive rain, storms, and sunshine without breaking or fading. Such components cause outgassing (the gaseous discharge of a chemical) in the form of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are solvents that are released into the air as the paint is applied and allowed to dry. They can produce acute symptoms such as dizziness and headaches and should not be used for interior painting.”


The cost of painting your home

Paint varieties

The type of paint chosen can have a major impact on the cost of painting your house. The following are the many types of paints:


Painting Your Home: Paint for distemper

This is a low-cost water-based paint. The common term for applying this paint is ‘whitewashing.’ It is affordable and simple to apply, but it is not long-lasting. Because it is not washable, it fades and flakes off when wet. Distemper paint costs as little as Rs 10 per square foot.


The cost of painting your home


Painting Your Home: Paint emulsion

This paint is either water-based or oil-based. It dries quickly and leaves a beautiful finish. Emulsion paint is extremely durable and, to some extent, may be cleaned by soaking a cloth in a detergent solution. Some of these paints also have anti-fungal qualities. Plastic emulsion paint and acrylic emulsion paint are the two types. The price of emulsion paint is determined by the type of finish desired, such as glossy or matte. It ranges from Rs 12 to Rs 60 per square foot.


The cost of painting your home



Painting Your Home :  Paint with enamel

These enamels are used on surfaces where a lot of activity is expected since they are durable, simple to clean, and provide a variety of glossy finishes. They are also resistant to water and stains and are commonly used on metal and wooden surfaces. Emulsion paints start at Rs 80 per square foot.


The cost of painting your home



Painting Your Home: Paint with a lustre

Lustre paints (oil or water-based) create a pearl-like silky surface, as the name implies. Lustre paints are very easy to clean. However, they are not advised for rapid jobs because they create an odour for some time after drying. Lustre paints are priced between Rs 26 and Rs 30 per square foot.




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Paint with texture

These paints are typically used on accent or display walls. To produce a 3D texture, they use specific equipment such as knives, rollers, brushes, and trowels, as well as materials such as putty. Texture paints are often thick and have a tactile sensation. Texture paint is also the most costly choice, with prices ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 200 per sq ft.


The cost of painting your home


What is the per sq ft cost of painting?

Type of paint

Cost of painting

Distemper paint

Rs 10 per sq ft

Emulsion paint

Rs 12-60 per sq ft

Enamel paint

Rs 80 per sq ft

Lustre paint

Rs 26-30 per sq ft

Texture paint

Rs 80-200 per sq ft



How do you choose the best paint and colour for your home?

You may choose which paint to use based on a variety of factors such as shine level, durability, and use.


Water-based paint vs oil-based paint



Water-based paint

Oil-based paint


(Distemper, emulsion, lustre, texture)

(Enamel, emulsion, lustre)


Sheen levels

Provides a satisfactory sheen finish for an extended period

High sheen level, but fades over time




High resistance to wear-and-tear

High resistance to wear-and-tear


Probability of cracking

Less susceptible to cracking

More susceptible to cracking



Low level of VOC emissions

High level of VOC emissions


Interior or exterior use

More suited for exterior use

More suited for interior use


Surface condition needed for application

Can tolerate small amounts of moisture on a surface before application

The surface must be completely dry before application



Time needed for application

Lesser application time as compared to oil paints

Requires more application time  than water paints


After-application odour levels

Less odour after painting

More odour after painting (gives off the ‘newly painted’ smell)

Time taken to dry and harden

Touch dry

30-60 minutes

6-8 hours


Time taken to fully harden

1-4 weeks

2-3 days


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Additional expenses

Aside from paint, additional products such as putty and primer are required for painting your home. Furthermore, if you decide to hire experts to paint your home, you must consider the expense of labour.


Painting Your Home: Putty

This water-resistant white cement-based compound is used to smooth out flaws and undulations on the affected surface. In general, one kilogramme of putty covers 15 to 35 square feet and costs roughly Rs 50 per kilogramme.


Painting Your Home: Primer

This substance serves as a basis for the paint and improves its appearance. The prices vary based on the type of primer available on the market. One litre of primer covers 210-270 square feet. The price of primer per litre fluctuates between Rs 140 and Rs 200. For greater paint adhesion, contractors usually apply a layer of primer before applying putty.


Painting Your Home: Cost of painting labour

The cost of labour is typically 3/2 (1.5 times) the cost of supplies. If the material cost is Rs 5,000, the labour cost is ((3/2)*5,000) – Rs 7,500. Nonetheless, prices may differ between cities. Metro cities, for example, have greater labour costs than non-metro cities. You may also save money on labour by doing the painting yourself, but only if you have the time, energy, and basic know-how.


Painting Your Home : Repainting or new painting

The cost will also vary depending on whether your property is being newly painted or repainted. Fresh painting requires 1-2 coats of putty (one coat = one layer), a coat of primer, and at least 2-3 coats of paint. Repainting, on the other hand, requires only a little amount of putty for touch-ups, a coat of primer, and 1-2 coats of paint. Naturally, new painting is more expensive than repainting.


Cost header



Rs 50 per kg


Rs 140-200 per litre

Painting labour cost

1.5 times of cost of material

Fresh painting/repainting

Varies as per the type of paint



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Furthermore, using a single colour to paint all of your home’s rooms will save you money over using different colours.


  • House Painting Suggestions
  • Even if it involves spending more money, always buy high-quality, branded paints.
  • Remember to prepare the walls with a water-resistant solution before painting to prevent seepage or moisture.

Choose paint for rooms based on how much natural light they get. A dark room, for example, should be painted in a warm tone, whereas a light space should be painted in a cool tone.

To summarise, the cost of painting your home is impacted by a variety of factors, including the size of the property, whether it is exterior or interior painting, whether it is fresh painting or refinishing, and the type of paint used. To determine the correct home painting cost, consult with an expert. You may also speak with friends or family members who have recently had their homes painted. Old experiences may not be useful since costs may have changed over time.

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