POP interior decorating ideas to make your living areas more colorful

Incorporate these eye-catching POP ceiling and walls patterns into your house to reflect your particular style.

First impressions linger a long time, so use catchy interior design ideas to make your house stand out and appear beautiful. Plaster of Paris – POP – is a popular medium for creating spectacular additions to make the interior of houses seem attractive.

POP is a white powder-based rapid-setting plaster that solidifies and dries when exposed to water. Due to its fast capabilities, lightweight nature, and durability, POP is most typically used in house decorations to create artificial walls, ceilings, or protrusions. It can also make a space appear bigger and brighter. POP interiors also customize the styles with your own unique touches. For your house, we’ve compiled a collection of the top POP interior design ideas.

POP interior design


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Coffered artificial ceiling

POP interior design

A coffered artificial ceiling, in contrast to other POP ceiling styles, has an unmatched attractive appearance. It is available in a variety of textures and gives dimension to a plain path. It comprises mostly of a divided ceiling construction with a two-colour palette. This is a simple style that may add elegance to your POP home design.


POP ceiling design in the tray-style

POP interior design

The ceiling might be done in a basic POP design with a tray appearance. A stacked tray false ceiling could also contribute to the décor factor by adding more impact. Add recessed lights or other POP interior decorating features to the walls to create a modern look. This is a design style you should absolutely explore if you would like a more contemporary style for your home or rooms.


Designs that are abstract

A simple POP theme for walls and ceilings with abstract graphics will boost the appearance of your interior rooms. You may easily make whatever pattern you wish with the plaster material. The wonderful thing about abstract designs is that you can make them your own. You can select or develop a pattern that has personal significance for you and imprint it on the walls or ceilings.


Minimalist style

POP interior design

A basic artificial ceiling plan might seem really stunning due to its simplicity. It has a modern style to it, yet it also goes with classic decor. A black and white furniture set and style can blend well with minimal designs. Vertical lines along the wall or symmetric rectangular shapes are simple examples of minimal POP interior design.


ceiling with many layers

You may create a contrasting design by stacking pieces of various elevations with the POP ceiling style. This will definitely make an impression on the audience. The double-height POP architecture of the hall allows for the inclusion of suitable light and color while highlighting the grandeur of a huge living room. It’s also not very typical to have a really multi-ceiling, thus it may make your POP interior ideas stand out.


POP design with a pattern.

When you’re with a patterned POP style for the walls and ceiling, you will have a lot of design options. Both the living area and the bedrooms would benefit from such an artificial POP wall design. It might even be used to create a feature wall. The designs you pick might be complementary or homogeneous. This may offer the area a unique aspect, especially in combination with pastel colors and basic furnishings.


Prints from nature

POP is typically used to decorate the borders of walls and ceilings with natural designs such as plants and flowers. These designs are really attractive to look at, as illustrated in the POP border design images and may give your rooms a delicate yet exquisite air. Use patterns of flowers or leaves all over the walls or ceilings if you really want more visible prints.


The layout of the central ceiling

A stunning etching in the centerpiece as an alternative to large chandeliers or plain ceilings is a fantastic idea. This eye-catching wall design will quickly become the central focus of your room.


Patterns using geometric shapes

The appeal of a geometric POP design is undeniable. It stands out from other ceilings due to its abstract appearance. Use a limited range of colors and components to avoid complicating the look. It may give your spaces a wonderful structure and appear especially impressive on ceilings. Patterns don’t have to be limited to one or two forms; you may mix and match a variety of shapes to create the perfect POP wall design for you.


POP designs with floral petals

Floral looks gorgeous on ceilings and walls when they’re well-made. With a flower petal accent, any of your areas will look stunning. Make sure there was enough light on the ceiling to show off the petal designs. Flowers have the power to transform any area into something elegant and sophisticated, and they’re a simple concept to consider imprinting on your walls and ceilings with flower patterns. To make the POP wall or ceiling design even more stunning, use flowers with a special meaning.


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