Prepare Your Home for Monsoon

After the oppressive heat of summer, the monsoon season may provide respite to many, but it is also a good time to prepare and safeguard the home. Leaks may ruin the interiors, including the furnishings and décor, in addition to destroying the outside appearance of the house. In order to prevent the issue from getting out of hand, home owners should thus look for even the tiniest indications of damage and act quickly.

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Waterproof your house

Water-proofing shields the building from heavy downpours and reduces the need for repairs due to breakage and structural weakness.

As moisture and cracks encourage the growth of fungus, moulds, and algae, seepage of water and moisture can also pose major health risks. Building chemical business, dampness can lead to allergic responses, asthma, throat, nose, and eye irritations, as well as other respiratory illnesses among house owners. If a little caution is exercised, these issues can be avoided. Different surfaces are subject to a range of difficulties. Therefore, the appropriate water-proofing is required for every surface. To guarantee a leak-free house, water proofing the roof alone is insufficient. Only when all five potential entrance points for water – below ground, inside wet spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, balconies), roof, concrete water tanks, and outside walls – are effectively water-proofed will the house be completely safe. Additionally, any cracked and damaged plasters need to be fixed.

Verify the building’s surroundings

Check the bungalow’s garden area as well as the building compound’s surroundings before the monsoon. In order to prevent damage during a severe downpour, inspect any tree branches in the yard or terrace to see whether they need to be pruned. Make careful to check any obstructions in the drainage system inside the home or even outside the villa. In order to prevent rust and corrosion, metal doors, frames, and grills on windows and balconies should preferably be painted before the monsoon. 

A deadly mix is water and electricity. Choose electrical switches and lights with exterior usage in mind for outdoor use. To reduce the risk of an electric shock or short-circuit, have an electrician check all the connections before it starts to rain.

 Pest-free your house

During the monsoon, puddles and standing water are frequent. One should maintain places like air conditioner ducts, drains, trays underneath potted plants, etc. clean and dry since mosquitoes grow in stagnant water. Remove any dried leaves from the terrace and the rainfall drainage pipes so that water may flow freely and not pool. Make sure the floor is entirely dry before installing a carpet on it. Instead, roll them up and put them away for the year. Before putting them away, thoroughly vacuum, air them out, and store camphor balls with the carpets.

In order to completely rid the house of any concealed worms and pests, it is preferable to do a pest control treatment before the monsoon. When wiping the floors, use antibacterial solutions since moisture can promote the growth of germs and termites. Choose a cleaning product that has an anti-bug formula. Household insects as well as dampness are increased by indoor plants. Therefore, at this time of year, put potted plants outside.

Maintaining Furniture & Accessory During Monsoon Season

Avoid using a damp cloth while cleaning furniture and substitute a dry one instead. All leather accessories, including belts, purses, and shoes, should be store in cotton or muslin bags to preserve their newness. Additionally, place a newspaper on the shelf before putting shoes on it rather than placing them straight on it. This will keep the shoe rack tidy.

Tips for Home Cleaning During Monsoon Season

  • Use fragrant candles and burning oils to get rid of the wet, musty smell during the rainy season.
  • Before storing the clothing in the closets, make sure it is entirely dry. To absorb moisture and stop the formation of fungus, store silica gel pouches between layers of clothing or in cabinets. To prevent mildew and fungus, place some dried Neem leaves in the cupboard (but not on the garments).
  • Dry off the kitchen area. Keep the cabinets open when cleaning them to avoid moisture and unpleasant odors building up within.
  • To keep water out, cover windows and balconies with metal canopies and shades.
  • To store wet umbrellas, use a small bucket close to the front entrance. Before putting the umbrella back where it belongs inside the home, let it dry.
  • As camphor is a powerful insect repellent, light a few pieces in a diffuser.




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