Procedure & Fees For Property Registration In Mumbai

To be valid under the law, a sale, transfer, gift, or lease agreement must be signed and registered at the registration department. The Maharashtra Registration Rules, 1961, establish the standards for property registration in Mumbai. The steps are outlined below by!

The Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps is in charge of the property registration process in Mumbai. The Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps (IGR) office provides services such as stamp duty calculation and payment, property valuation services, property tax computation, registration fee payment, and stamp duty refund, among others.

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IGR Maharashtra offers online services.

IGR, Maharashtra, offers the aforementioned services to residents online for their convenience. Property information can be found on the official website, In addition, IGR Maharashtra recently launched the ‘SARATHI IGR Helpline’ app to provide quick services. It provides services such as property valuation, document search, notice filing, stamp duty services, and will registration.


How does one go about registering a property in Mumbai?

IGR Maharashtra provides online documentation and registration services. This eliminates the need to physically visit the sub-office registrar’s (SRO). However, in Mumbai, property registration must be done offline in the presence of two witnesses. Following verification, the registration and stamp duty fees can be paid online. The official website contains a complete list of sub-offices. registrar’s

Along with the property registration form, required documents include the original sale deed of the flat, the society’s no-objection certificate (NOC), a government-issued ID card, a PAN card, and proof of stamp duty payment.


How to Register a House in Mumbai

  • ·         Visit the sub-office registrar’s to obtain the property registration form.
  • ·         Fill out the application form with the necessary information, such as the building’s Cadastral Survey No. (CS No.), the year of construction, and the floor on which the flat is located.
  • ·         After verification, the application is approved.
  • ·         Following payment, a registration number and an acknowledgement receipt will be assigned.

Registered properties can also be checked digitally from anywhere as part of the IGR Maharashtra online services. There are two types of e-search services available in IGR Maharashtra online: free and paid. With the help of survey numbers and document registration numbers, IGR Maharashtra documents, Maharashtra property papers, and previous transactions can be checked using the e-search facility. These IGR Maharashtra documents provide access to property information registered in Mumbai, its suburbs, and other areas since 1985.


Mumbai stamp duty registration fees

The IGR valuation page at allows the user to calculate the registration stamp duty amount.


The table below shows the stamp duty and registration fees in Mumbai.


Areas in Mumbai

Stamp Duty rates in Mumbai for men

Stamp Duty rates in Mumbai for women

Registration charges in Mumbai

Within the municipal limits of any urban area

6% of the market value of property

5% of the market value of property


Within the limits of any municipal council/ panchayat/ cantonment of any area within MMRDA

4% of the market value of property

3% of the market value of property


Within the limits of any gram panchayat

3% of the market value of property

2% of the market value of property



Maharashtra-based IGR

IGR Maharashtra accepts stamp duty payments online and in person. Stamp duty can be paid online through the Maharashtra IGR website using the Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS) Using the information on IGR Maharashtra, one can also pay the registration fees as well as the stamp duty.





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